Miss Polski (Poland World) 2013

Crowning moment

Katarzyna Krzeszowska was the winner of Miss Polski 2013, the event responsible for electing the Polish representative for Miss World. Weronika Szmajdzinska, the recently elected Miss Global Teen 2012, was a judge.

Beautiful Miss Global Teen was a judge

Katarzyna will represent Poland in Miss World 2013, in Bali, Indonesia.

Miss Polski: on to Bali, where Miss World 2013 will be held

6 thoughts on “Miss Polski (Poland World) 2013

  1. The faces on the crowd in the second picture say it all.

  2. The blonde girl on the right is gorgeous!

  3. From this picture…no chance…sorry…

  4. What is going on with Poland?? Have they lost their magic???

    • No. The thing is, Polish women are not only beautiful, but also intelligent. If you have brains, you stay away from beauty pageants, and believe me Polish most beautiful girls just don’t participate. It’s not choosing the most beautiful girl, it’s choosing from a few that like the idea of such a “career”.

  5. Beautiful

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