Miss Universe 2012: Meet the Nations that will participate this year

This stage, at the Theatre of the Performing Arts of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, will witness the coronation of a new Miss Universe this December

It’s finally here. The 2012 Miss Universe pageant will take place at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, from December 2 to 19th (the final).  However, fans have spent endless months trying to search who will actually compete in this year’s edition of this popular contest.

Wikipedia’s page on the contest is not to be trusted. Even if some people have the good intention of keeping the page safe from vandalism, lurkers and trolls always make their way through, filling it up with fake and unreliable information. Others go as far as trying to discredit reliable websites, by posting their own, made-up sources.

But enough about that. Want to know who will participate in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant? Take a look.

  1. Albania
  2. Angola
  3. Argentina
  4. Aruba
  5. Australia
  6. Bahamas
  7. Belgium
  8. Bolivia
  9. Botswana
  10. Brazil
  11. British Virgin Islands
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Canada
  14. Cayman Islands
  15. Chile
  16. China
  17. Colombia
  18. Costa Rica
  19. Croatia
  20. Curacao
  21. Cyprus
  22. Czech Republic
  23. Denmark
  24. Dominican Republic
  25. Ecuador
  26. El Salvador
  27. Estonia
  28. Ethiopia
  29. Finland
  30. France
  31. Gabon
  32. Georgia
  33. Germany
  34. Ghana
  35. Great Britain
  36. Greece
  37. Guam
  38. Guatemala
  39. Guyana
  40. Haiti
  41. Honduras
  42. Hungary
  43. India
  44. Indonesia
  45. Ireland
  46. Israel
  47. Italy
  48. Jamaica
  49. Japan
  50. Kazakhstan
  51. Korea
  52. Kosovo
  53. Lebanon
  54. Lithuania
  55. Malaysia
  56. Mauritius
  57. Mexico
  58. Montenegro
  59. Namibia
  60. Netherlands
  61. New Zealand
  62. Nicaragua
  63. Nigeria
  64. Norway
  65. Panama
  66. Paraguay
  67. Peru
  68. Philippines
  69. Poland
  70. Puerto Rico
  71. Romania
  72. Russia
  73. Serbia
  74. Singapore
  75. Slovak Republic
  76. South Africa
  77. Spain
  78. Sri Lanka
  79. St. Lucia
  80. Sweden
  81. Switzerland
  82. Tanzania
  83. Thailand
  84. Trinidad & Tobago
  85. Turkey
  86. Ukraine
  87. Uruguay
  88. USA
  89. Venezuela
  90. Vietnam

Give or take a few that  might not attend, these are the nations confirmed to compete in Las Vegas come December.  Note that these are all the nations with signed license agreements for 2012.

Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Namibia and Norway return this year, while Gabon and Lithuania make their debut, participating for the first time.  Meanwhile, Egypt, Portugal, Slovenia, Turks & Caicos and US Virgin Islands are not expected to return for the 2012 edition.

The beauties will arrive in Las Vegas on December 2nd and 3rd, for photo and video shoots and attend special activities organized by the Las Vegas Conventions Bureau.  The preliminary competition, or Presentation Show, will be held on December 13th. The live telecast will take place on December 19th. Updated 10/15: Egypt and Latvia are no longer competing this year.

Meet the contestants here!

Special thanks to Miss Universe Organization

103 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2012: Meet the Nations that will participate this year



      • Don’t count Philippines out yet, wait until you see her comes December.

        • don’t count your comment and your face!

  2. How do u think abo Miss China this year? :(

    • They could’ve done better. The winner looked like she’s had something done to her nose.

    • Let’s hope she shines on stage…

  3. Lasallian beauty says:

    Nice to hear that the Ms. U decided to increase the # of beauty contestants. Hope they would reach 100+ in the future =)

    • I agree. As long as the MUO does not charge too much franchise fees, they will have more participants. MWO is well known to give free franchise fees to newer national directors. The fees are also considerably lower compared to Miss Universe. Most of the small island nations and developing countries do not have much spare funds for such fees.

      • That explains the 100+ participants then.

      • Lasallian beauty says:

        Very well said about such facts….It’s the franchise fees that hinders the MU on having more candidates as compared to Ms. World.

        Anyway, GO JANINE TUGONON & may you make the Philippines proud of you.

  4. Miss India will storm the Ms Universe this year !! :)

    • Alok P Naik says:

      True True True………. INDIA will get the Crown

      • Agreed !

  5. haitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. talofalucky says:

    Yay, pls pls a fresher Miss Universe pls yay counting down the days.

  7. Miss Universe Chile 2012 will be chosen on October 26th

    • Hopefuly they chose another Camila Recabarren, she’s Gorgeous!

  8. I hope the national costume award will be given this year…also Miss Photogenic chosen only by the official pageant photographers…

  9. i thought togo will send a delegate this year???

