Dominican Republic: The country will not pay to host Miss Universe 2012

Jose Ramon Peralta, Minister of the Presidence of the Dominican Republic, addresses journalists on September 8, 2012, stating the country will not pay to host the 2013 Miss Universe competition (EFE)

An article published by local newspaper Listin Diario on September 8th, 2012, stated the following:

The Dominican Republic will not pay for Miss Universe

By Néstor Medrano / Listin Diario, Santo Domingo

The Dominican government received a proposal from Miss Universe organizers to host the international competition on December 11th.  The Minister of the Presidence, Jose Ramon Peralta, said that at this moment it is not possible to assume this commitment.  However, the government has received another proposal from MUO, with undisclosed details at the moment. Peralta said he will have a definite answer on Monday (Sep. 10).

“The MUO is very interested on having the Miss Universe 2012 competition in the country. We have listened to their presentation.  At the beginning they wanted economical support from the government; we have told them that the government cannot do it”.

“At this moment we cannot give economical support to this celebration in any way; we are about to sign a fiscal pact, about to implement an austerity plan and we need to be very conscious about our expenses” said Peralta to the journalists reunited in his office.

The visit from the MUO to the Minister was headed by the vice president of Miss Unniverse, Andrea Berner, last Friday.

“Due to our answer, they (the MUO) have made a new proposal, and we promised to give them an answer next week. They are eager to know if they will be able to hold their competition in the Dominican Republic”.

“On Monday or Tuesday we will be giving a definite answer to their demands” finished Peralta.

82 thoughts on “Dominican Republic: The country will not pay to host Miss Universe 2012

  1. This is an easy solution : trump YOUR FIRED ! along with the rest of your fiasco committee ~ you’d think from the get go, your ratings are DROPPING fast, nothing has been done, you’d think your presentation on your pageants are doing horrible and you still keep pursuing it? and calling it a NEW ERA HAHAHAHAH how about considering “the OLD ERA” and mixing it?? ever thought about that for a presentation??? what a joke !

  2. Let the Philippines host again the MISS UNIVERSE! To attract more tourists and to show the world how beautiful the Philippines is.. Philippines proven to be a good host in the past 1974 and 1994…Anyway, It is more fun in the Philippines :)

    • Philippines has the millions of dollars to throw in beauty competition? One would think the country has other priorities…

      • YES ED! Did you know that the PHILIPPINE government have released millions of dollars to WORLD BANK for LOAN? The economy of the PHILIPPINES is far better compared to some European nations: for example Greece. So yeah, FILIPINOS have reasons to be proud of. :-)

    • Problem is only Filipinos really watch MU. So I don’t think that it is money well spent, and in any case, MUO broadcasts never showcase the country at all, either during the competition or during the telecast.

    • Linda Mapilili says:

      Yes. Miss Universe Org should consider to hold the pageant in Philippines. Philippines has good track records in hosting pageants. Miss Earth is a very good example, exciting, friendly, unbiased result, nice venus.

  3. EvaLenaLundstrom says:

    One forgotten US city that nearly 30 years ago did a phenomenal job was St. Louis, Missouri.They treated the delegates like royalty and sold 9300 seats. They are not big “shopping: town, so they are not booked up! Have Donald, meet them in St. Louis!

  4. Please let there be a pageant!!!! This is so annoying.

  5. If cHina will host the Miss Universe pageant…the results will be rigged and China will be crowned as Miss Universe 2013……Manipulative much…..

    • I think Miss Universe is not like Miss World, so should the pageant be held in China, the highest post Miss China receives will only be one of the finalists, not the winner if she is not stunning enough.


  7. jorge villabona says:

    My God!!! I was getting ready to travel to DR

    • Jorge… you really have to go and make your booking now to DR.. With all these hulabaloohs…. I know that the pageant will be held in DR definitely.

    • lol

  8. Come on already make up your minds. First they said it was going to be in the Dominican Rep. then no. Then they said yes it was going to be in DR and now no again.
    For God’s sake just find a place and get the pageant rolling already.

    • Just beyond ridiculous! says:

      Could never agree more! What the Hell is this obsession of theirs for Dominican Republic?! It certainly is a very beautiful island but they have been gushing about it and trying to force it to host the pageant ever since February and their government keep on telling them a strict “no” and they just keep on forcing their freaking proposals down their throats! For God’s sake, can’t they just accept the facts and finally move on and just have their goddamned pageant somewhere in the US! I am sure they could have it held in New York or Biloxi, Mississippi or in Vegas! If they are that obsessed with Dominican Republic, they can go and have a personal holiday there at the most luxurious hotel of the island – they have most certainly got enough money for that! What once was such a marvellous and prestigious pageant, by miles the greatest one in the world, has gone straight into the gutter and it is all thanks to Trump and his bottomless greed! He has totally destroyed the most beautiful pageant of the world and made a total laughingstock out of himself and the entire organization! At this rate, it will only take a few years and the entire pageant will be dead and gone and buried six feet under for good!

