Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2012

Sabrina Herft (photo) was crowned Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2012 during a ceremony held at the Hilton Colombo on Sunday, July 22nd. Sabrina will now represent the country at the Miss Universe finals in a location and date yet to be announced. Daily Mirror

11 thoughts on “Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2012

  1. congratulations Sri Lanka!

  2. She is beautiful…..Good luck Sabrina!

  3. I hope she avenges the stunning Jackie Fernandez who was unfairly ignored in 2006.

  4. Sexy.

  5. I hope she’ll make the top 15!

  6. Finally Sri Lanka!


  8. absolutely much prettier than Canada.

  9. UPGRADED BEAUTY! approved!

  10. How old is she? She looks quite old to me.

  11. Stunning!

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