Japan wins its very first Miss International title

Hometown Advantage: Miss Japan, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, was crowned Miss International 2012 after a marathonic 5-hour gala with endless breaks and performances held at the Budokan Martial Arts Hall in Okinawa, Japan.  It is the first time Japan wins the competition.

1st runner-up was Finland, 2nd runner-up Sri Lanka, 3rd runner-up was Dominican Republic and 4th runner-up Paraguay.

Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Namibia, United Kingdom, Venezuela, USA, India and Haiti completed the Top 15.

Special Awards

Declared the “belle” of the night, Japan’s Ikumi was also named Miss Photogenic. Haiti was declared Miss JOICP (Social Work), while Mauritius won Miss Friendship elected by her fellow contestants; Myanmar was named Miss Internet, Honduras won Best National Costume and Russia walked away with the Best in Talent award.

Judges’ decision was not well received by fans

After it was announced that Miss Japan was Miss International 2012, a wave of complaints  inundated the social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Check Global Beauties’  Facebook Page. Miss Japan was never considered a favorite for the crown, and some even believed she would not  be in the Top 15. “Lack of facial beauty” is the main criticism she has been getting.

Walking backwards

Miss International had been evolving tremendously production-wise, when the pageant was held in China, in recent years. Now back in Japan, it has walked backwards: it was over 5-hour-long, with endless breaks, and a very slow (nearly boring) production. Overall, the level of contestants has gone down as well.

Okinawa was a great host

If the production lacked in agility and modernity (at least lighting and camera work was way better than when it used to be held in Japan), it must be said that Okinawa did quite a good job hosting the pageant, with great pre-final activities and making news and photos constantly available to the general press.

History making for Japan, Sri Lanka and Paraguay

Since the pageant moved its HQs to Japan, in 1968, the Japanese had been constantly placing among the semi-finalists, however, it had never won the title, and very few were finalists (its best result was a 3rd place in 2002).  Ikumi is Japan’s first winner, a victory when it was least expected.

Up to today, Sri Lanka had placed among the semi-finalists only 3 times, but had never reched the Top 5. 3rd place is its best result in history. The same goes to Paraguay, who had had two semi-finalists, back in 1960 and 1961. 51 years later, a Paraguayan beauty reaches Miss International’s finals (5th place). Haiti debuted in the pageant with a Top 15 semi-finalist. Namibia also participated and placed among the Top 15 for the first time. African beauties are usually ignored in Miss International.

Ikumi, the first Japanese Miss International, will reign supreme until October 2013

The Top 15 Semi-Finalists

199 thoughts on “Japan wins its very first Miss International title

  1. I just realized that Miss Earth is before Miss Universe, so let’s support and bash the Earth girls next….

  2. It’s a mistake ! Miss Japan should not even be among the 15 finalists.

  3. Now, all pageant fans’ attention is on Miss Universe. My favorite pageant of all and I am super excited…let the games of supporting and bashing delegates begin….hehehe

  4. now little Olivia is gonna win Miss Universe and that will be it….

    • that’s what happened indeed.

    • Dec, 17, 2013
      Yes, I do agree Miss Japan should not be in the semi finals.
      I would have been able to watch the contest, I don’t have a satellite dish.
      It should be a girl from Africa winning Miss International , it would
      certainly be a change.

  5. Where’s China? Haha lol

    • Please be respectful and not so ignorant, Harry. Where were you when Puerto Rico won Miss Universe in her own country, Poland won Miss Supranational in her own country, Brazil almost winning Miss Universe in her own country? Double standards and it seems okay if the winner is White. Such racist and ignorant people on here.

      • Don’t forget at Miss Earth. One average Miss Canada of Filipino descent won the title, followed by Miss Philippine’s victory the following year and then another Miss Philippines would have won ( she won several subsidiary titles before the final night ) if not for the threats by other girls to stage a walk out if Miss Philippines won. Eventually she ended up as 1st Runnersup.

        And yet, Filipinos are claiming Miss Earth is the most credible and favoritism free pageant in the world.

        • Japan is telling China that if you can get away with it so do we. You got the title & a Miss Talent Award? We also go the title & Miss Photogenic Award. hahahaha

        • We all know that Filipinos are patriotic and will support delegates, no matter what she looks like. Unfortunately, when things don’t go their way, some of them get out of their “humanistic facial beauty” traits and start blaming others. What a shame. Luckily not all of them are like that in here. I appreciate kind comments from Filipino fans who work hard on recovering the friendly image that, time and time again, gets tarnished by the so called “Fanatic Filipinos”.
          Funny enough, I bet the ones who complaint the most are also those who keep on watching the pageants. Similarly, the ones who keep on saying that Globalbeauties is not a credible site are again the ones who keeps on returning and writing comments. Oh well, this is for pure entertainment and allows people to read what the rest of the world has in mind.

