And Miss Grand Slam 2012 is…

 MISS GRAND SLAM 2013Grand Slam.jpg

 Atong DeMach

Atong means war, a name given by her parents because she was born during the long Sudan’s civil war. However, when you hear her talking, you think of anything but peace, after all, this 23 year-old languade student (majoring in translating English to Arabic) has devoted much of her life to helping others. Atong DeMach was the first Miss South Sudan to compete in a Grand Slam pageant after her country became an independent nation.

She was supposed to compete in Miss World 2011, in London, but was denied a visa to enter the UK. The long wait was worth it: Miss South Sudan placed 4th overall in Miss World 2012, in China. In addition, she was crowned “Queen of Africa”, won the “Top Model” competition, and had the highest score in the preliminary interview.

DeMach is what we call a “whole beauty”, a woman beautiful inside and out. She’s now the first African stunner to win the “Miss Grand Slam” title, with all merits. Congratulations!!

Miss Grand Slam 2012 final results

WINNER: Ating DeMach – Miss South Sudan / World

2nd place: Wenxia Yu – Miss China / World

3rd place: Melinda Bam – Miss South Africa /Universe

Top 5: Sophie Moulds – Miss Wales / World (4th) and Janine Tugonon – Miss Philippines / Universe (5th)

All Miss Grand Slam Winners

Atong deMatch - Miss Grand Slam 2012

Atong DeMach – Miss Grand Slam 2012

2012 – Atong DeMach, South Sudan World
2011 – Ivian Sarcos, Venezuela World

2010 – Angela Martini, Albania Universe
2009 – Perla Beltran, Mexico World
2008 – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela Universe
2007 – Honey Lee, Korea Universe
2006 – Sabrina Houssami, Australia World
2005 – Natalie Glebova, Canada Universe
2004 – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Universe
2003 – Rosanna Davison, Ireland World
2002 – Christina Sawaya, Lebanon International
2001 – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico Universe
2000 – Lara Dutta, India Universe
1999 – Diana Nogueira, Spain Universe
1998 – Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad & Tobago Universe

Miss Grand Slam is a virtual contest created by Global Beauties in 1999 to select the Best Overall Beauty of a given year having competed in the Grand Slam pageants (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Tourism Queen).

141 thoughts on “And Miss Grand Slam 2012 is…

  1. Yeah. Congratulations, well deserved. To hell with the haters

    • I’m with you on that.

    • you are so right about the haters

  2. Objection!! says:

    ……. Melinda was robbed

  3. Emilia from UK says:

    Oh yes, my favourite one! This girl is sooo beautiful, pretty and clever!! Perfect African winner, good job GB! :)

  4. Cheers!!!

  5. Nick Sandoval says:

    I love love love love her!!!

  6. prettiest african ive ever seen

  7. Beat-the-Filipino says:

    To be honest, the winning of Miss South Sudan is just the second best thing for me. The best thing is Miss Philippines ranks No.5! How awesome! Hooray

    • Traffic0521 says:

      Any fool knows that bravado is always a cover-up for insecurity. That’s the truth. And on that note, I’ll say goodnight.

      • That’s right. Then u can understand why Filipinos screamed so loud for Janine in miss universe.

        • Socool – let me get this straight into your face so do u have problem if we scream and cheer on our representative? i guess ur country cannot do that so u might as well hate yourself in writing those comments. Why do people like u have to emphasize us Filipinos… well and good we are really that controversial and popular- accept it in ur heart that the first runner up is Miss Philippines and the reason why Miss Janine Tugunon got her amazing catwalk and elegance is because there are so many cheers from the audience especially Filipinos. Anybody who watch Miss Universe 2012 in You Tube would really say that she deserve to be the first runner up- its already done and whatever u write in here we Filipinos will still do the same for the years to come to cheer on our representative- u better stop cause we are there in any parts of the World -got it?

    • miss philippines 2013 says:

      yeah.. exactly! hope you sleep well :-)

    • Insecure. Indeed!

    • hey you Beaten-by-the-Filipinos, it’s not the last GRAND SLAM contest, who knows, maybe next year, we’re gonna make it, so stop rejoicing!!!

