Haiti wins Hispanic-American Queen 2012

Haiti, the winner, Spain, the vice-Queen

The Hispanic-American Queen 2012 beauty contest took place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and the winner was Miss Haiti, Sarodj Bertin, who had also competed in Miss Universe 2010. The vice-queen was Miss Spain, Juliana Sampaio;  the 1st runner-up Miss Bolivia, Alexia Viruez; the 2nd runner-up, Miss Paraguay; the 3rd runner-up, Miss Brazil, Jeanine Castro; the 4th runner-up, Miss Panama, and the 5th runner-up, Miss Cuba.

Miss Chile was Miss Congeniality and Miss USA was Miss Facebook.

Soon more photos and details!

22 thoughts on “Haiti wins Hispanic-American Queen 2012

  1. Haiti is beautiful

  2. haiti we proud

  3. What exactly is a Vice-Queen?

  4. Haiti is a beautiful girl basically raised in the Dominican Republic, but Hispanoamerican queen?? Not really….Haiti has never identified itself as a hispanic country and destroyed the hispanic symbols during colonial times. Spain is ok, but really they are hispanic and not american. Change the name of the pegeant then!!

  5. Haiti Deserved to Win she was awesome and was overlooked at Miss Universe.

  6. A great duo, they are both lovely and very deserving.

  7. Thats nice that two queens reign….are there any videos of the production GB?

  8. Iam so happy and proud right now! Viva Hai’ti!

  9. Bertin has slimmed down a lot and looks better than she did at MU2010.

  10. she’s also my bet since she’s one of the 5 countries who was invited to the miss universe 2010 to promote the pageant including miss philippines who’s the 4th runner in the miss universe 2010. Congratulations Miss Haiti.

  11. Saj should have placed much higher than she did during MU2010

    • Javi Bradshaw says:

      she is looking way better now than then… she might have lost weight or something.

  12. RodrigoCHILE says:

    Miss Paraguay was absolutely beautiful… She deserved the crown

  13. paraguay and bolivia deserve the gronw

  14. perfect final two, ’cause when i think of “hispanic” or “american”, i immediately think of haiti and spain.

    • Dont hate! Congratulate! :) Haiti was invited because she from the same regions as the other delegates. Spain is invited because of the colonial history. Put two and two together. I believe this is also Haiti’s first crown from a big pageant. Im a proud Gen du Colur-Creole with Haitian Ancestry. Im sorry but I felt that your comment was rude.

  15. Javi Bradshaw says:

    Spain should have won. Look at her, she is gorgeous. 1st success from the new franchise of Miss Universe Spain, hope the strike continues.

  16. nose como ellas dos quedaron!………esos lugares eran de BOLIVIA Y PARAGUAY!


  17. Congratulations.. Haiti deserved to placing miss universe 2010… Se is beautiful., sadly MU only like one kind of beauty.

  18. Congrats Haiti and my country Panama!

  19. Congratulations! Haiti has been doing well with their two Miss Universe alumni, they just won a charity award and placed Top 15 at Miss International! Now, they won Hispanic American Queen 2012!!! But… Miss Facebook? Funny name!!!

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