Wenxia Yu visits Indonesia, Miss World 2013 host nation


Miss World CEO Julia Morley & Miss World Yu Wenxia continue their World Tour, now with a week long stay in this year’s Miss World Final Host Nation, Indonesia.

Upon arrival Wenxia Yu and Julia Morley took part in a welcome press conference at the Plaza Indonesia, Jakata, joined by reigning Miss Indonesia and Miss World semi-finalist Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra.

Both will be guests of honour at tomorrow’s highly anticipated Miss Indonesia 2013 final (meet the contestants), where the home nation’s contenstant for the final will be selected.

Many other sightseeing, press events, and logistics tours are lined up to ensure that this year’s Miss World Final will be better than ever, local organizers assure.


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10 thoughts on “Wenxia Yu visits Indonesia, Miss World 2013 host nation

  1. That’s why Miss World is favored by most countries because of decency. It’s not about the final show but the purpose of the pageant. Miss World raised funds for their Beauty with a purpose projects while Miss Universe is making press releases and of no value.

    • MU is owned by a shrewd bizman, what do you expect? and some countries seem to fall under his ‘spell”. MU is raising fund for the owner only. period!

    • Decency and beauty with a purpose? A beauty contest is just that, a show, not a costume convent or charitable center.

  2. woooow… Wenxia is looking really gorgeous in all her Miss World tour… she really deserves her crown!

    • I totally agree with you, CharlieD. She’s gorgeous and the judges picked right. It was only because she’s not the typical Caucasian winner that most people bashed her. It’s time people open their eyes to diversity. Well-said, CharlieD!

  3. supatminingsih says:

    so, one thing for sure that one slot in the top 7 at least this year will be reserved for the new Miss Indonesia, or may be she will be the winner or runners up maybe!! the fraud slot in the top 7 is securely reserved for the new Miss Indonesia!! the other galz only vying for the six remaining spots, isn’t it??

    • Did you complain when Olivia won Miss Universe? Or Miss Supranational came from the host country Poland? I’m pretty sure no because they’re White and there’s such a nasty double standard with pageant fans. Open your minds, people. This is 2013.

  4. “Many other sightseeing, press events, and logistics tours are lined up to ensure that this year’s Miss World Final will be better than ever, local organizers assure.”

    The only thing that makes the MW final better and more entertaining is if they bring back the “show” factor at the final telecast a.k.a the swimsuit and evening gown competition. These last few years, MW has become so dull and boring I can’t even sit myself through the whole show. Please, no more announcements after announcements where the delegates aren’t exactly doing anything on stage.

    But I figure since this year it’s going to be held in Indonesia, I seriously doubt that we would have a swimsuit segment during the final night. I can imagine it will be (again) the same dull, boring, monotone show with more talking and less action like we usually see these past years.

    • The show can be a success without swimsuits. Swimsuits are for the beach not for wearing with high heals on stage.
      If only they revamp the format and allow for more lively entertainment and switch things up from just having the girls wear evening gowns all night the show would be epic.

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