Miss Lebanon 2012

Rina and twin sister Romy, 1st and second place respectively

BEIRUT: Twins Rina and Romy Chibany were crowned Miss Lebanon 2012 and runner-up Saturday evening, in a ceremony held at the Platea arena, north of Beirut. The 21-year-old sisters, from Zahle in the Bekaa, were among 16 contestants from across Lebanon who took part in the competition, which included contests in the swimwear and gowns categories, and it was the first time that twins had entered the contest.

Rina was handed over the crown by last year’s winner, Yara Khoury-Mikhael, and has now guaranteed her place in the Miss Universe contest, to be held in Las Vegas on Dec. 19.

Speaking to Elnashara news website moments after she was crowned, Rina said, “I’m very happy to have won. I promise to restore the pride of this position, in deeds, not in words.” Also, she added, that she’d “have been much happier if my sister had won,” but vowed to cooperate with Romy throughout her reign.

Rina also said that she has many plans to consider for the upcoming year, which she said she would announce soon.

The twins’ parents said they were proud of their two daughters, who they said honored the family as they hoped they would now also honor Lebanon.

When asked about what she considered her best qualities in an earlier interview with LBCI, Rina, who studied interior design at university, said, “I am a good listener; I am helpful, trustworthy and productive!”

Rina’s favorite book is Paulo Coehlo’s “Veronika Decides to Die,” and her favorite designer is Elie Saab.

While beauty pageants are often criticized for objectifying women, in the same interview, Rina said, “In today’s world it is very important to look good therefore I find physical appearance to count a lot!”

Of her aims in life, she answered, “My goals are finding love everywhere, keeping it and spreading it. I also aim to find the love of my life, and discover the divinity within me. I want to learn something new every day.”

If she could change one thing about herself, it would be her “sensibility.”

She said her parents inspire her the most, as well as “people who overcome hardships and obstacles.”

When asked if she was more of a giver or a taker, Rina answered, “I consider myself more of a giver. This comes from me being a perfectionist and I would rather do everything myself.”

The eclectic jury included former Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud, Maxime Chaaya, the first Lebanese to climb Mount Everest, and pop star Nancy Ajram.

During the program, #MissLebanon was trending globally on Twitter.

In August, Lebanese-Australian Jessica Kahawaty came third in the Miss World 2012 competition, representing Australia.  Courtesy The Daily Star :: Lebanon 

26 thoughts on “Miss Lebanon 2012

  1. Youssef mardini says:

    She AMAZING !! she can be miss universe 2012 <3

  2. Imagine the pressure for romy if rina wins. Miss universe

  3. Let’s hope the national director prepares them very well.

  4. It is great to see Romy supporting her sister, but it has got to be agonizing to lose to your identical twin in a competition based on looks.

  5. No those are 100% lebanese, the half filipinos sisters are the daccashe sisters, only one of them entered the pageant and later withdrew for unknown reasons

  6. Hoooooorayyyy for Lebanon…I saw the pageant like 3 times, and it always takes my breath away…it truly is a memorable event…and above all, Rina and Romy deserved the top spots!!!!!! May Rina Chibany do Lebanon proud and shine at Miss Universe 2012!!!!!!!! She is one of my favourites for the crown, alongside India, Malaysia, Ecuador, Australia, Puerto Rico and Guatemala…ALL THE BEST, Rina!!!!!

  7. What a hottie. Surely in top 5 with Philippines, Australia, Guatemala & South Africa.

    • waaaaw miss lebanon u desirve to be in top 5 in miss univers we all with u go lebanonnnnnnnn

  8. dilip indian says:

    are they one of the twins who were half filipina

  9. they are both beautiful congratulations to both of them….wish u all the best to be on top of the miss universe 2012 in las vegas..

  10. Wow, Lebanon finally choose the right girl(s)! :) I hope Rina will not be the “second Deborah Priya Henry” in Miss Universe… I hope they will appreciate her beauty despite of she’s not Miss USA or Miss Venezuela or something like that. :P
    And yes, it’s so funny and cool to see twin sisters in the first two places! :) They deserved it!

  11. WOW!!!! What a gorgeous Girl!! Lebanon has chosen correctly. So nice to see such a stunning young girl chosen by this country, let’s just hope that she is given the proper training, being that the contest is just around the corner; and that she pours on the sexiness and attitudes that the Latina’s bring, year after year! The girl is Gorgeous! I also hope that she is not over looked as so many beautiful girls have been in the past, namely in the Bahamas 2009… sad. So far, this girl is on my list of favorites and definitely, in my TOP 16. Good Luck Rina! Bring it Doll! MY FAVORITES:

    1. Mexico SHOE-INS
    2. Puerto Rico 1. Venezuela/Colombia
    3. Indonesia 2. Dominican Republic
    4. Caymen islands 3. U.S.A
    5. Malaysia 4. South Africa
    6. El Salvador 5. Thailand
    7. Lebanon 6. China
    8. Australia 7. Russia
    9. Ecuador 8. Philippines
    10. Guyana/Gabon 9. Japan
    11. Sri-Lanka/Guam 10. India/Czech Rep.

    12. Kosovo
    13. Tanzania
    14. Togo
    15. Nicaragua
    16. Peru

  12. As they are identical twins, how the judges pick which is the winner and which is the runner-up?

    • in the Miss Lebanon Pageant.. the final round, is the “one question”.. just one question (the same one) asked to the 5 finalists (when one of the contestants is answering the 4 others have headphones).. and their answers are “the keys” to the crown.. so the Chibany’s answers were the best this year.. ;)

      • I should’ve known there was a Q&A portion, LOL.

    • Although they are supposed to be identical, both girls looked very different on the final night, Rina had more of a seductive sexy aura, Romy is more of a sweet next-to-door type of girl with a gorgeous smile. Although Romy’s performance out-shined Rina the whole night, the last question broke the deal as the scores were reset for this round and the queen was chosen based only on her answer. Rina gave the best response, she is totally Miss Universe material, not a finalist, a WINNER!

  13. Is LBC the lisence holder?
    Nice girls. :) :)

    • LBC is the license holder for Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International in Lebanon.

  14. she’s gorgeous!

  15. Pete of PDB says:

    LEBANON is someone to watch out for in Las Vegas!

  16. waaaw miss lebanon u r soo beautiful im sure u will be miss univers 2012

  17. very beautiful girls!it’s funny too see 2 sisters in the same contest!

  18. Pedro Chadid says:

    Cool! One for MW and the other for MU will be better!

  19. TOP 5!! She is beautiful!!!

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