        • So true. To the flips everything is fair and just if their rep wins a crown, if otherwise happens all hell breaks lose. The flips are sore losers, big time

      • That was more than 10 years ago, I don’t see YOU here either.

  6. i see a pattern so far…

    Ms. World 2012 – China, held in China
    Ms. International 2012 – Japan held in Japan

    so I guess Ms. Earth 2012 is Ms. Philippines and Ms. Universe 2012 is Ms. USA, all settled then lol

    • Miss USA is fabulous. She may win it, of course…and it will not hurt if Philippines have it’s third Miss Earth title too.

      • Philippines only won ME once!!

      • sorry but Philippines has only 1 Miss Earth winner..

  7. Overall, the judges’ decision was very good. Miss Japan is smart and charming. She deserves it even though she was never in pageant fans’ Top 3 predictions. See you in Japan next year. There is NO WAY China is gonna play host as long as the island struggle thingy is still so heated up. Miss China International is very beautiful but she did not compete. Such a waste.

  8. Congratulations to the new winner. She is not my choice, but all the best anyways…another curse for former Miss World finalist, but at least Miss UK made the cut this time around.

  9. I think that the quality of the contestants overall was high. The top 4 (not including the winner) was very good. Paraguay and Rep. Dominicana were well placed. What was bizarre was all the time they took to select the less appropriate or deserving candidate. Sad thing is that I will keep on watching these pageants even if the outcomes continue to be as bizarre as this one.

  10. rafaella nocetti says:

    horrible decision!!

  11. GB I’m excited to see your post pageant opinions, reactions, etc about the Miss International cooking pageant

  12. Ha…China won Miss World in China, Japan won Miss International in Japan..now USA will win Miss Universe in USA? Beauty pageants are so political nowadays. The 80s and 90s are so missed. We have to now see some of the not-so important contestants winning competitions that they are least deserved of winning, like China and Japan, makingn 2012 an Asian year. Unfortunately, both are crap and dull. By, Miss Universe is way better than Miss World and Miss International. One big fact: Japan had all cheap and boring Japanese judges, so that helped Japan clinch the 2012 title. Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Finland and Dominican Republic in Top 5 is a big joke to the world of beauty pageant lovers. Miss International will very soon become history just like Miss Asia Pacific has become. I think I will only watch Miss Universe every year, the rest of the three beauty pageants are heavily political and boring as hell.

    • But i heard that Asia Pacific International is making a comeback

  13. It was a dissaster election… I prefer Colombia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Korea, Haiti, Venezuela, Poland, United Kingdom and USA.

  14. They never liked Black beauties as well as Indian beauties.

    • Miss International has always picked Caucasian winners for the most part. So Miss Japan winning is a refreshing change from the same old unfair thing we see year after year with Miss International. Unfortunately being Black is still a disadvantage.

    • The pageant is awful and racist period!

  15. Miss Earth will not do the same.. maybe they will place Philippines in the semifinals,,but not as the winner..they will not definitely allow to happen like this two controversial pageant..

    • How about last year’s placement. Miss Earth already did it with Karla Henry winning the crown in 2008 and Athena Mae Imperial as 2nd runner up last year. No pageant is perfect and sometimes, I guess nationalism takes over.

      • Karla Henry deserved to win that time.. Miss Imperial was not deserving, that is the difference.. It was only last year that the inclusion of Miss Philippines Athena Imperial in the top 5 was questionable and “controversial”? With regard to the past Miss PH-Earth candidates who were included in the Top 15 or top 5, no questions. again, it was only last year..

      • Karla Henry was very deserving at that time. maybe u shud watch the pageant and tell me whether she is deserving or not..

  16. There is no comparison between China and Japan.
    Miss China is way more beautiful than Miss Japan.
    But the larger point is that India, Colombia and Philippines were robbed biggggggggg timeeeeeeeeeee.
    Sri Lanka was only pleasant surprise for me.
    I’ve never watched it live (thank god for that) and no plans to watch it in near future.
    Do hell with this MIO.

    • yes i agree to that.. like for instance when Sandra Seifert represented the philippines, she was expected to win but ended as 1st RU to Brazil..

      • Yes, only in your imagination…you are so demanding….

  17. Global Beauties

    What do you think of the results? Are you surprised like me?

