Miss Venezuela (Universe) 2013

Maria Gabriela Isler, Miss Venezuela 2013, is crowned by Irene Esser, Miss Venezuela 2012. Twin sisters?

Top 5

Venezuela crowned its representatives for Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth on August 30 in Caracas. Miss Venezuela (Universe) 2013 is Gabriela Isler, Miss Guarico. She is 24 years old, 1.79 m-tall, and hails from the city of Maracay, Aragua. Many fans commenting the pageant on the internet noted the resemblance of Isler with the winner from last year, who will compete in Miss Universe 2012. Gabriela will get ready to compete in Miss Universe 2013.

Ellen Herrera, Miss Aragua, finished in 2nd place, winning the title Miss Venezuela International 2013.  She is 21 years old and 1.84 m-tall. Miss Earth Venezuela 2013 (3rd place) is Alyz Henriyh, Miss Falcon, who will go on to compete in Miss Earth next year.

Miss Tachira, Ivana Vale, finished in 4th place, and Miss Yaracy, Maria Julia Alvarez, was ranked 5th.

For the first time in years Miss Venezuela World, usually the 1st runner-up to Miss Venezuela (Universe), was not crowned during the national pageant. A separate selection will take place to choose Miss Venezuela World 2013.

See photos from the event, courtesy of UOL. CLICK HERE


93 thoughts on “Miss Venezuela (Universe) 2013

  1. I saw the Miss Venezuela pageant on the internet, but they showed too many commercials, and they had many guest stars. I do like the new winner.


  2. Bravo Venezuela, She wasn’t one of the favorites, but She got the determination to win, Congrats She is GORGEOUS, also Miss Vzla. Intl. and Miss Vzla. Earth too.

  3. Pedro Chadid says:

    Me encanta COJEDES para Venezuela Mundo 2013!

  4. They all really look to fake to care next….

    • I agree, Herodes. So many cosmetic surgeries will make them eventually look alike and there shouldn’t be any speculation why they look so similar. It’s cheating, plain and simple.

    • Well, you obviously care a lot since you are here commenting; I never see Venezuelans posting on other countries’ pageants and winners. And ‘G’, my filipino friend, I always have a hard time distinguishing the representatives from Phillipines, they all look very similar to me, but I don’t call that cheating. I love the winner, she is a gorgeous brunette and the top 5 is a lovely bunch. Good job Venezuela!

  5. Am I right Miss World Organization do not want a delegate to be chosen along with Miss Universe in one pageant. Is it okay for them if delegates are for Miss International & Miss Earth like Femina Miss India? What will happen to the Miss Bolivia, Miss Hungary, Miss Russia, etc?

    • The ruling only really applies to countries that don’t send the winner to MW. India, Hungary, Russia etc. all send the winner of their national contest to MW, so essentially, what the runners up get to do is not MWO’s concern. It could affect countries like Bolivia, Paraguay etc.

  6. She looks very similar to irene, both are so pretty, i love this one too.

  7. I don’t know why people is talking about her without having watched the show.
    I’m from Venezuela and she was not a favorite before the pageant, but last night she shined in every single moment, and she shocked us when she walked out in that gorgeous dress. She also won the title of Miss Elegancia and she DEFINITELY had the best answer.
    Although she was not a front runner, she definitely deserved the crown. So please, stop with your bad comments about her.

  8. se me ocurrio una idea extrana. ya que Venezuela debe realizar un concurso aparte de Miss MUndo, los cuales, cuando los realizó los resultados fueron excesivamente malos (para un país con la tradición de Venezuela, creo que apenas 3 semifinalistas, no estoy seguro), ese concurso se hacía como ahora el de MIss MUndo Mexico (con las candidatas del concurso oficial Miss Venezuela para el MIss unIVERSO, se hacía una elección con una sola ganadora, sin finalistas y los resultados no se sabían. Ahora bien, pudiera ser, que este año se va a hacer a la inversa, es decir que el MIss Venezuela Mundo 2013, se haga con las 19 candidatas perdedoras y esto ya es una elucubración mia(elucubración macabra jejejejeje) pienso que la que alcanzó los votos para ser Miss Venezuela MUndo (Amazonas, Mérida o MIranda o Sucre), puesto que oficialmente no existe para la edición de Miss Venezuela de este año, haya sido sacada del grupo de 5 finalistas o incluso del 10 semifinalistas (Merida y Sucre) y como ahora hay que hacer una nueva edicion a los fines del Miss Venezuela MUndo, donde seguramente particparàn las 19 candidatas perdedoras y alguna que otra para la nueva edición del MIss Venezuela, en ese momento (insisto es una elucubración) la que obtuvo los vostos para ser Miss Venezuela MUndo pero que no incluyo en el el grupo para compalcer a la vieja mOrley, resulte ser la nueva ss Venezuela mUNdo.

    besos, veremos si la nueva Miss Venezuela MUndo es Mérida, Amazonas, Miranda o Sucre


  9. Wow! it’s mean Miss World will be the new “MAIN PAGEANT” in the world because the contestant shud be elected by the “exclusive” contest!! So that means Miss Universe will be the 2nd pagent after MW. Aren’t they?

