Femina Miss India 2013

Navneet Kaur will represent India in Miss World 2013

Navneet Kaur will represent India in Miss World 2013

20-year old Navneet Kaur Dhillon, the daughter of an army officer from Patiala, was crowned Ponds’ Femina Miss India 2013. After attending Army Public School she attended Patiala’s Punjabi University.  Navneet will represent India at the 2013 Miss World contest in Indonesia this September.

The runner-ups were Sobhita Dhulipala of Visakhapatnam, and Zoya Afroz from Lucknow. They will represent India in Miss Earth and Miss International respectively.

The annual event was held at the Yashraj Studios in Andheri.  Femina Miss India re-acquired the franchise for Miss Universe and will conduct a separate pageant next June to elect the representative.

Pond's Femina Miss India World 2013, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Pond's Femina Miss India 1st runner-up, Sobhita Dhulipala and Pond's Femina Miss India 2nd runner- up, Zoya Afroz.

Pond’s Femina Miss India World 2013, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Pond’s Femina Miss India 1st runner-up, Sobhita Dhulipala (R) and Pond’s Femina Miss India 2nd runner- up, Zoya Afroz (L). Courtesy Times of India

51 thoughts on “Femina Miss India 2013

  1. Looked more like a shemale, no visible waistline.
    Not expecting extreme like a wasp-waist, but she has no waist at all.

  2. The real beauty Ms. Anukriti Gusain is misssing, which was real Crown Winner of Miss India 2013 as she is most beautiful in top 5 contestant.

  3. The 2nd runner up looks good but needs to lose some weight. The 1st runner up is modelesque. The winner looks too plain in these pics.

  4. Zoya, Shobitha and Navneeth… Bring home the honor together, like in 2000

  5. will this year semifinalist automatically a candidate in miss universe india in june?

  6. All three are stunning beauties…jai ho India!!!!!! :D

  7. i thought she will represent miss universe 2013 i wish her coz she looks like of miss universe 2005 natalie glebova.

  8. i thought she will represent miss universe 2013 i wish her coz she looks like of miss universe 2005 natalie glebova but she’s fit in miss world im sure she will win miss world 2013 including miss esrael miss philippines miss usa miss indonesia for giving the top 5.

    • Wow, I am amazed you could see the future. We don’t even know who is going to represent the USA, Philippines, Israel. Really, top 5? You should wait till July, or August then make an educated guess.

      • thats what we call: wishful thinking

      • Maybe they meant these countries send strong contenders, so there’s no need for your sarcasm and negativity, which I’ve noticed a lot.

        • My comment was intended for lamarquise.

  9. Julia Morley attended the event without Miss WORLD, Wenxia Yu. Why was she absent?!!? Did she report sick?


  10. the winner looks like Amy Farrah Fowler of The Big Bang Theory

  11. miss philippines 2013 says:

    Miss Earth is no longer a grandslam pageant hence FMI should send their 1st run up to Miss Supra instead

    • Femina does hold the franchise for Supranational

    • You’re funny. Whether or not a pageant is considered a grandslam is just an opinion of this website. That’s it, an opinion.

  12. beautiful miss india world

    • Alok.P.Naik says:

      She is indeed.

  13. Its too early to predict. However, India might win the Miss World 2013 title as this girl is something. For Miss Universe 2013 no country can defeat Venezuela this year. All others will compete for the 2nd place.

    • papz dear, miss india is indeed beautiful nevertheless there are still many queens to await. india might be one of the powerhouses in miss world pageantry however we must think that there are over 120 girls competing for the 2013 reign. as to your prediction that venezuela will win again this year, i disagree. while gabriela isler is truly pretty, i guess last year’s representative(irene iser) is much beautiful, witty and fierce. it is only the final question she fumbled and she was not able to give her best answer. let’s be keen and impartial for our analysis.

    • No Use for Trump or Venezuela so get rid of them says:

      it all depends on how well miss v PLEASE her sugar daddy trump in his suit

  14. Congratulations to the the new Miss India World. Hope she will make her country proud at the next Miss World.

    I do think it’s best to have separate pageants to select the representatives to Miss Universe and Miss World respectively as both pageants are looking for girls with different characteristics than each other. A perfect delegate for Miss Universe may not always be suitable for Miss World and vice versa, thus a separation of national pageants between Miss Universe and Miss World is a necessity and I’m glad Miss India finally decided to go with this route.

    However, I am very much aware of the challenge each country may encounter if they want to do separate pageants, mainly in terms of funding because more pageants equal more money to spend and for some countries who don’t have much resources or not so pageant-oriented, they may face a lot of difficulties to stage two exclusive national pageants. I mean, it’s hard enough to look for sponsors and/or funding for one pageant, let alone two; not to mention the high franchise fee from MUO/MWO that they must provide. So therefore, both MUO AND MWO ought NOT to force every country to follow their requests to do specific national pageants each tailored for either one. That would be unfair for several countries who are struggling to stage even ONE pageant annually.

