Miss World present at launch of Miss Thailand World 2013


Today Miss World CEO Julia Morley & Miss World Wenxia Yu were invited to take part in the Official Launch of Thailand’s National Pageant for 2013 (Miss Thailand World).

Joining Vanessa Herrmann (Miss Thailand 2012) and Brian Marcar (Thailand’s national license holder), Julia Morley & Wenxia took part in the press conference and welcomed the first contestants to officially register for the event which will determine which lucky individual will be representing Thailand this year in Indonesia at the Miss World Final. Also present at the launch were previous winners of the competition, including the 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011 winners.

The registration period for anyone wanting to enter this year’s competition is from NOW until the 17th of February. The 21st of February will see the top 20 contestants being chosen, with the Final being held on the 9th of April.

The official announcement took place at the Maleenont Tower in Bangkok, where later in the day Miss World was to be interviewed on National television and received by the international press for a Q&A session.


5 thoughts on “Miss World present at launch of Miss Thailand World 2013

  1. very good job miss world despite of the hectic schedules she’s still poise

  2. Charles Cohen says:

    !WOW! Despite a very hectic whirlwind tour of India, Australia, Philippines and now, Thailand, Miss WORLD always appears serene, poised, regal, elegant and beautiful!

    Her victory is well deserved and earlier criticism of a hometown victory for CHINA is totally unfounded!

    • And u said this coz of her tour? lol

      • Please be respectful, Amoire. There is no need to be tacky. I agree with Charles Cohen. The judges picked correctly and Miss World is always poised and classy, much more so than Olivia Culpo.

        • what do you expect from the ppl who come from a country where jelousy is a way of life!

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