Extra: Miss Universe Olivia Culpo interviewed by Mario Lopez

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez hung out with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo at the Universal Orlando Resort… and the beauty queen showed Mario a few tips!

41 thoughts on “Extra: Miss Universe Olivia Culpo interviewed by Mario Lopez

  1. that’s the girl that drove thousands of pinoy to jump off a cliff due to jealously and hatred their rep didnt win trump’s crown…lol

  2. hector rivera says:

    whre in going to be the venue for this year MU?

  3. Olivia – MU2012 is always the best Miss Universe forever

  4. Duration Indie says:

    I love OLIVIA’S face. It just glows! and what a charming personality.

  5. she’s SOOOOO beautiful! one of the most beautiful winners!

  6. I didnt get to watch d live show but read the news about Olivia’s win. i did also read about lots of stories about peoples opinion on why she should not win and why she wont make a good miss universe, but haven watched the video i do strongly believe that she was the best beauty of the night and has great personality and such a natural, she is no work of a doctor nor is she plastic, she is natural just like leila, i think that miss universe organisation are trying to promote natural beauty which is a good thing, cause all this plastic surgery is what makes most women insecure and have low self esteem, african women all have natural beauty and that is what leila said in her interview question she is proud of her body and so is olivia both are natural beauties and young women can look up to them as wonderful role models. and just for the hater olivia is such a nice luvly girl with a good heart and am very sure all what you all be saying here wouldnt count. Olivia we love you here in Nigeria and may you have a wonderful reign as MISS UNIVERSE 2012

  7. How old is Mario again? 39? Looks 20!!!

    Awesome! I hope I’d still look young by the time I’m 39!

    …and, who’s the latina chick? hahahaha!

  8. Olivia Culpo was just a dwarf crowning miss universe, she is not even the half about what a miss universe should be, so I agree with all of you about her `cause she really didn`t even deserve the top 10.. but…done it`s done, and we just have to wait this year to see a real Miss Universe if is possible…

  9. Olivia is one of the weakest MU of all times. She has an ordinary pretty face and was only elected because the pageant took place in the USA.

    • Oh really? Did you know all of the previous Miss Universe winners? Such exaggeration just shows how narrow-minded you are. Beauty exists in all ethnic groups, sizes, and they are best if they are not “modified”, if you know if I mean.

      Olivia and Janine were not my favourites for the MU crown, yet I feel I need to come to their defence when people use “absolute” terms to describe these 2 beauty queen; words such as: worst delegate, short, dwarf, ugly, crooked teeth, … Pure jealousy and envy…

      • filipe(nis) is just a sore loser, because his country rep got 1st runner up.

  10. Since Dayana I havent seen a Miss Universe thats looks like a Miss Universe, that being drop dead gorgeous. They lost the criteria to choose a winner. I hate to say it but Olivia looks just like a little girl. Hope this year, They have a better criteria.

    • Yep , that’s what I think too.

  11. Yummmy! Mario is so hot!

  12. Bayou great .. love that …. and I do beleive that 2012 was not a year of miss world coz tehre where other better than teh one we have to look at..
    Olivia is Lovely and Wales should be miss world…

  13. And thats why shes Miss Universe…..

  14. Olivia’s win was so random. Not the best in SS, EG, or final interview yet she won. I don’t know what the agenda of miss universe organisation is anymore.

    I must say her personality and face are awesome.

  15. Indeed! Olivia’s personality is vibrant but that’s only 1 of the many criteria in miss universe. Yes – she’s charming and have a poise- and so are the other girls too; yet better than she. But, okay, miss u is done let’s move on. The judges decision is final and irrevocable. What can we do. I just wanna express my opinion here because i didn’t have the opportunity to do it last december. Peace y’all.

    • Francisco Lateriz says:

      Hahaha! Yes you are right on this!

  16. Pete of PDB says:

    I see a little bit of Amparo MuÑoz on her…. probably she can do a TV movie of her life

    • I never thought of that but you’re right. She’s a commercial, college girl version of Amparo Munoz.

    • I agree, Olivia has Amparo Munoz looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NATURAL BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Will make a great couple!

    • I was thinking the same thing! Great couple

    • Hm…I like Mario’s physique and talent. He is an entertainer (he should have won at Dancing with a Star that year) and a great host. However, he cheated on Miss USA 1996, his wife of 2 weeks and girl friend of 6 years: Ali Landry. Olivia would be dumb enough to date this guy. Beside, Mario is now married. Olivia has the whole world ahead of her and should focus on the road that she has just created for herself. Best of luck to her.

      By the way: Ali Landry is, in my own opinion, one of the best co-hosts/special commentators at Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA pageants -she has been in all 3 pageants. Too bad she has moved on. Good for her though.

  18. I like the curly hair. She may not be my fave to win MU but I do think she makes it up with a GREAT personality, even better than Miss World whom IMO is a bit on the dull side although Yu Wenxia is clearly my fave beauty queen of 2012.

    • Wenxia Yu is also my fave beauty queen of 2012 but I don’t think she’s dull, she’s elegant, regal and classy. Olivia isn’t unfortunately and Olivia’s personality is suited more for a teen pageant, even though I doubt she would win one because she’s just not that beautiful at all.