    • We were surprised at first but after she was awarded Miss Photogenic things started to add up….

    • here in the philippines, we call it LUTONG MACAU!

    • yes! didnt expect her to win.. but i admit i was amazed by her speech, it gave an impact! but for me, either Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Haiti will be crowned as MI 2012

  18. when Paraguay, Dominican Rep, Sri Lanka and Finland were declared runner ups I was expecting Philippines, Venezuela, Haiti, India , UK or Namibia to be crowned Miss International. I was so shocked when Miss Japan was crowned.

  19. .. and yes, ive noticed the sudden decrease of participants in this years pageant..

    • There was not really a decrease, the higher number MI ever had was 70 (in 2009), this year they had 69

      • oh ic.. sorry bout that.. thanks for the info

  20. Oh thank you GB for your immediate response. And yes, Philippines is on the top 15.

  21. Franco Chow says:

    Miss China win Miss World in China, Miss Japan win Miss International in Japan. Will Miss USA win Miss Universe in USA?

    • hahaha, correct! tell tale signs of things to come

    • it’s really!miss japon is miss international in japan!
      miss china is miss world in china!
      it’s a joke!
      miss japan is pretty but not as miss international!

    • Miss USA is a beautiful girl….one of the most beautiful faces in the entire group…now I am not saying she should win if she does not do a good job….but why because she’s not tall? have you ever been next to one of those 6ft tall girls with heels..they look beautiful on the stage…but when they stand next to you ..even next to me that I am 5′ 11″…they don’t look as beautiful…shoe size is like 12…some of them need shoes especially made for them…huge hands….one of the most beautiful women in the world…elizabeth taylor…salma hayek…Bo derek…etc; etc; are under 5′ 4″. Now I am not saying they should be that small, but a 5′ 6″ tall girl with heels is 5′ 8″ or 5′ 9″. What is the issue here???????? This thing about they wont make it because they are too short?????? I am getting upset with this comment through the years and no one seems to care… A beauty queen does not have to be a model…she entitles so many different things…Ill never forgot Albany Losada from Venezuela at Miss World 1987 I believe, so beautiful,one of the most perfect Miss Venezuela ever,she was short, I think like 5′ 7″ (170) and a huge woman from Austria won….Ulla I think was her name. Now I am not saying the tall ones should have a chance, but common, because you are not over 176 you should not be considered….?????

      Can Global Beauties please respond to this question? ED? please????

      • That is because people associate beauty queens with tall women, those who make an impact, those who feel the stage. Certainly there are many short gorgeous women, but usually fans tend to associate the image to those who are taller. For example, a woman who is 170 cm is tall by average standards, specially in heels, but for the pageant fan she would be short.

    • gloria moran says:

      and…miss philippines is miss earth 2012



    • WHY ARE YOU SO MAD? theres nothing we can do if the judges chose miss japan.. tsk tsk.. and please, dont compare miss earth to miss international. period!

    • How about Miss Earth 2008 that won the crown at home!

      • hometown decisions cannot be avoided!

      • Why? the judges are from different countries though and there no bias happened when Karla Henry won it… she is light years prettier than Japan .

    • I rather have Miss Earth 2012 held in another country and not in the Philippines if they’re going to do the same hometown cooking again!!! We had already one! Enough for disgusting pride!! Enough for dishonesty! Let’s prove to the world we aren’t like China and Japan… People around the world know Filipina women are beautiful but let us not do what China and Japan did…May the best woman win!!!!

    • I believe Miss Philippines Earth would not win Miss Earth, even if the pageant will be held in Manila. She might be included in the Top 15 or Top 5. I have to admit she is a strong contender for the pageant, unlike last year, when the previous Miss Philippines was surprisingly in the top 5. This year however, there would be no question if Miss PH earth will be included in the top 5 of Miss Earth.

      • Disgusting! Too greedy! Too proud! Enough for Miss Philippines… Our reputation as the host country for the Miss Earth beauty pageant is more important than the crown. Why don’t we just make this year’s Miss Earth the most spectacular beauty event!! and make all beauty pageant fans happy!

        • It is my opinion robertomkat! that’s how i perceive the current Miss Earth PH. i am entitled to it.. i did not say anything bad. If the implication of what I stated is too greedy and to proud or disgusting for you, then it’s yours. I have been as much as possible fair in my judgments.. and o you have no right to defy my opinion by those twisted accusations you laid down!

