Miss Universe China 2012

Diana Xu from Shanghai edged out other 19 finalists to become Miss Universe China 2012. She received her crown from Paris Hilton, one of the celebrity judges.

The first runner-up was Amelia Xu and the second runner-up was Jessica Zhang.

The winner was not among the favorites for the title, and pageant observers from around the world believe China will not be as successful in this year’s edition of Miss Universe as it was last year, when its representative finished in 5th place.

Only time will tell…

30 thoughts on “Miss Universe China 2012

  1. iamsuperclarkie says:

    this candidate from china will not win and will not be even included in the finalist. but if miss universe 2012 will be held in china, for sure she will win again.. just like what happened to miss world 2012. there were more deserving candidates but china won because it was held in their country. hahaha

  2. Miss USA & Miss CHINA pageant have two things in common: FADIL BERISHA & SHERRI HILL. I have a feeling that she will be in the semi-finals should Miss Universe pushes through this December – I hope earlier! ha! Good luck to Miss China.

  3. Of couse she is NOT gonna make the first cut~ Although I am a Chinese , I think she is NOT a TOP 15 material!Hope she have fun in Dominican Republic~

  4. sure miss china would not be miss universe 2012!
    not in my my top 16!!!sure!

    • She will if they hold the Miss Universe in China. Every a pageant is held there, the Chinese girl either wins or is in the top three. LOL

  5. This was a big change, From an “everything” last year to a “nothing” this year ….

  6. she is not the best choice for Miss China 2012. But compared with the other delegates, her performance was the best.

  7. Charles Cohen says:

    It´s true that Miss Xu´s beauty alone will not win her the Miss UNIVERSE crown, BUT her intelligence, bubbly personality, good character, positive attitude, pleasant disposition, genuine friendliness, her Oriental charm, manners & work ethic plus the fact that her simple beauty is all natural will be noted & appreciated by MUO & the judges and that these virtuous qualities will also be taken into consideration as to whether she makes the cut or not!

    She possesses the total package that deserves a TOP-5 placement!

  8. she can make the cut because she is elegant and classy.. she has presence…. not the best face but she is ok…

  9. She’ll make the cut, I bet, just based on who is bankrolling her. ‘Nuf said.

  10. Sorry, just average and don’t think she will do that well in MU – unless of course it would be held in China then I have no doubt she would walk it.

  11. what a Plaine Jaine!

  12. She’s facially beautiful in a rare and interesting way. Very few asian looks like her.

  13. bryan Peter says:

    Clapper but if the pageant is held in China then she will have a secured spot

  14. Look at Zilin Lou she’s beautiful in her gown. I’d hope that she used that gown last year much better than her red gown. She is gorgeous there as compared to Diana!!!

  15. She will not make it to the final list….. That if the pageant will be held in China I am sure she can win the crown… haahahha……

    • You’re so ignorant and please keep your snarky remarks to yourself. Miss World China deserved to win Miss World, so get over it. Why didn’t anyone complain when last year’s Miss Brazil at Miss Universe made it all the way to 2nd runner-up when it was clear she was being favored in her home country? And Denise Quinones won MU in her home country and she was weak in both SS and EG. It’s only because China does not fit into the stereotypical white ideal of beauty that a lot of people become catty and ignorant with their comments. It’s racist and uncalled for.

      • This is a horrible photo..China has to win the MU sometime, but I don’t think it will be this year

      • How is it racist to comment on someone’s looks ? This is a website dedicated to beauty pageants and those wanting to comment on them.

        The fact of the matter is, judging from this photo, Miss Universe China 2012 isn’t up to par with other contestants. Fact.

        Concerning Miss World, the pageant was last month so what is done is done, but one has to wonder if the pageant was held somewhere else, would she have one ? No one can disagree Wen Xia Yu is very pretty, But if I had of been a judge, based on the final question, there would have been a very different winner. Miss China’s answer wasn’t impressive. Fact.

        And if you did your research, you’d notice that the last caucasian to win Miss Universe was Canada’s Natalia Glebova…all the way back in 2005. Don’t call someone racist because it’s a terrible thing to insinuate about someone. Fact.

        The only one who was “catty and ignorant” with their comment was you. FACT.

        • Enough is enough says:

          BRAVO, Ian. Have got absolutely nothing to add. I rested my case in my former comment, and regarding Miss World, I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. We can argue till the cows come home whether this year’s Miss China was beautiful and charismatic enough to win it all – once again, it all comes down to the personal tastes and ideals of beauty and we all have ours. For me, she was very pretty but did not have the real X-factor that a winner of a major international beauty pageant should have (and that is, MU and MW – I don’t care for the rest), but then neither have some other winners of the big two had. But the simple truth is, the minute she had given her final answer and delivered it, I said to myself that she had lost it because that was one of the weakest if not THE WEAKEST answer in the whole bunch of top 7 where several girls indeed shone giving truly impressive ones and delivering in the strongest of the ways as well. Miss China did neither of these things and did not really stand out and thus it is very understandable that several people have been upset and harshly criticizing the result – especially as she won in China. While sometimes the final or semifinal answer alone indeed counts too much and wonderful delegates lose the crown or at least a final spot (old MU format) thanks to this and we end up getting a very blah winner whose only real asset was a good final answer or generally great verbal skills, this wasn’t the case this time. Had I been a judge there would have been a very different winner as well and China would not even have made my final top three. People must be allowed to state and express this kinda opinion without getting attacked and called “ignorant”, “racist” and all the possible crap names. And this was my opinion on this year’s Miss China and Miss World, and I couldn’t care less whether some people clearly displaying and featuring the above-mentioned adjectives in their own comments can live with it or not.

