Miss Universe look-alike fails to advance in Brazilian summer beauty contest

GV Oásis do Sul: Miss Universe look-alike

GV Oásis do Sul: Miss Universe look-alike

When the candidate from Oásis do Sul entered the room for her preliminary interview in one of 15 regional heats leading to the finals of the traditional Garota Verão (Summer Girl) Rio Grande do Sul 2013 last Sunday afternoon, one of the judges said: “Look, Miss Universe is in the room!”. Indeed the resemblance of the teenage beauty with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo was striking: beautiful face, body, and not much of height (1.65 m-tall, at most).

Garota Verão is possibly the most disputed beauty contest in Brazil. Although a state event, over 400 cities and beaches crown their representatives every year. Thousands participate hoping to sign a R$ 50.000-minimum contract with a model agency, or simply to be called “Garota Verão”. The 400 lucky local winners then advance to 15 regional heats. Only two girls per regional go on to the finals, which this year will happen on March 2, in the city of Capão da Canoa (GB will bring you full coverage of it). 30 finalists will compete for the title.

Among the winners of this pageant is Rafaella Zanella, who would also be crowned Miss Brazil Universe 2006 and place as a quarter-finalist in Miss U’06, in L.A.. The current titleholder, Marceli Viana, will compete in Miss Rio Grande do Sul World later this year.

This past weekend, the city of Arroio do Sal hosted the Northern Beaches Regional. Twenty-four beauties competed for two spots at the finals, including  Olivia Culpo’s “twin sister”. After interviews under some very heavy rain (the judges could barely hear what they had to say), they were taken outside to take on the runway buit right in front of the beach. Personality counts, but in this competition, beauty is what really matters. Well, beauty and height. After all, the winner will sign a contract with an agency and work as a model for at least two years.

After 45 minutes of parading in swimsuits, collectively and individually, the two winners were announced: contestants #10, GV Jardim Atlântico, Sabrina Scherer, and contestant #2, GV Arroio do Sal, Marilinda Corrêa. Our “Olivia” stayed behind, with other 21 beauties, who might try their luck again next year.

Sabrina and Marilinda: on to the finals of Garota Verão 2013

Sabrina and Marilinda: on to the finals of Garota Verão 2013

While Sabrina and Marilinda celebrated, the same judge who had announced Miss Universe entering the interview room, said after the results were announced: “It’s a pity our Olivia Culpo was not a bit taller. Maybe she can try out for Miss Universe in the future”. It sounds like a good idea.

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11 thoughts on “Miss Universe look-alike fails to advance in Brazilian summer beauty contest

  1. In this pic, Garota Oásis do Sul don’t remind me Olívia. Only the color of the eyes and hair, but the facial traces are others. Maybe the judges of the preliminars of Garota Verão don’t look the current MU very well.

  2. You gotta be kidding!~I don’t see any slight resemblance at all. I was wondering which miss universe this article was talking about when I first saw the picture………
    She look a little bit like Cindy Nell, Miss South Africa Universe 2003 on the other hand.

  3. Let’s not fool ourselves, Olivia would not have won with that height if she wasn’t miss usa.

  4. This story just proves that Olivia is not a deserving Miss Universe winner. I highly doubt Olivia would’ve came close to winning larger state pageants like Miss Texas USA or California USA. I still believe Sheena Monnin and it was fixed.

  5. Kevin Alonso says:

    I’m sorry but Olivia is striking, with really soft yet alluring features. Olivia’s nose and bone structure and eye shape are completely different (and more gorgeous) than this young lady. The only similarity they share, in my opinion, is coloring and skin tone. This young lady is pretty, but I love our Miss Universe.

  6. Manuel Culpo says:

    Olivia is pretty but the “twin sister” is more beautiful… I think the only resemblance between the the two is the height…

  7. Agree, doesn’t look a bit like Olivia Culpo to me. I actually think that she’s more beautiful than Olivia.

  8. I can’t see any resemblance to Olivia Culpo, I think she looks like Amelia Vega!

  9. Doesn’t look like Olivia to me, but it’s only one photo.

  10. Miss Universe 2006 is not in Vegas but in LA.

    • True, thanks! ;)

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