RCN Radio: Miss Universe 2012 might be Cancelled

If Miss Universe is held in May of 2013, Leila Lopes would reign for a total of 20 months, a record for any Miss Universe titleholder

A report published today on RCN Radio’s website (RCN is one of the biggest TV stations in Colombia, which airs the Miss Colombia Universe competition) written by Alex Aldana, talks about the inminent cancellation of the Miss Universe 2012 competition.  Months ago, national organizers were informed that the competition was being moved to December. But according to the article, it is not a certainty anymore.

Miss Universe 2012 in Danger of Cancellation

by Alex Aldana

Rumors about the possible cancellation of the beauty pageant with the most beautiful women have been taking strength during these past days. Alfredo Barraza, one of the country’s most renowned designers, said that the beauty competition is “stalled”.

He added that the celebration of Miss Universe is a “maybe”, since the lack of a host city, and a date in a high season would raise considerably the costs of the event, which is why the Trump organization could be considering in holding the pageant next year.

“Countries that had already chosen their beauty queens sent them to the Miss World competition instead, due to the lack of confirmation on the Miss Universe pageant’s date. I have been confirmed that the event, due to the planned date, could raise the costs of production. And if it takes place indeed in December, the winner would only reign for five months, because there are already plans of holding the 2013 edition in May”, said Barraza.

He also mentions that possible host cities do not have the infrastructure to welcome the pageant in December. “Las Vegas, for example, is completely full. Other cities in consideration wouldn’t have the capacity to host so many people who travel to this pageant”.

On the other hand, Raimundo Angulo, president of the Concurso Nacional de Belleza (Srta. Colombia, whose winner competes in Miss Universe) said that he hopes he gets an answer from the Miss Universe Organization in less than ten days, confirming a date and a venue. But he also said that he is no longer sure that the contest will take place in December, as scheduled.

“During the next days they should be confirming the date and the host country. I don’t want to speculate about this situation. I wish the pageant would take place because it’s important to us. Our organization is eagerly waiting for this information. Meanwhile, Daniela Alvarez (reigning Miss Colombia) continues her preparation for the pageant as planned”.

If the Miss Universe competition takes place, Daniela Alvarez will represent Colombia, although a new Senorita Colombia will be chosen this November in Cartagena.

Source: RCN Radio Noticias

97 thoughts on “RCN Radio: Miss Universe 2012 might be Cancelled

  1. MU Org can do one of two things: (1) Let 2011 1st RU Miss Ukraine be MU 2012 from Dec 2012 to May 2013 when the new winner is crowned, or (2) Make MU 2012 an on-line competition. The top 16 or top 5 will be flown to New York for 1 final week of judging, and then crown the winner.

    These suggestions are not ideal, but they’re better than cancelling the 2012 edition.

  2. Its gud for Sushmita Sen…as her and only her ‘she’ might be a miracle this time! :-P

  3. Catherine Cates says:

    It’s somewhat disconcerting that there has been no announcement supporting this year’s pageant. If this is true, it reflects poorly on the leadership team at MUO and their ability to plan / execute.


  4. I’m sure if there will be Miss Universe

  5. it means that donald trump is getting in crisis because of the lack of money and USA is in crisis as well. us economy is getting worse and worse

  6. Esta es la segunda ocasion que un medio de comunicacion colombiano da una información de caracter especulativo del miss universo, no tardará Paula Shugart en salir y negar esta afirmación, todavia no entiendo que ganan con hacer especulaciones

  7. What a flop show. Even if it does happen this year, it is certainly closer to the end than the beginning.

  8. this is ashame if it is true..

  9. Sad to say it, but I think Miss Universe is finished. I feel sorry for Miss South Africa. She could have been a contender at Miss World but chose to just go to Miss Universe. Trump really ran Miss Universe into the ground.

  10. Crown a new queen this 2012! :)

  11. I think it will be held—these stories come out when people get impatient. However, it is ridiculous that no answers are available. Why not LA? Would productions costs be low there since the industry and infrastructure is already in place? May be cheaper there.

    • I agree with you!!! They can hold the pageant in LA, Texas, Georgia and Even now Louisiana. Louisiana is re-building and has a lot of new business to offer travelers. But the USA for sure needs to host it. We have hosted the Olympics many times and we have the infrastructure to do it in many cities and states. They can come back to Hawaii! Honolulu would love it!

  12. Gizelly Tinti says:

    Its ridiculous to have the possubility of not having the miss universe pageant, more than 60 contestants were already chosen, if there were no mu this year the miss universe organization would not do a big event such as miss usa 2012, miss universe should be held in 2012 and they cant use politics or olympics as an excuse because they already faced the same situation in 1992 1996 2000….. Hope its not true this article

  13. abolished this pageant its non sense. mind you transexual is welcome to join. in fact the title is miss universe exclusive to women.the prestige is lost, immoral is trending.