      • Beat-the-Filipino says:

        U mean get the No.5 again? Na, at least No.4

        • We are contented if we always place in number 5. So thanks for placing us at least in the number 4!!!

    • Again, someone playing the nationalistic card in the wrong thread.

  8. Congrats! She’s a wonderful girl, the pride of South Sudan and now, the world!
    Beauty truly runs deep in this young woman, who has a wonderful future ahead of her!

    BTW, can you retrospectively withdraw the 2010 award from Angela Martini? Talk about an undeserving and overrated winner. The award for 2010, should, without question, have gone to Nicole Faria.

    • Well, I was actually rooting for Rozanna Purzell (Ireland Universe) at that time hehe. :P I was also surprised to see Albania won as she wasn’t exactly the #1 fave for the MU crown that year. But oh well, all is said and done. Nothing we can do but move on.

  9. Congratulations to South Sudan, the 1st African woman to win GB Miss Grand Slam. Neither of my faves takes the cake, but I’m glad to see Atong wins. She truly deserves it. And at least 3 of my faves ended up in the top-5 (China, South Africa, Wales) while another one is just one spot away from the top-5 at #6 (Venezuela), so I have more reasons to be very happy.

    Thank you to GB to provide us this excitement and also for your fair, balanced and unbiased scoring system. Keep up the good work. :)

  10. AMAZING!! Thank you judges, this girl should have won Miss World 2012, she would have given MWO so much good press with her beauty and her amazing story (instead of the org having to go on the defensive over what actually happened).

    Imagine her visiting the poor children of Haiti (for example), her story would have been such an inspiration to them.

    • In many ways, Wen Xia has a more inspiring story – the daughter of a poor farmer whose family often went without food so the two daughters could study.

      • True. I followed Wenxia’s weibo (Chinese twitter) for a long time, where she shared pics, stories and experiences she had been through during her visits in many countries. She always talks about education, health and environmental problems. In those pics we can see another side of her – a down-to-earth girl, wearing flat shoes and a cap without makeup, playing with the local kids, still looks gorgeous. I think that’s the essence of a beauty queen – to spread love, inspire others and raise public awareness. So I really appreciate ATONG wins miss grand slam. If a beauty queen only has a pretty face, but not inner beauty, they will be just properties, so the beauty pageant will be completely nonsense.

      • It would have been better, if she didn’t win in China. It would have been better, if the Chinese had not cut Atong out of all of the pictures that Miss China was in. Its like Atong did not exist. But Atong smiled anyway because she knows the role she has to play.

    • They chose Miss China to be Miss World for political and financial reasons.

      • You hit the nail on the head there.

    • OMG. Your comment brought tears to my eyes because it is so true. All of Haiti needs inspiration and she would have done just that. Did Leila go to Haiti? Where did Leila go? Buty you know what she was better than me. I would have told them to keep their crown like Jannell Penny Commissiony was going to tell them to. But she held on for the future sisters whenever that time will come again.

  11. I am very happy with the results.

  12. in pass coments you can see than im not happy with the inclusion of atong de march in the top 5 but now than she is the winner im very happy for her and for me she was the real second runner up at least in miss world CONGRATULATIONS for a different type of beauty

    • Different type of beauty. Really!! I know to each his own, but open your eyes, there is nothing different about her beauty. She is magnificent. The woman is a work of art.

  13. I loved Miss Wales, but am delighted at this result too. Miss South Sudan is simply stunning – congrats and well done Atong.

  14. Great Job Sudan!! Very classy and beautiful. Congratulations to all Top 5

  15. oops i mispelled beautiful…

  16. Mind to answer my question, Ed! Roxana Federova of Russia is the most beautiful miss universe of GB but, she didn’t win the 2002 miss grand slam. Wasn’t she included from voting because of her dethronement or, she was just came short against the winner?

    • I wondered about that as well. I was surprised that Oxana didn’t win the Grand Slam. Maybe back then, the criteria in choosing the winner of Miss Grand Slam were tight and we had different GB judges. I think today’s GB judges would choose Oxana as Miss Grand Slam. She did put that stage on fire in 2002 with her beauty. What an unforgettable moment!

