I Was She: Miss Universe India Dethroned

Now I’m She: Urvashi Rautela sashes Shilpa Singh as the new Miss Universe India 2012, who will go on to compete in Las Vegas. Courtesy I Am She

“I am She “, organizers of Miss Universe India, announced on Wednesday that the winner of this year’s competition Urvashi Rautela was dethroned due to conflicts that jeopardized her participation in the international Miss Universe pageant to take place in Las Vegas.

The press release sent by the organization stated the following:

We would like to announce Urvashi Rautela’s relinquishment of her title “I am She – Miss Universe India 2012″ to Shilpa Singh, who was crowned “I am She – Miss Globe International 2012″.

Shilpa Singh will now represent India at the Miss Universe Pageant to be held in Las Vegas in December. The afore stated relinquishment is due to Urvashi’s contradicting contracts as the winner and titleholder of the pageant “Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International”, a fact which she unfortunately overlooked during her participation on I am She 2012.

Urvashi further acknowledges and agrees that she did not confirm the minimum age criteria as required under the I am She pageant as well as the Miss Universe pageant.

Urvashi was born in February 25th, 1994.  Miss Universe rules state that competitors have to be at least 18 years of age by February 1st. She now joins an extense list of beauty queens who have lost their titles in 2012.

20-year old Shilpa Singh stands 174 cm in height and will represent India in Miss Universe 2012

63 thoughts on “I Was She: Miss Universe India Dethroned

  1. So sad..Urvashi is a Miss Universe face..:-(

  2. what a shame? tsk tsk, Urvashi could have easily sail away into the Top 5 at Miss universe! India has kissed its chances goodbye again! But oh well, we may never know Shilpa might do good and she might surprise us all, remember the case of Vera Krasova? Claudia Moro? Eva Siso and even Diana Nogueira? well let’s see

    • I like the new queen. I think she is just as lovely and has equal chance to do well. Who knows the judges love her and she will do great too.






  3. Shilpa también es una chica muy linda!!

  4. So many gorgeous girls this year, in my opinion another no no for India unless she is like Lara in 2000, Gul in 1999 and Manpreet in 1995… These girls are just amazingly intelligent : )

    • What about Sushmita in 1994?

  5. bryan Peter says:

    clapper for sure

  6. hector rivera says:

    this thing about age is stupid…i mean the pageant is going to take place in december and they say candidates must had 18 by february..if they not so what? by the time the pageant took place they will have like almost 19..so

  7. They are both beautiful gud luck shilpa…….

  8. Ships I thought was more beautiful, I’m glad she is now I am she coz she’ll def put India into top contention. She looks dif from past winners.

  9. janine tugonon says:

    urvashi can win it all in Miss Universe 2012 in vegas, but i am she didnt do their job in avoiding this kind of incident. perhaps urvashi is just 24 days delayed on MU age rule! the hell they allowed transgenders and not a goddess 18 year old girl!

  10. Shipa is way more attractive than Urvashi. Can’t understand how Urvashi and her nose won in the first place. Now India is on track.

  11. Hmmmmm? I am not sure what to think of Shilpa. I am not a fan………….sorry. Urvashi is beautiful!!!

  12. When Urvashi was selected as the representative of India for Miss Universe I thought that India finally is one of the top contenders for the title this year but now is like going to the same again…i don’t like Shipa for Miss universe, she looks too plain and not as beautiful as Urvashi…Too bad…. sorry India,you have very gorgeous women but with Shipa, no chance this year at MU, not even for the semifinalists..maybe next year…

  13. Transgenders should have a pageant called “I Was He” =).

    • LOL

      • LOL!!!

    • Wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwwwwkkkkkkk

    • I was He Miss Universe Pageant.

    • or may be I was HE-SHE


    • My point excatly!

    • Alok P Naik says:

      True Olga…

  15. Not fair! O well!

  16. bad change

  17. Just compete next year. To the new Miss India Universe – enjoy VEGAS! ;)

  18. I think the organizers of all pageants, and not just Miss India, should check their ages with documentation for eligibility before they compete so to avoid such incidents.

  19. OMG! What a dissapointment. Urvashi is gorgeous and would’ve made the top 5. I don’t understand how the organizers of the pageant can ignore important factors such as age and contracts. The age and past of every girl should be carefully analyzed before anyone is crowned.

  20. she’s beautiful too!good luck for the new miss india universe!

  21. It’s good PR to see Urvashi sash Shilpa.

  22. Pedro Chadid says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO OMG the real winner was some of my favorites for this MU!!!!

  23. i wonder how can urvashi be so calm and happy….for such a sad moment…

  24. urvashi is way much beautiful than shilpa in my opinion and brings out the qualities of an indian beauty queen.shilpa just looks like a girl next door …her looks and capabilities seem to look vague for me for a tough competition with the other girls in the upcoming miss universe 2012 paegent.

  25. What is going on… first Serbia now India… this is not fair for the runner ups… yes they get to represent their country but they missed the big moment when the winner is announced.

  26. didn’t miss universe allow a contestant in 2011 who was 28? Besides why Feb? the girl is already 18

  27. Shipa is beautiful but Urvashi is the best

  28. I was surprised when I heard this news. Too bad Urvashi is much more gorgeous than this girl. Is this another drought for India at this year’s Miss Universe? Although I think that most replaced contestants in Miss Universe placed as a semifinalist, I think this news will only give them some noise to be heard and catch attention enough for them to make the cut just like other replacements of contestants in the previous years.

  29. India is going on vacation again!

    • TRUE

      I AGREE

  30. I think Shilpa Singh is better than Urvashi Rautela…

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