          • Ian says:

            Thanks, buddy.

            I wasn’t trying to argue with whoever “G” is, it’s just such a double standard with any beauty queen that isn’t Caucasian. One negative comment and someone is deemed “racist, intolerant and ignorant”,. It’s just crazy. When Riyo Mori won MU in 2007 I was delighted for her because Japanese women are, in my opinion, beautiful and I’m Caucasian.

            Realistically, when Miss Universe Ireland is elected (I’m Irish and hence she’ll most likely be White) and IF she’s not attractive, and IF people comment negatively, I wouldn’t accuse someone of being racist for it. But one negative comment towards anyone that isn’t White and you’re a racist. It’s just childish.

            Thanks for the encouragement :)

      • Enough is enough says:

        To you, GB. I seriously think you should ban this “G” person whoever from these discussions for good. He keeps on lashing out on people in the most disgusting of the ways constantly making absolutely derogatory and insulting comments, and with his constant merciless bashing of Latina delegates and anti-Latin comments, is showing all of us so very clearly that he himself is the greatest racist of all. Yeah, he himself sure is someone to start pointing countless people out for being “racists” and “uncalled for” when all they are doing is expressing their opinion. It is like Ian above just said. How is it racist to comment on someone’s looks in a civil way like most people indeed are doing in this thread, on a website dedicated to beauty pageants and people wanting to comment on them? While last year’s China Universe was absolutely stunning, this one to me is a plain Jane and that seems to be the opinion of a vast majority so this guy better live with it. And what the Hell is all this about “nobody complaining” when Brazil made it last year all the way to the 2nd RU spot in Miss Universe in her homecountry, and most of all, about Denise Quinones “being weak” in both swimsuit and evening gown when she won?! While it is obvious and completely understandable that people have different opinions and different favorites and many people were disappointed that Greece (or Venezuela) did not win that year, calling Denise Quinones weak in both ss and gown when especially in gown she was beyond luminous and absolutely radiating on the stage is completely over the top. Like KL nailed it in his comment below, nobody down here no matter how biased people might be can even take this person seriously anymore because his own bias and racistic attitudes are so glaringly obvious and his so-called “truths” are beyond ridiculous. Do not try to pass all this ultimate crap of yours as “truth” because with everything you are saying and posting, you are only making a major racistic fool out of yourself. Seriously GB, ban this eternal endless troublemaker! Enough crap and attacks against fellow posters are enough, oh and BTW, this comment was not coming from a Latin or American person!

      • Ian, well said! I agree with your facts check. As someone who has been watching beauty pageants since the early 1970s, I have seen beautiful women win and not so beautiful ones. I disagree with “G” about the Denise Quinones and Miss Brazil last year. Neither one should have gotten where they did and some of us stated that. Does that make my racist, I think not. They are both Latinas, and I am Latin myself. Alicia Machado? Hell no. Barbara Palacios? Did not care for her. Deborah Carthy Dew (from Puerto Rico) she had the most horrible fake teeth. I think they were all the wrong choices. I just don’t think criticizing them is racist. I think the Kurara Chibana was robbed as she was way better than Zuleyka Rivera, and way, way smarter than her. I agree with Ian when every time someone makes a critical comment about one of the Asian contenders, we are all deemed racist. We are not, some of your candidates are just not that good and you need to get over it. Miss China world was not the best candidate, period. The same way that some of our Latin candidates are not either. We just don’t see this as race issue. And please “G” stop accusing people of wanting a Caucasian woman to win every pageant. We don’t, we simply want the best one to do so and Asian candidates are not always the best. So get over it.

        I am sick of the fanaticism of some of the Phillipino fans for whom no one is a good as their candidate, but I respect their opinions. Again take a chill pill (I have heard Xanax works), or a cocktail and relax.

    • In addition, Miss China made it as 4th runner-up at MU held in BRAZIL, and not China, last year.

      • Actually keep ur comments to urself when u urself make false statements about nobody commenting on Brazil’s placement and that Demise Quinones didn’t do well in the demise (she won both portion). Nobody here takes u seriously on any level because what u passes off as the truth can easily be verified and documented as otherwise.

    • iamsuperclarkie says:

      hahahaa you said it right. miss world 2012 winner is not deserving at all..

  16. Last year’s rep was far far better. Don’t expect her to place as Asia has got several other reps with better potential.

  17. Not the best choice, but stands a chance in MU. She looks very oriental.

    • All these women look the same to me.

  18. Who says Diana was not among the hot fav?
    The only two hot favourites for Chinese netizens (at least in Baidu) in this year’s MUC are Diana and Tan Qiaoyin, the 3RU.

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