Miss South Africa 2013

As Melinda Bam disputes the Miss Universe title as “the one to beat” in Las Vegas, her successor back home was crowned last Sunday, December 9.

The winner was Marilyn Ramos, from Pretoria.  The first runner-up was Stacey Webb and the second runner-up was Pearle Nxele. The top 5 were completed by Simone de Kock and Charne King.

Ramos is expected to compete in Miss World and Miss Universe 2013.

18 thoughts on “Miss South Africa 2013

  1. OMW… Have none of you seen the top 12 girls in the pre judging sessions? Yes the 2nd runner up has a beautiful face but that’s not good enough. You have to have a perfect body like Melinda’s and Marilyn’s too. You can’t have a hanging bum ridden with cellulite. Imagine what a joke such a girl would be on stage in front of the entire Universe. Melinda is “sexy” and Marilyn is “Elegant”! Margaret Gardiner was elegant too and she won Miss Universe. Keep your eyes on this girl. She looks fabulous and don’t under estimate her! She’s got more than we think.

  2. KiKi I so agree with you ! The only surgically altered ones are Venezuela beauties. The rest are more natural. And yes, half of the Miss Universe Crowns are won by latin beauties whether you like it or not ;-)

  3. beautiful

  4. Seems okay but not as competitive as Melinda.

  5. I agree with James. Melinda Bam is such a standout beauty. I wish she made it to the Final 5 because if she did she will do very well and maybe just might take the crown! My all time favorite Miss South Africa is Margaret Gardiner, MU 1978

  6. Attractive, but second runner up was better.

  7. Interesting beauty. Beautiful. Not common looking face. Love it!

  8. wow. she’s gorgeous! ;)

  9. Thanks kevin for making it clear how diverse our beautiful country of South Africa is..We are proudly a rainbow nation :-). Global beauties rock!!

  10. Stunning!!!!

  11. Latin yes… Portuguese origin definitely – there’s a very big portuguese community in South Africa. They’ve already had a Miss South Africa 2001 – Vanessa Carreira.

  12. Judging from the 1st picture, I prefer the 2nd runner-up.

  13. Gizelly Tinti says:

    Weak!! Bye bye to sa in my opinion

  14. She remind me of Natalia Peralta – Miss Peru World 2002..

  15. She is beautiful.. but Melinda still takes the cake – Melinda is one of the BEST Miss South Africa’s EVER!

  16. she could be a latin girl

    • Everyone let’s please stop with the Latin comparisons as if Latin means most beautiful. They are not and are just surgically altered and to me, that does not mean naturally beautiful.

      • Most latin beauties are not altered. You sound a little envious of latin beauty. Let it go.

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