    • hector rivera says:

      no, that means that a separate small pageant will be make to select the candidate for mis World. The official Miss Venezuela Pageant is the one we see here, the winner receiving the official title Miss Vnezuela and going to Miss universe, the runner up going to Miss International and Miss Earth. Anyway the band says Miss Venezuela, not Miss venezuela unvierse

      • Hector, that is not correct. The band says Miss Venezuela Universe. And the only reason that the ME and MI reps are chosen here is because MWO does not want any other reps crowned at the exclusive MW prelim if possible. So in essence, MVO has created two separate, equal pageants…Miss Venezuela Universo in the fall, and Miss Venezuela Mundo in the spring. Two separate contests, two separate queens, each with her own exclusive contest and coronation.

  10. I kinda agree and disagree. This girl is pretty, maybe no the prettiest… I agree with the make up thing, when I first saw pics of her, reminded me of Barbara Palacios and all the venezuelan beauty queens of the 80’s and early 90’s. And talking about frontrunners in so a early stage, that is kinda silly, let’s all wait for the Miss Universe 2012 to take place and then focused on MUniverse 2013. It will probably be a fierce battle between Latinas superhouses! Of one thing I am sure is that Puerto Rican and Venezuelan delegates are made of the same material…. winner material, even if they are not most gorgeous women, they get in to WIN, one thing that the rest of the girls miss.

  11. Miss Guarico is natural, she doesn’t have surgery

  12. Miss Venezuela Universo for 2013 is Guarico in 2012
    Miss Venezuela Mundo for 2013 is…. in 2013 a new paegent!

  13. leonardo guimas says:

    Bolivia and Venezuela are strong for 2013!

  14. and the top 10 was horrible miss sucre and miss zulia deserved a spot in the top 10 and the top 5 was worst miss sucre was a biological student she was so smart but this year the dont apreciate the beautiful and smart was horrible

    • what on earth are you paddling on about??? I can barely understand a single line of your comment!

  15. i dont like the winner miss miranda and peninsula was the best i hope irene esser give to venezuela a great roll because i dont like miss venezuela int and miss venezuela universe

  16. Her title is Miss Venezuela Universo, not Miss Venezuela. The girls going to MI and ME were once again not recognized as Miss Venezuelas. The other title is Miss Venezuela Mundo, and Osmel has always maintained that these are the ony two titles that matter and that they are equal. With the new pageant, he can finally demonstrate to MWO that he means what he says. A Miss Venezuela Universe pageant to find the MU rep, and a Miss Venezuela pageant to find the MW rep.

  17. She`s 24?… really?… She doesn`t look that young!
    Anyway… She`s Venezuela and the banner is precious for Donald Trump business.
    Too bad natural beauty don`t have the value used to.

  18. Nahhh.. that’s not the Best Venezuela Rep! She remind me of Venzuelan Queens in 90’s era! Ton’s of make up in her face. She will look mediocre without make up! So far Puerto Rico is the front runner for 2013!

    • Non-Venezuelan fan says:

      What in God’s name are you all seeing and talking about?! Puerto Rico the front runner for 2013 and this girl looks old?! With all due respect, the one who indeed looks old is the new Miss Puerto Rico, and have you seen how she (PR) looks without all that pancake makeup on her face?! Indeed, this girl reminds us a lot of the Venezuelan Queens of the 90s and we all know how they shone in pageants and especially Miss Universe! For me, she is the best and the most beautiful Miss Venezuela ever since God only knows when – are you guys gonna say the likes of Vanessa Goncalves and Marelisa Gibson were better and more beautiful?

      • You should know that 90’s era is gone! For me Ly Jonaitis & Dayana Mendoza is the last worthy Miss Venezuela in MU! The new MV will be like Marelisa Gibson. and you can compare who is the most have PANCAKE make up on the face during their national comp!

        • *Ly Jonaitis, Dayana Mendoza & Stefania Fernandez!

