Miss and Mister World on “Mission Haiti”

Miss e Mister World with the children of Haiti

Miss e Mister World with the children of Haiti

Miss World CEO Julia Morley, the reigning Miss World, Wenxia Yu from China, and the reigning Mr World, Colombia’s Francisco Escobar, lead a special team to Haiti  to see firsthand the relief efforts that are supported from $500,000 USD raised by the Miss World contestants as part of Beauty With A Purpose.

The poverty and suffering in Haiti are greater than at any time. It is hoped that the extensive visit will be bring additional world focus on the desperate health and nutrition problems faced by the people as well as additional funding through Beauty With A Purpose and Variety International Childrens Fund.

The funds are being donated by Miss World through Variety International Children’s Charity under the guidance of Dr Ben Fredrick.

A day-by-day diary, telling everything the Miss World team has been up to in Haiti, can be read at the following links:

Day 1 Diary

Miss World Mission – Why we are here

Day 2 Diary

The Good and the Great

Day 3 Diary – Miss United States joins the team

Day 3 Part II

Photos courtesy of MWO

10 thoughts on “Miss and Mister World on “Mission Haiti”

  1. You people are ridiculous and so clouded and fogged” in your perspective of true beauty! Both MW and MU are stunning women. You can not always be perfect as in the mags—and have you all seen the beautiful Hollywood stars with no make up–they could not stand a chance next to these beauty queens. What you see in Vogue and Elle and Cosmo,etc… are highly edited and worked on pics—even you ugly witches(because as you so bitterly sound you must be as hideous)criticizing would look good! Stop the slander and being so nasty! They won and doing charity and great work and growing at soul level!And yes!!!!— they ARE gorgeous! Off to another gossip weblink you heartless witches !

  2. Both winners look very plane and boring. Sorry. Wonder how much it cost to win each pageant.

    • HA! You try and look your best whilst staying in one of the poorest countries in the world, with no showers, high temperatures and long journeys! i think she looks beautiful

  3. Pageant Rider says:

    I much prefer Miss Universe who actually has a BEAUTIFUL FACE. Isn’t that part of being a beauty queen? having a pretty face? Miss China looks so plain to me. Olivia is breathtaking.

  4. Pedro Chadid says:

    I adore Beauty with a purpose mission for this reason Miss World is my favorite beauty pageant ever!

  5. I didn’t realize how beautiful Miss United States is.

  6. This is great. I hope MW finds a franchise holder in Haiti so they can integrate the charities with a pageant.

  7. Good for Wenxia!!

  8. OMG, cannot recognize Ms World. She is so not beautiful

    • You must be blind because she’s gorgeous. In every photo, she’s beautiful, elegant and graceful, something that can’t be said about Miss Universe. Miss World picked the right girl and Wenxia is stunning.

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