      • There is o obsession at all with DR. It is the only country within easy reach of the US that has even a basic level of interest and support to offer. That is why MUO is so obsessed with it right now.

      • Absolutely correct!!!

        When they eliminated the Parade of Nations last year I thought it was the beginning of the end. Great post!
        I know I’m dating myself but what the hell. My family (from Ecuador) emigrated to L.A. in 1956, I was a 5 yr old little boy when we would all pile in the Chevy and drive to Long Beach, CA with a cooler full of food and soda’s to watch the Miss Universe Contestant Parade on Ocean Avenue.

        Each contestant (including the USA contestants) would ride on their respective floats and there would be thousands of people cheering them on.

        Catalina Swimwear was the sponsor and this parade was held a few days before the coronation of Miss USA and then Miss Universe on the final night.

        It was so exciting, so beautiful and fresh. It’s really too bad this vulgarian Trump has made so much drama about the location while losing sight of the tradition and fun of the Miss Universe Pageant brand.

        And now the pageant is held in December? What nonsense. And you are right, even Biloxi would be perfect! Why not San Diego or Honolulu?

        Let’s hope the Parade of Nations isn’t trashed by Trump again.

  9. The MUO will come up with a back up plan. They always do. They have received the franchise fees from National Directors so they have to deliver. I hope Las Vegas will pick up the tap and make the 2012 contest a wonderfully unforgettable event. Hopefully, the organization will plan better for the 2013 contests onwards. I hope Russia, China and England will play host. I have a strong feeling there will be over 90 girls this time around with the African continent sending girls in hope for a back to back African win…

  10. Ordos!

  11. Take it to China, so they can have a Miss Universe once and for all. After all, they will crown the local contestant, no matter how average looking she is (Hello Miss World).

  12. I think the pageant will take place somewhere in the US, a boring venue like LA or Miami or its seeming default setting: Las Vegas. I heard that Las Vegas is booked up around December, but I doubt it. Given the economy, Vegas is desperate for business. There isn’t a lack of room in Vegas, believe me.

  13. Trump is a jerk and he has brought disgrace and disaster to the Miss Universe Pageant. The people of the Dominican Republic are smart enough to smell a skunk and brave enough to say no to him.

  14. Juan Charles says:

    The man in the picture is not Jose Ramon Peralta, this man is Danilo Medina, THE ACTUAL PRESIDENT OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!! GLOBALBEAUTIES…FOR RESPECT CORRECT THIS!!

  15. what a mess year for MUO! after having non-great winner in 2011 the organization turn to be drain!

  16. This is sad. Some countries are already selecting the 2013 contestant, and the 2012 girls are on stand-by. Donald Trump needs to concentrate with his casinos and real estate and hotels and Trump matress… and sell MUO to someone who has a passion for beauty pageant. It is sad that my favorite beauty pageant is going down the drain because the owner is more interested in making a lot of money… this man is SUPER MONEY HUNGRY :(

    • I agree!!! The pageant should not be in limbo three months before the date of the show. Im not sure how the pageant will look and what is going to happen but honestly Im not expecting a pageant this year. Leila Lopes One year mark is coming up soon and she will have three months left. I am really not holding my breath, because us Americans know what Trump is doing, MUO needs to get rid of Trump, he just wants to find delegates for his Trump Model Management company, that really doesn’t pay those girls anything, example, Crystal Stewart Miss USA 2008 is no longer signed with Trump Model Management, and she was invited to one photo shoot after her reign ended. She on her own, found new representation and is now working with Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GE on the tv show “For Better or Worse”. I hope that there is a pageant this year.

  17. What a mess!!! Why don’t they cancel the MU pageant this year and crown first runner up Olesya Stefanko Miss Universe 2012???

    • I don’t feel that that is a fair decision for the other 2012 delegates on stand by and countries have already crowned their 2013 delegates. Nice idea, but that can’t happen without a huge media controversy.

      • Sorry! Correction “Un-Fair” decision…..

    • Linda Mapilili says:

      The real winner of Miss Universe 2011, in the eyes of international pageant fans was the 3rd runnersup Miss Philippines. Therefore, if MUO wanted to elect a contestant from last year pageant to be Miss Universe, Miss Philippines should be the one. Philippines was heavily robbed last year by 3 girls. It’s time for MUO to give justice back to Philippines.

  18. p.s. Another idea – The Donald could declare that he will hold the first truly-virtual pageant. Thanks to the internet, there’s really no need to assemble in one locale to have a 3-week pageant. Instead, the ladies will be seen by judges parading in their own hometowns. A judging panel will score them based on their virtual presentations in costume, swimsut and evening gown + scheduled virtual interviews. A top-15 can be selected and only they will be flown to one location for the finals or, if Trump really wants to be cheap, even the finals will be judged virtually and only the winner will be flown to NYC to be crowned and to begin the job as MU 2012/13. Mark my words, it may eventually come to this.

  19. i think dominican minister will not allow to host the ms.universe pageant but mr.trump can change the venue to egypt or greece.