    • Oxana was also nominated for Miss Grand Slam at that time back in 2002 (I believe the name at that time was NOT “Miss Grand Slam”, but “best delegate overall”) and granted, Oxana was one of the most beautiful women to ever capture the Miss Universe crown so she was supposed to be a big favorite for the title. But due to her dethronement scandal which pretty much shocked the pageantry world, I guess a lot of people then suddenly had negative image regarding her. Many view her as being unprofessional and ungrateful for giving up the crown, so I guess it didn’t help her for the voting. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the winner of Miss Grand Slam/Best Delegate at that time was Miss International 2002, Christine Sawaya of Lebanon, who became the 1st ever non-Miss Universe winner/finalist/delegate to ever win the title.

      • Oops I didn’t read the information provided by GB above so yes I was right, the winner of Miss Grand Slam in 2002 was Christine Sawaya of Lebanon hehe… Sorry about that.

  17. well the top 5 really deserve to win…Atong is sung a wonderful and a beutiful stunner…i really thought she was going to win MISS WORLD last year..i was rooting for her..i got disappointed when China won the Miss World Pageant..i hope she will join at MISS UNIVERSE…she will be a front-runner!!!!

    • I don’t think Atong should enter another contest. I think she should be an MC that way we can see more of her.

      • Tagalog Boy says:

        Well why not,there’s nothing wrong with trying, remember Miss South Africa Universe 1999 – Sonia Raccitti, she lost in Miss Universe that year but when joined Miss World in the same year, she placed 2nd. Miss International 1984 – Julieta Urrutia of Guatemala, she first joined Miss Universe 1984, but didn’t win, but when she joined Miss International in the same year, she’s the one who was crowned. Miss World 2002 – Agbani Darego of Nigeria, she first joined Miss Universe in 2002 but ended up semi finalist. But when she joined Miss World that same year, she walked away with the crown! And remember the first ever Miss International, a Colombian Stella Marquez, she joined Miss Universe first but didn’t win, but in the same year, joined Miss International, and she brought home the bacon/crown!!!

        • Also Mpule, Miss Universe 1999, she first went to Miss World in 1997, she didnt place but she ended up winning MU1999.

          • Tagalog Boy says:

            Oh yeah! that girl also, I love that girl – Miss Botsawana.

          • Tagalog Boy says:

            I mean Botswana (sorry for the spelling).

        • and Michelle McLean Miss Namibia joined Miss world in 1991 and lost but eventually bagged the Miss Universe Crown when she competed in the miss universe pageant a year after in 1992

          however, Angela Visser competed in Miss World before and did not even make it into the top 15 but eventually win the MIss Universe Title in 1989 a few years after she competeed in Miss World..

        • South Africa generally sends their delegate to both Miss Universe and Miss world. Sonia was 3rd(2nd Runner up) Zizi Lee from Aruba did not place at miss universe and was 1st runner up at Miss world 2002.

          • Tagalog Boy says:

            So I really believe in “Try and try until you succeed”.

        • also remember, Cindy Nell (South Africa) was hot at MU but fizzled out at MW. I say she shouldn’t try again.

  18. I dont agree with this. Miss Wales was the complete package. So now beauty is not the main characteristic for a girl to win Miss Grand Slam?

    • What an immature comment you just made. Miss South Sudan is a beautiful woman, so was Miss Wales and the rest of them. It isn’t just Miss Wales who has the complete package. After all, what is a complete package to you? Yes, Miss Sudan might not have been the “one” to beat as the whole world was revolving around other delegates (according to their fans), but that doesn’t make Miss South Sudan’s win “undeserving”. She is a beautiful woman in her own merits. And if you don’t like it, go cry somewhere else.

      On that note, why don’t you make your own “Beauty according to Leo Guimas” trophy and send to Miss Wales. I am pretty sure she will accept it, then throw it somewhere in the recycling bin.

      • I love your answer; it’s like a SLAP in the faces of these haters who just can’t accept the fact that their candidates didn’t win. Atong is a beauty and that is final. CONGRATULATION ATONG!

    • I know you love her, and in fact everybody love her. But Sophie is beautiful on the outside, and Atong is beautiful both outside and inside, like they said. So I think she deserves it!

