After 36 years, Sparts quits Miss World license in Jamaica

jamAFTER a 36-year lien on the Miss Jamaica World beauty pageant, Spartan Health Club has announced it will not renew its contract with United Kingdom-based organisers of the international competition. In a message on his Facebook page, Mickey Haughton-James — managing director of the St Andrew-based Spartan Health Club — said he has already informed the Miss World organisation that he would not be renewing the franchise.

He said he was offered to select Jamaica’s 2013 representative.

“Spartan Health Club would not be accepting the franchise for the 2013 Miss World Contest,” the message read.

“Spartan has held the national franchise for Miss World since 1976 when its first representative, Cindy Breakspeare, won the prestigious title becoming the second Jamaican after Carole Crawford (1963) to win the Miss World crown. Lisa Hanna, the current minister of youth and culture, became the third Jamaican to win the coveted title in 1993,” Haughton-James’s post continued.
Responding to the Jamaica Observer’s queries for the reason behind his decision, Haughton-James said he had “no further comments at this time”.

His Facebook posting, however, hinted at a possible lack of support and sponsorship.
“My hope is the Government and corporate Jamaica will give the new franchise holder the support the pageant needs to be successful. Dancehall, Jamaica Carnival and the beverage-sponsored summer parties are an important part of our culture. However, Miss Jamaica World provides a needed balance,” said Haughton-James.

In response to Haughton-James’s post, Erica Aquart — Miss Jamaica World 1990 — expressed thanks to him.

“[This is] very sad news but I must say that the new Miss Jamaica World franchise holder will have very big shoes to fill. I am truly honoured to have been one of your Miss Jamaica Worlds,” she posted.

Bernadette McKinley, second runner-up from the 1978 pageant, also used social media to respond to Haughton-James’s decision.
“You have opened the doors of opportunities for so many young women in Jamaica through the Miss Jamaica World Contest. I hope whomever takes up the franchise will continue to provide the love and guidance you have given us through the years.”

Haughton-James’ used the opportunity to commend the Miss World organisation for its work over the years, describing their association as “long and rewarding”.


In addition to two winners, Jamaican representatives have fared well at Miss World during Spartan’s tenure. They include Debbie Campbell (third place, 1979), Sandra Cunningham (third place 1981), Cathi Levy (fourth place, 1983), Alison Barnett (fifth place, 1985), Erica Aquart (sixth place, 1990), Sandra Foster (fourth place, 1991), Christine Straw (top 10, 1998), Jade Fulford (top 10 2003), Sara Lawrence (top six 2006) and Deanna Robins (6th place, 2012).

Michell Moodie (1997) and Desiree DePass (1999) won the Miss World Caribbean Queen of Beauty titles.

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11 thoughts on “After 36 years, Sparts quits Miss World license in Jamaica


  2. I have so many favourites. Jamaica was always a powerhouse in Miss World. There couldve been more than 3 Miss World winners from the tiny island. Girls like Alison Barnett, Cathy Levy, Michelle Harris, Sandra Foster, Debbie Campbell, Sandra Cunningham, Michelle Moode, and more- all had what it takes to win the top prize. Deanna Robins was also a top contender in 2012, very striking, nice personality. Well done Spartan Health Club. Lets hope another reputable company will rescue the pageant. In recent years some ethical concerns were raised about Miss World, especially in 2012, when CHina, the host country, came from no where to win MW again. It must be frustrating for some hard working franchise holders. BTW, I think Miss WOrld contest is too long- 5 weeks is a long long time for these girls to be away competing in a pageant, it should be 2-3 wks max. The final show is also too long and drawn out. Franchise holders are frustrated.

    • China did not come from no where to win. She was GB’s pick for the crown and was top 2/3 in many other forums. Its just that some people do not take too kindly of home wins …. deserving or not.

      • Well-said, Cal. I have to add that people tend to be less open-minded when a non-Caucasian wins because it’s not the stereotypical ideal of beauty that our society has. People need to open their minds to various ideals of beauty and not just Caucasian beauty.

  3. Lisa Hannah… what a beautiful woman.

  4. es mejor miss jamaica universo

  5. john from england says:

    that should have read “and some real stunning ladies have come from Jamaica” my personal favourite was Catherine Levy in 1983. she was robbed

  6. Sadly missed…

  7. You forget YENDI (Miss Jamaica World 2007).

  8. john from england says:

    As one real stunning ladies have come from Jamaica over the years

  9. Sad to see Mickey go. He is an icon in Jamaica’s beauty pageant scene. I hope the new franchise holder will be someone who is more influential and of good measure who can carrying on Jamaica’s rich legacy at Miss World by attracting a high grade of beauties who fit the Miss World requirements.

    I must add that Lisa Hanna looks ravishing and has become more beautiful with age. A very deserving Miss World 1993.

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