  20. What a bombshell, after the ‘news’ that the DR would host the pageant on Dec 11. So there is NO VENUE YET, after all. So it will likely be in Vegas, if at all. Lemonade stand is back up.

  21. I don’t get it, ever since Trump became part owner, they have been struggling to find host cities or locations for Miss Universe, Miss World has no problems at all, seems to me that Miss World is well managed compared to Miss Universe

  22. Bring Miss Universe back to Vietnam! They will do a good job hosting it at the Crowns Convention Centre!!! Or bring Miss Universe to AUSTRALIA! We haven’t hosted it in a long time….

  23. 2012 is the most controversial year for Miss Universe! Lots of dethroned winners,transgender are allowed and now the venue. Im sure people will watch out on this pageant..

  24. hector rivera says:

    so MUO is so DESPERATE to find a host country for their pageant that they even are not asking the payment of a fee, they are saying to the DR goverment :Ok help to finance part of the cost of the event, and the goverment say: no , no, we are not interested. So what is going to be the new proposal of MUO?. For me, MUO has fallen very low. In other times,Donald Trump was very arrogant and when a latin and and occasionally some Asian countrie wanted to host Miss Universe, he asked huge amount of money,an excessive fee, but now is very different. People in Latin America do not care beauty pageants anymore and entrepreneurs and goverments do not consider important to host Miss Universe to increase local tourism.Panama also rejeted MUO proposal for 2013. So what is going to happen?

  25. This is just a sign of how desperate the MUO is and it’s really sad the pageant is in 2 months yet hasn’t found a host country. This is probably the end of the pageant, unless Trump and the MUO officials leave and new people being brought in. Miss World is easily surpassing MU and their winner from China is gorgeous, despite all the sour grapes.

  26. Anyone wants to host Miss Universe for FREE? Bwahahahaha lol

  27. I just would like to clarify something. The man in the picture is the President of the Dominican Republic, not the Minister of the Presidence =)

  28. Just beyond ridiculous! says:

    What a complete waste of our time and attention this entire “Dominican Republic this and Dominican Republic that” is! They have made yet another proposal? How many times do they need to be informed and told that the country will NOT be spending one penny on this?! As we all know and can read from the article above, they have most certainly got “a tad bit” more important financial issues to solve and sort out and spend their money on! Dominican Republic has already once declined and now they are telling this to them again and they are still after them?! A five-year-old child can understand that Donald Trump will not be doing it in their country for free and they have absolutely no intention of spending a penny on this! Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous! Wake me up on Christmas Eve to see if all this idle chit-chat has finally ended!

  29. Miss Universe should have worked this deal out over a year ago. If the Dominican Republic accepts the new proposal from the Miss Universe org. I bet Miss Universe will start charging $500.00 per tickets to help defray the cost of the pageant.

    • Catherine Cates says:

      Agree – they seem to have squandered their ability to negotiate by waiting so long. These negotiations would have better served MUO if they had started / ended over a year ago.

      Generally, these are symptons of a poorly run organization.

      Who’s responsible?!?

  30. Charles Cohen says:

    I just don´t get Donald Trump and MUO!!!!

    Why are they always trying to coerce poor nations to host the Miss UNIVERSE Pageant?!!? It is morally and financially bloody WRONG! – Period!

    Have they tried approaching rich countries like CHINA, CANADA, BRITAIN & AUSTRALIA?

    ….What about INDONESIA? Miss UNIVERSE winners have traditionally been making annual long visits to that emerging economic nation in the past decade where the MU brand is BIG and commercially viable and visible! And yet, very ironically, INDONESIA is already confirmed to host the Miss WORLD Pageant in 2013 & 2015!

    Also, the places that can afford to spend huge amounts of ca$h and expressed interest in hosting are TAIWAN, KOREA, HONG KONG, MACAU and RUSSIA! What happened to their bids?

    So what happened to Donald Trump´s negotiating power and business savvy?….Instead, he should STOP continually dissing Miss AMERICA & complaining about CHINA constantly!!!

    • Those “rich” countries are simply not interested in hosting the competition. Indonesia cannot do it because Miss Universe is mainly swimsuit and they have muslim population. Miss World can forfeit the swimsuit challenge event, but Miss Universe cannot.

      • Miss World will have a swim suit competition in Indonesia but it will be held in Bali, where it is not a Muslim conservative area, I am sure that Miss Universe can do the same. I don’t think that Donald Trump even cares about the MUO, he’s just interested in the money he makes off it, that’s all. They are sending a great pageant down the drain!!!

        • Well said…..

    • Make the countries like Venezuela and other Latin countries pay to host it since they always get favored, even many times they don’t deserve it.

    • belleza_ultimos says:

      Miss World 2013 could be held in Indonesia because the license holder of Miss World in Indonesia is the largest media group, not only in Indonesia, but also in South East Asia, the MNC. They have the money. In fact Miss World 2013 will not be funded by the government but instead by MNC, the owner of Miss Indonesia contest who sends their winner to Miss World.

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