Jose Ramon Peralta, Minister of the Presidence of the Dominican Republic, addresses journalists on September 8, 2012, stating the country will not pay to host the 2013 Miss Universe competition (EFE)

An article published by local newspaper Listin Diario on September 8th, 2012, stated the following:

The Dominican Republic will not pay for Miss Universe

By Néstor Medrano / Listin Diario, Santo Domingo

The Dominican government received a proposal from Miss Universe organizers to host the international competition on December 11th.  The Minister of the Presidence, Jose Ramon Peralta, said that at this moment it is not possible to assume this commitment.  However, the government has received another proposal from MUO, with undisclosed details at the moment. Peralta said he will have a definite answer on Monday (Sep. 10).

“The MUO is very interested on having the Miss Universe 2012 competition in the country. We have listened to their presentation.  At the beginning they wanted economical support from the government; we have told them that the government cannot do it”.

“At this moment we cannot give economical support to this celebration in any way; we are about to sign a fiscal pact, about to implement an austerity plan and we need to be very conscious about our expenses” said Peralta to the journalists reunited in his office.

The visit from the MUO to the Minister was headed by the vice president of Miss Unniverse, Andrea Berner, last Friday.

“Due to our answer, they (the MUO) have made a new proposal, and we promised to give them an answer next week. They are eager to know if they will be able to hold their competition in the Dominican Republic”.

“On Monday or Tuesday we will be giving a definite answer to their demands” finished Peralta.