  15. Navneet was a clapper of I AM SHE 2012, right?

    • Yes she clapped hard at I am she, shushmita was an idiot not to see her beauty!!

    • Alok.P.Naik says:

      True, Navneet did participated in I AM SHE Miss India-Universe pageant, however at that time Urvashi Rautela was already a strong contender, and thus Navneet lost. But I’am glad she participated at the Miss India pageant again and won the crown, Now she got more experience now, after participating in Miss India-Universe, and after winning Miss India-Chandigarh and later Miss India-World.

      • I like how you said it, in an intelligent way. Good for you.

        • Alok.P.Naik says:

          Yes I think, such participation works, because as a participant you get a lot of Experience and Training. In India Pageants like Miss India groom the participant in a well manner and it gives them lot of scope too. Now that depends on the participant how she performs at International level.

  16. The runner-ups look more appealing but then again we of course don’t know how they stood up to the pressure of pageant night.

  17. Zoya Afroz, Pond’s Femina Miss India 2013 2nd runner-up, is the best looking amongst the three winners.

  18. Traffic0521 says:

    When will is see my comments here?

    I hope this time, i can see my comment here.

    Both Navneet and Sobhita are stunning. They are worthy to wear the sash of India in two of the three largest beauty pageants in the world. :)

  19. Alok.P.Naik says:

    Beautiful Discovery by Miss India Organisation this time, I saw the pageant and believe Miss India-Earth Sobhita Dhulipala was very intelligent, her answers were crisp and too instant, However Miss India-World Navneet Kaur Dhillon is extremely Gorgeous and will surely make it this time at the Miss World Pageant, and Miss India-International Zoya Afroz is too classy and stylish. Not to forget these three girls are winners. ‘Runner-Ups’ tags are incorrect, But terribly wanted Contestant Archita Sahoo to win at least one title. However later Miss India will announce Miss India-Universe pageant, waiting to see the Miss India-Universe.

  20. i saw another picture, where the winners were wearing green gowns, and the sashes of the runners-up have first and second runner up printed on them.

    • That is from the regional contest that Navneet won…Miss Chandigarh

  21. Beautiful winner… worthy of a miss world crown..
    AND yes for some reason the official announcement does refer to Zoya and Shobhita as runner-ups and not Miss India International or Miss India Earth. Pretty interesting change.. Nevertheless Navneet is very beautiful…

    • Exactly. After the pageant they just referred to the girls as “runner-ups” meaning that they might change who will go to what competition. And they also referred to the winner as “Femina Miss India” instead of Femina Miss India-World, who anyway is the big winner of the whole shebang.

      • In addition, Femina has acquired the rights to Miss Supranational, so I suppose they may even consider sending one of the finalists there.

      • They might have titled them as runner-ups this year in consideration of Julia Morley who attended the event.

  22. JoseEnrique says:

    Congratulations to the winners of Miss India 2013. I hope they bring India back to the beauty pageant’s world map. The 1st runner up goes to Miss Earth and the second runner up goes to Miss International. This says a lot already!


    • Alok.P.Naik says:

      I hope she does win the Miss World crown.. as she is one of the most Beautiful girl India would be sending after years at Miss Worlds pageant. She has an International Charisma and Oomph factor!!!!

  24. 3 lovely winners…esp. the one going to Miss International!

  25. The editor of this page does not know how to read sashes. There is no runner up in PFMI. They three have their respective titles: Pond’s Femina Miss World, Pond’s Femina Miss Earth and Pond’s Femina Miss International.

    • Go to Femina Miss India’s official website. That is how they referred to the runner-ups in the report and the photos: Runner-ups.

      • As well as in the crowning. They announced quite pointedly that Miss India Intl 2012 was crowning the 2 nd RU . …

        • Thank you Jon. We went by the report on the Femina official site, it was interesting. As for Supranational, we still don’t know if a top 5 finalists from FMI will go, or they will send a runner-up from Miss Universe India. We’ll confirm soon. :)

          • Jon says:

            It will be from the main pageant, although it is not certain of it will be someone from the top 5….Femina used to choose pretty randomly from the top 10 to select a MI delegate before it was designated as a title in 2010. Miss Universe/India is likely to be a smaller stand alone pageant just to select the MU representative.

        • This was a night for Miss World. Julia Morely was guest of honour.

    • Lol think first before making any nasty comments

    • The tagging of the 2nd or 3rd placer, even if she has an official tilte is somehow a one’s preference. It’s just giving more importance to the 1st placer.

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