Miss Grand Slam 2012 – The 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World

Japan's Ikumi victory in MI was not welcomed by the press and pageant fans. She did not make the 'Top 50'

Japan’s Ikumi victory in MI was not welcomed by the press and pageant fans. She did not make the ‘Top 50′

The election of GB’s most beautiful girl on the planet, who will be chosen among contestants who competed in the 4 Grand Slam pageants held in 2012, has started. The field of 81 elegible beauties (all winners, finalists, semi and quarter-finalists from Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Universe and Miss World) has already been narrowed to 50.


In Miss Grand Slam, competition starts from scratch. It does not matter who won, or who ranked where. GB analyses their performance in the Grand Slam pageants and picks its own favorites. For instance, Miss International 2012, Japan’s  Ikumi Yoshimatsu, the biggest shock in pageantry since 2008, when Karla Henry won Miss Earth (a former Grand Slam pageant), did not make the list.

Miss Grand Slam’s Top 50 list brings 11 candidates from Miss International, 12 from Miss Supranational, 12 from Miss Universe and 15 from Miss World.

16 Top 50 candidates are from the Americas; 13 from Europe; 10 come from Asia; 5 from the Caribbean; Africa and Oceania have 2 each.

Who will advance to the TOP 20?? Find out soon…

63 thoughts on “Miss Grand Slam 2012 – The 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World

  1. Miss World Wenxia Yu is not only the most beautiful but also the most relevant Grandslam Queen. She is travelling all over the globe. :-D

  2. For me I’ll vote for Miss China World, she is definitely beautiful and gorgeous. I know most people doesn’t in favor of China winning the title in her home country but let’s not forget Miss World is not from China but from UK. Not surprising Miss Japan International was not included in the list since she definitely not beautiful. She just won it in her home country since 95% of the judges are Japanese.

  3. Where are Marcelina Zawadzka and Weronika Szmajdzińska from Poland????

  4. There are some beautiful faces…..

  5. Poland Universe and Poland World should be on the list

  6. Either it would be Nepal-World or South Africa-Universe. Both were ditched by NBC and Julia Moorley respectively.

  7. according to me i choose miss lebanon beacause she sexy hot and neat lebanese girls are the most beautiful girls in the world

  8. Phillipines Universe scared me in the final close up. She is horrible.
    la de Filipinas Universo me asusto en el efoque final de cerca. Ella es horrible.

    • it’s just a bad angle and she’s not horrible.

    • It was bad angle, but it is true that she should not have smiled and shown her teeth. However, you have to give her credits for getting that far. There were lots of emotions on that stage and I like her for the fact that initially some filipinos didn’t believe in her but then went crazy and fanatic for her at MU. First Runner up is not a bad place at all, that she beat the crown contenders such as Puerto Rico, Australia, and Venezuela.

      • well said :)

      • The Filipinos will get fanatic for ANY Filipino delegates (or even any girl with Filipino ancestry), whether they deserve it or not.

        • What is Filipino Ancestry anyway? Does that mean Filipinos will cheer for Spain as well, since many of them carry a spanish last name? This doesn’t make any sense. There is a difference between a fan and a fanatic. Fanatics won’t ever change, no matter what field they are in: their words and actions will annoy the rest of us. On that note, I am pretty sure there are many Filipino fans who agree with me on this. Some of you are big fans and show your sportsmanship; but you simply cannot stand the few that tarnish the image of a a Filipino fans. I am a Filipino fan, on occasion. For instance, Philippines Universe 1997, 2010 and 2012. Of course, my all time favourite is 1999 – Miriam will always be on my list of glamorous women in the world.

    • Miss Philippines Universe is really horrible and not beautiful but their representatives to World and International are far more beautiful than her. Can’t figure it out how did she manage to go that high since the face also counts the total votes. South Africa, Malaysia and Mexico are indeed the most beautiful and why Malaysia didn’t make it to top 15?

      • i guess those countries are not easily fooled.

  9. Wenxia and Janine

  10. dilipindian says:

    Miss nepal

  11. South Africa U
    Wales W
    Colombia W
    Mexico W
    Philippines U
    Australia W
    China W
    Ecuador S
    Paraguay I

  12. Miss South Africa would get my vote.



    Top 5: PHI-U, RSA-U, AUS-U, USA-U, CHN-W (6TH Belarus, 7th Ecuador, 8th France, 9th Philippines – MI, 10th Colombia)

  14. Kevin Alonso says:

    Olivia Culpo by far for me. She’s so photogenic and soft yet sexy.

  15. nefertari vivi says:

    cuz Ikumi is not all that,,,when 1st runner up was announced,i didnt expect her to be called as the winner,,she’s just horrible…….

  16. planetchuckie says:

    Can’t wait to see the full rankings! Like, who ranked 81st? :p

  17. I would’ve prefered to see Guadeloupe World in the list but I guess not all the beauties can make it.

  18. I count that 12 candidates from MS, 15 candidates form MW.

  19. Reaaly I dont Know Why Japan won the Miss International… The venezuelan girl was too beautiful and the others too.

  20. Venezuelan beauties ar the favorites…. Blanco (International) is so pretty and Irene Esser (Universe) is too HOT. Good Luck ladies. Hoping pass the next round.

  21. Manuel Culpo says:

    yehey! there are 4 gorgeous girls from the Philippines (Universe, World, International and Supranational) Good Job!

  22. Júliusz W. says:

    Melinda BAM, Irene ESSER, Olivia CULPO or Ranae AYRIS for the me deserve to win Miss GS 2013, where is my beautiful Miss Polonia Marcelina ZAWADZKA and the Goddess Elizabeta Miss Russia???????????????????? You like horrible girls like Portugal world, Belarus Supra, istead Marcelina and Elizabeta…..

  23. each of us has own choice talking with the most beautiful women in the world is not easy to pick but the random choice is in the hand of the people behind these categories much better if we had voting to prove that it should be in a real action who among them is the best. Let me ask how do we categorize the following to be able to finalize the best of the best.

  24. 4 representatives from the Philippines will make the final 4 … Janine, Nicole, Elaine Kay and Queenrich ……..
    Pinay beauties

    • Janine and Nicole i think are the only Filipinas who should be in the top 50. I thin they both merit being in the top 10 even.

  25. Atong Demach, South Sudan World for the win..

  26. Good choices but very disappointed that Guadeloupe World did not make it!

    • She ranked 51st, barely missed it…

  27. Looks like there is a pattern here- Looks like Asian winners ( Grand slam pageant or not) dont make the cut. :(

    • It’s because pageant fans are only used to Western beauty (predominantly means White) and if an Asian girl wins (or Black girl), people don’t see her as beautiful because she is not what Western societies hold up as an ideal of beauty. This is why international pageants are unfair and not truly international. The more I studied this, the more I realize why pageants have decreased in popularity, in addition to the sexist factor.

  28. miss france universe!marie payet

  29. Did Ruqaaya -Miss Guyana 2012 make it? One of the girls pics looks like her but I can’t be certain?


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