  10. I think Globalbeauties does more to promote the cause of Miss Universe, than the org. itself. Donald Trump is more concern with getting more “capital” than a beauty pageant.

  11. Are you sure for Egypt ?

    • we cannot confirm if a delegate from Egypt will arrive to Las Vegas, but we can say that Egypt is among those countries with a paid license, which is why is on this list.

  12. When will happen Miss Ukraine? Olesya will complete two year with the crown!

    • If they do not have the time to choose the new Miss Ukraine, hopefully her runner up will compete. Ukraine should be represented.

  13. france? but who is miss france universe?
    i think that miss france 2012 delphine whespirer don’t go to miss universe contest!
    it will be the miss france 2013 contest in saturday the 8th!

    i hopes that france will be in the contest because since 2009 france is in the demi finalists:
    2009: chloé mortaud 6eme
    2010: malika ménard 13eme
    2011: laurie thillman 6eme

    • Lol.. I like the way you writed in english – Pure frenchy! I imagine your accent like Delphine Whespiser’s accent.. so lovely! I think that the 1st runner up for Miss France 2012, Miss Payds de Loire, who will represent France in MU 2012..
      **********Je cherche un fan de miss qui vit en France aussi ;)
      I love France.. but Miss Lebanon is my favorite this year! go Lebanooooooooooooooon!

      • Are you from Lebanon ?

  14. Will Ukraine be represented this year?

  15. Evik Dwi Priagung says:

    Love Indonesia, Go Maria Selena….

    I love Ecuador also…… :)

  16. VietNam no 1 !!!!!

  17. African nations should consider sending to Miss Universe since more black winners are crowned In this pageant. Same with Asians, except India.

    • Actually Miss Universe and Miss World is tied in terms of how many Black winners are crowned, and that is a relative term as some people count Chelsi Smith and some don’t whereas other Black Miss World are mixed also.

      Only in Miss Universe do Far Eastern women are recognized on a regular basis.

      The only Far Eastern country to win Miss World is China.
      And it is no accident that of all the Grand Slam pageant that China does well in, Miss World is also the one that it play host to the most.

  18. Latvia is not a first timer. Portugal should be expected to return this year as they had their very first semifinalists ever last year. Leila went on an African tour to crown their winners, so are these nations not sending their delegates now? Such a pity. Rwanda and Swaziland should consider sending seriously as they have strong winners this year.

  19. planetchuckie says:

    Sad that Portugal isn’t returning considering they finally had their first semi-finalist last year.

  20. I hope more last minute countries will take part…do you think Miss Universe will break it’s 89 delegates record?

  21. I will watch it live. Las Vegas here I come.

  22. I think 92 is the record ever.

  23. I also want to know what happened to Cote D’ivore, Togo n Senegal. They have their representatives. Could Gb know the reasons??

    • They make any difference?

      • Yes, because Cote D’ivore, Togo & Senegal are all countries and they should be represented. It’s all about diversity. I would love to see more African countries compete at Miss Univere.

        • No difference to the results.

  24. 2 weeks only

  25. jorge villabona says:

    why LV again? It’ll be boring. Is MUO in bankrupt?

  26. Carlos Javir says:

    I was expecting Cote DIvoire, Togo, Senegal, Swaziland, US Virgin Islands and Portugal. Waoooo, Shock, but it happends. Does Global Beauties knows why these countries are not participating? Specially Portugal, after winning global vote last year, and its first finalist.

  27. Where are Cote D’Ivoire and Togo?

    • Africa

      • LMAO!

        But it is sad if they don’t compete. Especially Togo which had a top notch winner.

        • I am surprised that Togo have not confirm its participation.

      • LOL

  28. hector rivera says:

    What is the source?

    • The MUO.

      • hector rivera says:

        Well Global beauties also said that Dominican Rep. will be the host of Miss Universe this year and that was 100 % confirmed and that the source was MUO..So may this is not true.

        • Read all press releases, it was AP, Reuters and virtually every news outlet which said that, not us. You are welcome to believe it if you want, and to not believe it if you don’t want. But if it affects you so much and your life, then you dont have to believe it.

          • hector rivera says:


          • AlexRio says:

            “AP, Reuters and virtually every news outlet which said that,”

            This is not true.

          • Ed says:

            Yes it is, do a search in google and find out.

          • hector rivera says:

            Global Beauties is not a reliable source……

          • Ed says:

            We are one of the few reliable source regarding these matters, honey. If we were not reliable you wouldnt visit, much less comment.

          • Lily says:

            Wow. Global Beauties approve all comments before getting posted so I’m impressed that GB decided to post these silly comments from these snippy queens. Way to be objective. Bravo, GB!

          • Ed says:

            they give us slack, but they do visit, and we thank them for that :)

  29. Latvia is returning? How will that representative be chosen? A new organization or the traditional Miss Latvia?

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