Miss Indonesia 2013


The country which will host Miss World later this year had its representative crowned earlier today: Vania Larissa, Miss West Kalimantan, was the winner of Miss Indonesia 2013. The event took place at the Jakarta International Expo.

She is from Pontianak, 17 years old, and stands 1.71 m. Miss World, Wenxia Yu, and Julia Morley, CEO of MWO, were present at the event.


Miss World 2013 will be crowned on September 28, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

22 thoughts on “Miss Indonesia 2013

  1. Sure in semis (Consuelo de bobo) host country

  2. beautiful winner from indonesia! you have picked a strong delegate for miss world 2013.. if she wins in her hometown, it doesn’t matter.. she has the best qualities to be miss world.. im now your fan from the philippines miss world indonesia 2013..mabuhay ka!

  3. Chai Xianghua says:

    She is also the winner of the first season of Indonesia’s Got Talent !

    • She will sure win Miss Talent in Miss World 2013.

  4. Manuel Culpo says:

    Miss World 2013 is…………..…………… Miss Indonesia!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulation Vania

  6. Miss World 2013 will be held in Indonesia. so who ever they send to MW, she will be in the top15! remember china as host country? huhuhu

  7. milky provider says:

    The botox on her chin is evident. Its kinda distracting. as you can see, she has an original round face but it changed due to the botox. but she has a great facial shape though

  8. nefertari vivi says:

    she will win cuz she is the host country’s representative,,,i wont be surprised

  9. OMG 17 years old! Btw, the runner up looks more beautiful

  10. What happened? Indonesia used to present stronger candidates than her……

  11. True, most Indonesians are pretty dark.

  12. john from england says:

    Chubby??? I think you need glasses Olga

  13. pretty miss!

  14. I am sick of seeing these pale skinned, chubby, predictable looking Miss Indonesia winners when Indonesia has so many exotic women.

    At least we know she will be prepared to the max and well trained. Indonesia will at least make top 15 and get points for talent and bwp.

  15. That age for Miss World is so young. Aren’t girls still in high school?

    • Well, she is actually an university student already. She took acceleration class.

  16. Indonesia appears to be awarding crowns to fair skinned Indonesian women who occupy only a tiny weeny fraction of the country’s population.

    • Maybe to fit into the stereotypical ideal of beauty that international pageants have and that is Western-focused. If international pageants were truly international, we’d have a more diverse ideal of beauty. Until that time comes, countries that want to do well, will keep sending girls that have this narrow definition of beauty and that is why pageants are on the decrease in popularity.

  17. she looks chubby.. Nay!

    • How rude, Olga. We’d like to see a pic of yourself and I’m almost certain you’re no beauty in any terms.

  18. Pretty. It now depends on how she would stack up against the competition. How she’d present herself, her program, her personality, etc.

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