Miss Uruguay 2013

uru_wuru_uUruguay chose its representatives for some of the most important beauty pageants in the world early this year.

Micaela Orsi, from Montevideo, was crowned Miss Universe Uruguay 2013 at the Chihuahua Resort, in Punta del Este, last January. She will represent Uruguay in Miss Universe 2013 in a country and date yet to be announced.

Mercedes Bissio Del Puerto, the co-winner, got the title Miss World Uruguay 2013. She will represent Uruguay in Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28.

Natalia Sánchez, 2nd runner-up, is the new Miss International Uruguay 2013 and will compete in Japan later this year.

14 thoughts on “Miss Uruguay 2013

  1. Last year’s winner, Camilla Vezzoso was one of my predictions for the top 16 but ultimately failed to make the cut, but I have a feeling that this year’s winner, Micaela Orsi, will stand a chance…Uruguay is definitely proving to be stronger each year…wish her luck!

  2. Miss Universe Uruguay, Micaela Orsi is gorgeous!!!!… she would be a great contender at the Miss Universe pageant… maybe the first uruguay’s delegate at top 5… but… Miss Uruguay World does NOT!!!… sorry but she has no conditions for a beauty pageant!!!!

    • Uruguay was in the top 5 in 1985, that was the last time the country made the cut :)

  3. Adele Santos says:

    Good luck Uruguay! Lovely ladies!

  4. Beautiful :)

  5. john from england says:

    Think they picked them the wrong way round. The one on the left looks more miss world and the one on the right miss universe

  6. beautiful misses!i prefer miss universe uruguay

  7. “G”, I agree with you, that’s All the Miss Universe pageant seems to be lately; at least since Donald trump took over. you witnessed how bountiful the amount of girls in this past 2012 edition that were deserving of a shot at the coveted 16 spots….and the “usual suspects” continue to make the cut, deserving or not…. namely, Venezuela…. sad..sad..sad…No use in crying over spilled milk though, right? No doubt that the 2013 edition will be once again packed with Gorgeous Girls from around the world, but the ones that are “usual” will make the cut again in this coming 2013 edition….watch and see….. The Last word is ALWAYS had by the Donald… it’s a business strategy; isn’t it evident? This Gorgeous Statuesque Girl from Uruguay, no matter how prepared she is and how Gorgeous she is will sadly fall through the cracks…. I can almost tell how the edition will fall into place again in 2013…sad…sad.. sad…. I like to visit this global beauties site, as it’s entertaining..and sometimes comical; but have shy’d away from following the Miss Universe Pageant all together… it’s kinda like a fake reality show that is suppose to be unscripted, but in reality it’s all an act…as the final outcome has long been decided…..

  8. Uruguay has sent quite a few beautiful girls over the years but they never make the cut and are often even more deserving than other girls from South America, namely Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. I’ve read someone complaining about this and it has to do with politics and business. Pageants, unlike sports, often don’t reward merit.

    • Just like in Miss World 2012? LOL

    • Come on G!!!!!… your post is ridiculous!!!!… is a looser’s opinion… Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico send gorgeous delegates to international pageants… not only beautifyl girls also with the best training and awesome wardrobe… Uruguay’s delegates haven’t been good delegates and thats why they dont do it at any international pageant… sorry but it’s the true… hope this year Micaela Orsi can be at the finals of Miss Universe pageant because she is really beautyful and stunning… but it also depends of others factors like her training in catwalk, her wardrobe and her ACTTITUDE!!!!!

  9. nefertari vivi says:

    Uruguay World reminds me of Giuliana Zevallos Roncagliolo

  10. Uruguay have a decent shot at MU this year.

  11. The young lady for Miss Universe is lovely, but not keen on the one representing Miss World.

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