        • Non-Venezuelan fan says:

          You have your opinion and I have mine. FYI, I am certainly old enough to know which decade we are living in and this girl doesn’t have any more makeup on her face than Dayana Mendoza (whom I loved, BTW) or Stefania Fernandez had on their big nights. Sure she has got makeup – just like all the most beautiful Misses Puerto Rico as well during their big nights, like Cynthia Olavarria back in 2005 or Zuleyka Rivera in 2006. Again, FYI: I love several Misses Puerto Rico but I am not a fan of the new one and I think she looks old and mediocre. I also saw this girl winning her title last night and for me, she belongs into the same league with the legendary Venezuelan beauties like Martina Thorogood. You think she will be another Marelisa Gibson. So let’s wait till MU 2013 to see which one of us is right. Cheers!

          • G says:

            Zulyeka wasn’t beautiful, even with all that plastic.

        • Non-Venezuelan fan says:

          And BTW, while the 90s era is indeed gone, I think it gave us some of the most beautiful and unforgettable Misses Venezuela through all times like Martina Thorogood, just to name one, and this girl happens to remind me of her very much. The beauty of that kind, to me, is classical and eternal and totally independent of the passing of the decades. Several ones of the greatest Venezuelan beauties of the 90s would still climb high up in today’s Miss Universe, like Alicia Machado, just to name one. Today’s Miss Universe is much more about stage charisma, stage presence and catwalk than it was back in the 90s and the likes of Alicia Machado, Milka Chulina, Minorka Mercado and Verushka Ramirez really had those things going for themselves, besides being drop-dead-gorgeous.

  19. Hungarian Girl in UK says:

    Venezuelan plastic surgeons would be very-very rich… :D

    • Yep, they could even give you hungarian girls a hand ;)

  20. Boy did they go wrong on this one. She looks, shall I say, rather old? There were a lot of great choices like Peninsula Guajira, Miranda, and Zulia (the last two not the sharpest tools in the shed if you saw their interviews), but still, this girl looks rough. As a matter of fact, they all do besides Ms. Yaracuy. The winner’s moth looks huge and so do her teeth. The same goes for Ms. International. I bet you neither one wins a damn thing. You will see.

  21. Osmel Sousa is also the organizer of Miss World Venezuela?

    • Same beauty pageant. They choose both MU and MW in only one.

  22. She looks older than 24 years old. I did not watch the show but I’m not really impressed by her. Looks plastic and unnatural.

  23. She looks like Minorka Mercado, Milka Chulina and Carolina Indriago… beautiful…..but obviously had something done.

  24. Amazing winners. My favorite is actually Miss Aragua. Had she competed in Miss World, I think she will win it! Now, she is in the running for Venezuela’s next Miss International crown. I am quite confident this current edition of winners will each at least placed Top 3 in their respective international contests. I hope they will pull the Miss India 2000 trick in that their Top 3 national queens ended up winning all their international crowns! Go Venezuela!!!

    • I think you should be sensitive in commenting. It was not a trick but the deserving win in 2000. The actual trick was Miss Universe 2008 and 2009, where the pageant was fabricated to suit the crown for the winners from the same country, and probably that’s why Miss Universe has gone down in their credentials

      • Arun, yours is probably the most condescending, ridiculous comment in this thread. And how crazy you call JayPee’s comment ‘insensitive’. He was not being offensive to the Indian winners of 2000, the word ‘trick’ was being used as ‘achievement’ not as ‘cheat’. You on the other hand call MV’s winners a fabrication without the slightest piece of evidence but your ridiculous, unfounded sense of hurt pride. Grow up and get a life. Peace :)

  25. leonardo guimas says:

    I watched the whole show. Miss Guarico was the best by far. Her face is like a doll. She stole the show.

    • I could never agree more with you!!! She is just so absolutely beautiful, radiating, glamorous and yet ethereal! She indeed stole the entire show and strongly reminds me of Martina Thorogood!! Some huge pre-pageant favorites like Miranda were strongly overrated to me. A doll face is the expression to describe that million-dollar-face, indeed!

  26. i was rooting for miss miranda or miss merida…

  27. she looks very plastic…

    • Agree. The representative to Miss International facially looks the best.

  28. Does anybody know the 1st runner-up Miss Tachira, and the 2nd runner-up Miss Yaracuy, will compete in the others International Beauty Pageant or not?


    • Miss Tachira as 1er Runner Up will Compete at Reina Hispanoamericana next year

  29. mmmmmmm….es linda junto a Bolivia q es bella..las dos latinas q mas me gustan hasta el momento!

  30. it’s not the first time we had Miss Venezuela World in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and last one was in 2006. Miss Venezuela 1999 competed in Miss World 1999. there are two peagent in Venezuela. I Don’t NOT LIKE MIss Mexico World peagent, its the same contest, not live,

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