      • Oh come on, G. You got to stop criticizing Olivia whenever/wherever you see an article about her. I have noticed your negative comments about her in every single page of GB posting. Olivia was not my choice for the crown but she won with her charm and poise. And It’s done so get over it. Move on. I know you don’t approve her win, but you’ve got to move on. Let this girl enjoy her reign. After watching the show, I think she is a fantastic Miss Universe, and not because she is from the USA. Her personality is vibrant and unrehearsed. The fact that she won clearly shows her ability to convince the judges that she would do a fine job as Miss Universe. Anyway, move on!

        • I’m sorry you feel that way, lamarquise, but I didn’t ask for your negative opinion. Just stating what I think and a lot of others think the same, so please stop criticizing others yourself. You should take your advice and move on yourself.

          • Bayou says:

            Well the problem is that you constantly criticize and lambaste Olivia ALL THE TIME. I don’t like Olivia either but the way you keep attacking Olivia everywhere even when the article is not about her makes me cringe because you really pound the poor girl to the beat like she’s some sort of criminal that should be locked away. And it’s especially annoying when you compare Olivia (or anyone for that matter) with your Miss China as if she was the most perfect human being on Planet Earth that has no flaws at all. Oh, Miss China is so PERFECT. She is beautiful, she’s classy, she’s precious, she’s way above anyone else, other girls can just go suck it up and cry somewhere else. Praise the mighty Yu Wenxia.

            Now I have written a comment directed towards you before in one article advising you to stop putting down other delegates that you don’t like to elevate your favorite delegate. We all know how you praise Yu and hate Olivia. Anybody can see that. It’s so obvious. But should you rain on Olivia’s parade everytime an article mentioning her name pops out? If anything, like I said, you’re not helping your fave Miss China at all but it just makes people become irritated with your attitude and eventually they would like her less.

            Hey, just stating my opinion too, right….

          • lamarquise says:

            I am not criticizing any delegate. Actually, like you, I think Miss China is a deserving Miss World and she was my choice for Miss Grand Slam. And like you, I was just as happy that Miss South Sudan won and China placing 2nd. I know and respect that we all have our own preference and I am sure there are ways to state your point without crossing the line. However, your bitterness toward Olivia was so viral and obvious. In your own words, you said: “she (Olivia) is just not beautiful at all”, which is a bit low on your part – just like the Philippines haters who mentioned about Janine’s “crooked” teeth. No need to be rude to the delegate. Instead, they should have said that Janine should not have smiled or that the camera caught her at a very bad angle. Janine should be commended for getting that far. The Filipino fans were not thrilled about Janine’s 2nd placement at MU, but it seems they’ve moved on. Congratulate the winners and wish them all the best.

          • G says:

            Am I not entitled to my opinion? This is America, isn’t it? So whatever you both wrote, it doesn’t matter and I didn’t bother to read it. Like you both glow about Olivia, I’m just stating how it is and many would agree with me.

          • G says:

            At least I don’t gush about Mario Lopez’s physique and that’s just perverted. Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you. Chill and peace.

          • Bayou says:

            @G : No you don’t gush about Mario’s physique. But you DO gush a lot about Miss China’s physique in comparison with other delegates, mainly Olivia. So the way I see it, you’re no different than those you criticize yourself. Hey not trying to judge you. Just stating my opinion. After all, this is America, right?! Chill and peace too.

          • Gary says:

            Gushing implies lust and you clearly did that with Mario. I did not gush about Miss China, so please get an education. As if you’re an American. Get over yourself.

          • Bayou says:

            @G : ah so your name is GARY after all. Well, Gary, before you make any accusations about me, perhaps you should scroll up and read above again, Sherlock. It was NOT me who made the comment about Mario’s physique. So you FAIL… big time!

            Yes you may not put any sexual innuendo with your gushing towards Miss China, but you sure put her high on the pedestal above anyone else so I guess this is a case where the pot is calling the kettle black.

            Oh btw, why don’t YOU get over yourself!

      • You really need to stop bashing Olivia consistently like that. I don’t know if you’ve read my previous comment directed towards you in one article before, but I do think you’re being way too over-the-top and crossing the line with your support for Miss China and your distaste for other delegates, mainly Olivia. It’s so obvious that you hate her. Anybody can see that. How many times have you posted negative comments about Olivia on any articles mentioning her name? You never seem to be tired of bringing her down and raining on her parade whenever you can while elevating your Miss China which I think is really uncalled for. Although it’s very nice to see your dedication towards Miss China, there’s no need to put down other delegates that you don’t like. Your attitude is such a major turn off it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. You talk about Miss China as if she was the most perfect human being on Earth. I do think Miss China is gorgeous, but no she’s not perfect. If you think that Olivia is ugly or undeserving of her crown, then fine, that’s your opinion. But please be respectful to her the same way you wish people to be respectful to your Miss China.

        • @ Bayou: some people will never understand, no matter how much you let them know. I think Olivia is a strong person, and she is well capable of handling negative criticism. I guess No matter where you go, when you are a celebrity, some will like you and some won’t. But to call someone ugly, short, or crooked teeth (as they were bashing Miss Philippines) is low.

          @ G: this previous message was not only about you but other haters in here. Like I said before, there are many nicer ways to get your point across; I am sure you can do that next time. Peace.

          • Bayou says:

            Agree 100% with you, lamarquise. And thank you.

        • G is a well known hypocrite and I do not take his comments seriously.
          I am wondering when is he going to bring up that “nobody complained about Brazil’s 3rd place finish at MU 2011″ spiel again.

  19. very lovely personality!

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