  14. Gone are the days when Miss Universe ends up with the announcement of the next host nation. One can remember quite well in 1994 when the Miss Universe finals night ended up with a beautiful sun kissed scenery and flying birds with a voiceover saying that the next pageant will be hosted by Namibia. Prior to that we know well ahead of time that the Philippines will welcome the beauties from across the globe.

    What is happening lately is a clear sign that somehow the Miss Universe pageant is losing its magic at least on the idea that somehow potential tourists will pour into the host country. Trinidadians were not so happy when the promised ka-ching in cash registers did not materialize in 1999. Vietnam could have learned a lesson or two that is why it withdrew its hosting rights for Miss World.

    This year, it seems a little harder to discern why the host nation is yet to be known. Last year, Sao Paulo suddenly came in but that was well in the first quarter of the year. This year, it all started with a hoax that Bahamas will host the pageant. Then rumors are flying all over the place saying its South Africa. The recent one is by Fox News claiming that it is official that Dominican Republic will play as host. Miss Universe Organization clarified that no official announcement was ever made.

    Interestingly, the more we have to wait, the more hoax stories would surface. But if ever Miss Universe has a choice, it should go to places it never went like South Africa or the Netherlands or even Turkey. The more diverse the host nations are, the more credibility can be given to the pageant.

    But given a choice, which country do you think is the best to play host of the Miss Universe 2012 pageant?

    • mrmeadows4u2no says:


    • I agree to you. Tristan.

  15. Hope it will be in the Philippines. MOA arena would be the best hall for the coronation night..

    • Yes why not in Manila, Philippines. Filipinos are always ready.

  16. Philippines should be the next host for 2012 MIss Universe….. (for the 3rd time)
    Hope it will be in the Philippines. MOA arena would be the best hall for the coronation night..

  17. talofalucky says:

    Is it because of the summer olympics and the presidential thing that’s why NBC was going to hold it in December. But would be sad if no contest is held

  18. i think donald trumps should give up the miss universe organization to somone who can put more work and effor into it. trump is a business man not a pageant pro. look at miss world, they already have a host city for miss world 2013 and 2015!!!!! trump will never be able to do such a thing!!!

  19. I am shocked MU Org does not plan way ahead for each year’s venue! And run around at the last moment looking for a place, give me a break! There has to be a pageant held this year, period, how can there not be one!!! Miss World certainly does not have these problems, they are growing each and every year with spectacular results, the one coming up on the 18th from China looks amazing already!!!

  20. I remember last year’s Miss Universe pageant had low ratings in the US, so I’m sure NBC network is in no hurry to air the pageant.

    • The low ratings are due in large part that viewers are bored with the same countries making the cut and often undeservingly.

  21. If Trump do this he lacks in some way !

    • it’s TRUMP’s fault all this is going GET rid of him, MU and MUSA were a zillon times better when Harold Glasser ran, they were classy elegant and exciting EVERY YR back then

      • I absolutely agree with you, Steve. Fire Trump, he’s shown that he isn’t a good businessman. First the Miss Teen USA Pageant going off the air and now Miss Universe possibly being cancelled. I feel for the contestants who are preparing now and they might not fulfill their dream of competing at Miss Universe.

        • mrmeadows4u2no says:

          G and Steve:
          One question: How do fire Trump, who I think is a ‘drama queen’ but smart, when he is the one WHO OWNS the organization?

  22. its because business!

  23. iain johnston says:

    why they don’t try Manila to host the pageant?

    • pik pak boom says:


    • Please definitely not………..send it Africa or Europe please.

  24. I doubt if this story is TRUE???? I would think that the MUO would be sued by their National Directors, because of this written story???? I phoned their office, this past Monday, and was told, ‘It will be announced the first part of September????’ Who knows, time will tell???

  25. Al no existir una confirmación oficial por parte de la MUO, el resto es simple especulación.

  26. This is unbelievable!!! There is no way that the Miss Universe pageant can not go on!! This is completely sad!!! As of now I don’t care where it is at as long as we have a pageant!

    • It will probably be held. But it’s the lack of information that makes news like these go around. It’s already August!

    • It's not the end of the world! says:

      Seriously, there are way worse and more tragic issues in this world going on each day and each minte than cancelling a beauty pageant! Get a life everybody, and concentrate on other issues!

      • Yes this is true, but this article is stating something that has others upset. Let’s try to be more sensitive than in-sensitive. Thanks

  27. What a shocker!!!!

    • It is a shocker indeed… wow… what will happen to this year… they will be outshines, outpoured, outlasted by Miss Wolrd…

  28. Sam Mabaga - Villanueva y Carbonell says:

    There should be a Miss Universe pageant this year, because this is a yearly tradition of celebrating women’s femininity… Many country is expecting too…

  29. The “Trumph Curse” now starting to happen… I wish MU2012 would still take place.

    • No!

      Miss Universe is the pageant that I like best …

      Please try your best to celebrate the 2012 edition.

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