Miss Universe Aruba 2012 designated

The new franchise holders of Miss Universe in Aruba organized a casting call to select finalists for the new Miss Universe Aruba competition; however only one young woman was interested and signed up. Due to these circumstances, organizers decided to designate her to represent the One Happy Island at the Miss Universe 2012 competition in Las Vegas, December 19th.

Here is the official press release, as published in their Facebook Page:


In view of the fact that Miss Liza Nerelyn Helder, was the only person registered to participate in the Miss Aruba Universe Pageant, it has been decided yesterday, September 28, to appoint Miss Helder to represent Aruba in the Miss Universe Pageant to be held on December 19, 2012 in Las Vegas. Miss Helder meets all the official requirements and she was judged to be a very competent participant for the Miss Universe Pageant.

22 thoughts on “Miss Universe Aruba 2012 designated

  1. Liza,

    All the best! Yesterday, october 4 th, Liza waas crowned Miss Universe Aruba 2012. We are all so proud of you and so is your auntie Noriza Helder, who was Miss Aruba 1982.

    We are looking forward for you to sparkle in Vergas!

  2. If you have only one participant to show up. You have to hope that contestant wannabe is a great representative. This lady meets the standard with lovely looks. She is fresh with a twinkle in her eye that screams “I am very well prepared”. I wish her the best.

  3. Hi,

    Liza is the NIECE of Miss Aruba 1982 Noriza Helder. Who represented Aruba at Miss Universe 1982 in Lima. Peru and also in Miss World 1982 in London, England.

    Liza will be officially crowned and went through a casting. She was the only one who qualified. We wish her all the best and luck, she has great potential and is a talented synchronized swimmer of Aruba. Liza is well prepared and we are proud of her!

    Enjoy and all the best!

  4. good luck!

  5. yes she’s so lucky with the title im sure she’s so pressured since she’s appointed with no process crowning hopefully she will do her best to represent Miss Uruba in Miss Universe 2012 in Las Vegas. Good Luck!


  7. Liza has much more poise than her mother Noriza had and she is better prepared also
    and she is less timid than her mother was in 1982. 30 years ago Noriza was insecure
    and now Liza is not insecure at all. Times change (a lot of things), and some of us
    still are nostalgic to times of 3 decades ago, as then we were young teenagers fans
    of Air Supply: you remember the song JUST ASS I AM? Well, Liza somehow takes us too

  8. Liza Helder is daughter of Noriza Helder, who went2Miss Universe for Aruba in 1982.
    Hopefully Liza has better luck than her Mother Noriza: as she is one better prepaid

  9. Well, actually Liza Helder is the better choice out of one than the least choice of
    5 out of none: Liza Helder the one best out of one, not an illusion of 5 out of 0.0

  10. Go Aruba. She looks very pretty and natural … I luv the eyes.

  11. she has a beautiful eyes

  12. beautiful skin. I hope she makes into the top 16.

  13. Imagine if she wins Miss Universe? What a coup THAT would be!

  14. How about she wins or comes in at the very top? She is stunning.

  15. that’s one funny piece of news, the girl is actually very pretty though! Congrats lucky girl!

  16. hector rivera says:

    why Miss Aruba lost the miss unvierse franchise?..it looks that Donal Trump its a complete mess…

  17. For being the only one girl that wanted to take part in the pageant she is not bad pretty girl and aldo lucky .best wishes to her in miss universe

  18. Why weren’t there more girls interested? Was it too expensive to enter?
    Congratulations to her and what a wonderful opportunity!

  19. If no one’s interested next year, they can’t even appoint a runner up to compete…

    • Miss Universe Aruba is a new organization. They have just taken the franchise this year.

  20. Luckily for Aruba the one girl that signed up was actually pretty.

  21. She Is Cute!!!

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