  23. Stage of this year’s MI…even worse than the previous MI stages in Japan. Very cheap.

  24. another home advantage winner! I didn’t expect Japan to win this time ..
    Look Miss China in Miss World 2012, she won in her native land but she’s also one of the favorites since then ..
    How come Japan won it ?

    • Why didn’t anyone complain when Poland won Miss Supranational in her home country? Or Brazil made it to 2nd runner-up at Miss Universe last year and looked like she was about to win it all? Enough with the double standards. Miss China deserved to win Miss World, period.

      • Misses China did not deserve to win Miss Worlds also Miss Japan this year. There are far better Miss Japan that should have won Miss International why this year? coz it’s like… oh if China can get away with it… so do we??? Brazil as 2nd runner up was deserving although she was not my favorite but she battles it throughout the night even if her hometown crowd wasnt rooting for her. Poland was gorgeous. China & Japan are so-so.

        • i agree with miss take, japan had realized that if china can do it, why cant they? after all they had endured long enough not to rigg the contest, 52 years and they never won the title, so they realized enough of honesty, once in a while u need to patronize ur own and rigg the contest, after all 51 years of being honest and just one year of cheating wont make them feel that bad compare to the miss universe org. where miss usa had 7 titles, miss world where miss uk had a few and miss earth where phils had won too, so for them nothing wrong with having one.

      • Yeah, China deserves it ! she’s one of the favorites since then, even if you ask it to GB ! they bet Miss China to win it…
        But now, JAPAN ? no comment.

        I know than Japanese are very humble and quiet.. let’s just forget it , there are many years to come..

  25. is that the reason why the judges are having a hard time in choosing the winner? i watched it thru live streaming and all i can say is .. the program is VERY BORING! im sorry but that is the truth.. anyways congrats Miss Japan and to all the winners.. tsk tsk

  26. “Crown Material:

    -United Kingdom, Alize Mounter: The complete package, there is no doubt she could be the next Miss international. Tall, elegant and regal.”

    She couldn’t even make it to the Top 5. In fact, none of the top 5 “packages” selected were in it. Time to GB stop its “predictions” .. :-)

    • Meanwhile, we hit the Miss World winner perfectly.. We will not stop doing anything, this is our job, we are awesome at it, deal with it. ;) and keep on visiting Alex because you DO leave interesting comments from time to time.

      • It is only predictions. We cannot blame GB. They only predict unfortunately there predictions are not right this time.

      • I hope GB NEVER stop predicting the winners. The best part of each pageant is reading their informative essays on each competition. Thoroughly enjoy them :D

      • i agree the top 5 of gb was right uk venezuela and the other are high favorites dont worry gb your are great and i ask to alexrio what page of pageants is good for you

    • rafaella nocetti says:

      global beauties has not the fault if the judges don´t know how to choose!!they predicted 11 out of the 15 finalists!! I think they know how to recogniza a beautiful women with potential to win a beauty pageant.

    • SidneyvisitingJapan says:

      No one could have predicted the result. I attended the pageant in person and I was absolutely SHOCKED by the result. I was literally shaking my head. It was a bizarre choice.

    • The predictions were “correct”; the judges were wrong. One cannot judge the credibility of GB by the questionable results of a contest that was beyond its control.
      How could one have predicted the judges to vote for ‘unconventional’ beauty this year?

  27. The worst pageant I ever seen! Boring as hell!

    • so true

  28. Miss International 2012

    Japan – Ikumi Yoshimatsu

    1st Runner-up

    Finland – Viivi Suominen

    2nd Runner-up

    Sri Lanka – Madusha Mayadunne

    3rd Runner-up

    Dominican Republic – Melody Mir

    4th Runner-up

    Paraguay – Nicole Huber

    Top 15

    Brazil – Rafaela Butarelli
    Colombia – Melissa Varón
    Haiti – Anedie Azael
    India – Rochelle Maria Rao
    Mexico – Jessica García Formenti
    Namibia – Paulina Malulu
    Philippines – Nicole Schmitz
    United Kingdom – Alize Lily Mounter
    USA – Amanda Renee Delgado
    Venezuela – Blanca Aljibes

  29. Wakakakaka…..hahahahaha……….

  30. congratulations japan! miss earth 2012 will be philippines! lol

    • ahaha crazy! well let us see…

    • Please….we had already one, enough for home cooking….disgusting!

    • its not possible because stephanie stephanowitz is beautiful enough to be miss earth…

      • you sure?

      • I beg to disagree. She is out of my radar. My current top 16 include Belize, Brazil, Crimea, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, Gabon, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, USA, Wales.

    • ans miss universe host is USA, And the winner is… USA hahaha

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