Miss Angola 2013

14157709_1luyVLUANDA — Student Vaumara Rebelo was elected in Luanda Miss Angola 2013, and thus she will represent the country in Miss Universe 2013 to take place in August.

In a gala full glamour and elegance, the winner was the outstanding among the 26 contestants of the country’s 18 provinces and diaspora.

Vaumara Rebelo was born in Luanda and she attends the third tear higher education course of business management in Miami Dade College in US. During the gala, the winner showed in the parading that she is prepared for the success.

 Suely Afonso (Luanda) and Irene Bândua (Huambo) were elected first and second runners-up, respectively.

Ana Mabiala (Cabinda) won the trophy of best typical clothes, Edmara de Oliveira (Huíla) got the prize of Miss Photogenic, while Fátima Joaquim (Kwanza Norte) was elected Miss Friendly.

The gala was enlivcened by the Angolan singers Yola Semedo, Eddy Tussa, C4Pedro and the Brazilian artist Vanessa da Mata.

17 thoughts on “Miss Angola 2013

  1. OMG! she has my last name!, the only difference is that my last name is Revelo (with V) and I’m Venezuelan-Ecuadorian!, perhaps I have portuguese ancestry??

    • milky provider says:

      you should be her long lost sister after all. please check your birth certificate right now

  2. Pretty, but not a Miss Universe winner.

  3. Well, if you look at her stash carefully she is titled, ‘Miss Angola Universe’

  4. You are so beautiful dear and with the right handler and other people involved, you could make a difference in 2013 unlike 2012 who couldn’t do a thing. Wish other African countries send beautiful black contestants like you. South Africa did us proud but couldn’t make it into the top five. South Sudan did us proud at MW 202. As for ME & MI 2012, that was crap for the African Beauties!

  5. If Miss Universe 2013 will be held in August it will mean a very short reign to Olivia Culpo.

    • I’m definitely not the first to throw out conspiracy theories and I’m glad Olivia Culpo is Miss Universe, but moving the pageant up so early after it was held in December does seem a little strange because given who the winner is. If the MUO had already planned to have the 2013 pageant in August then it would be a lot easier for them to have Olivia as the winner because she’s already been living in the NY apartment and working for the MUO for several months. A shorter reign for her wouldn’t be as big a deal. I’m not saying they set it up that way on purpose, but just sayin’…

  6. I prefer the runner up.

    • U r right, ms venezuelan, brazil or autralia deserved the crown!

  7. Where will Miss Universe 2013 be?

    • In the philippines. I guess we all know who will win the crown.


  9. She was chosen as Miss Angola/Universe, not Miss Angola. There is no “Miss Angola” contest or title any more since the national contest was split into two editions like Miss Venezuela — into Miss Angola/Universe and Miss Angola/World.
    See the sashes of the two winners.

    • It is still “Miss Angola”. The “Miss World Angola” pageant is held by different people.

      • hector rivera says:

        yes this is true, she is the winner from the offical Miss Angola Contest. Miss Angola Mundo is a separate pageant.

        • It’s not “official”. Both are official and from the same organization.

  10. Miss Universe back to August, really?

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