  19. Many congratulations to Miss South Sudan for being the 1st from the African continent to win it.

  20. Like as LAM THU HANG – Miss Beach Vietnam

    • What are you trying to say? We are talking about the Grand Slam. What does it have to do with Miss Beach Vietnam (what is it, anyway?)

      • That is a beauty contest in my country. But I don’t know what she’s talking about.

  21. I thought China would win, but I have no objection to South Sudan winning this tittle. Congratulations to Atong!

    I have a question to GB, and to Ed: will Miss South Sudan receive a plaque/certificate/trophy from GB? Thanks.

    • Yes, she will. We are excited to have our very first African winner!

    • Yes, she will.

      • that s good

    • GB and ed are one…hahahah same ….hahahahh

      • There is GB (Henrique) and there’s me.

    • I’m glad Global Beauties recognized Miss China’s beauty when people on here were just cruel when she took the Miss World title. China deserved to win and it was just ignorant and racist people who tore the poor girl apart. People need to open their minds to the ideal of beauty and Global Beauties is way ahead of these narrow-minded people. Only if some judges at pageants could be as well!

      • I agree to China winning the title. Why are some people often criticize of her winning and not ask the judges why they gave the crown. Why deprive china of winning a crown and not other countries who often take home the crown of some prestigious pageants. Every country has the right to win and let me insist that Miss World is not from China but from UK. Why not ask the MW organization giving China the crown? Be fair when you judge a poor village girl who made it to the top and the work she’s done for the poor.

  22. Alok.P.Naik says:

    Congratulation to her, her beauty is her service which provides to her country. Also i’am so happy to see that Miss Universe 2000(INDIA)Lara Dutta, was in the list in 2000.

    • Lara was phenonmenal in MU 2000, she slayed in the swimsuit and in that final question NO ONE came close and even now, she was calm and collective under pressure. she knew that coming in to MU that she was going to win and that made the difference. if only the current group of Miss India’s had her charisma, competitiveness and self-assuredness.

      • Alok.P.Naik says:

        So true, the aura which Lara Dutta had is missing in today’s Indian Pageant winners. Also not all are the same, but i’am sure this year will be memorable for Indian Beauty queens Title holders.

  23. Love It!!!!

  24. My goodness, how can she compare with Miss China. In terms of face, figure, poise, elegance she doesn’t match Miss China. Miss China won the title and her score exceed that of Miss Sudan. That’s unfair to her.

    • Oh give it a rest. I also love Miss China, she was one of my faves for Miss Grand Slam, but I think South Sudan also deserves it so let her have her moment as Miss Grand Slam. Yu Wenxia already had hers when she won the Miss World crown, now it’s Atong’s time to shine. Just be happy for her.

      Besides, you don’t make the decisions but GB. This is GB website and they can choose whomever they want to choose while the rest of us can only bicker and whine in the comment section.

      • Thank you.

    • Obviouly Atong does and now without any influence but the truth, the truth has been announced.

  25. Congratulation Miss South Sudan

  26. Fantastic choice Well done. I hoped but did not think she’d be chosen I feel she should at least have been 3rd at MW.

  27. she deserve this title !

  28. she is the most beautiful women in this year..OMG, i can’t believe it

    • You better believe it and she well deserved it.

  29. Thank god that Janine tungtung did not win

    • Traffic0521 says:

      I pity you.

    • Now, now, don’t stir the pot.

    • So you want to start a fight “Miss” stupid? You can’t even spell her last name correctly.

      • let it go.. not worth it. Congrats to the winner and the all the beauties

        • Well said, Marko.

      • I think you need to stop giving people this type of reaction, they’ll stop wasting their time instigating and stirring the pot. The sad thing is: many Filipino fans are extremely impulsive and react too quickly to attacks, thus they fall “victimized” in the so call “making fun of the Filipinos” game. I personally don’t think they attack any Miss Philippines. They are just having “too much fun” getting the reaction from the Filipino fans. As Marko said: JUST LET IT GO. Focus on your next Miss Philippines. You guys are doing the right thing (At least at Miss Universe) and the greatest satisfaction is to win the crown in the near future. Have faith in your delegate. The rest doesn’t matter.

        • Thanks! Someone who understands! LOLs

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