Miss Grand Slam 2012 – Meet the Top 20

Finally it’s here: the Top 20 beauties of 2012!  They have been judged based not only on beauty, but mostly on their overall performances during their participation on the 4 Grand Slam pageants: Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Universe and Miss World.

It seems like the judges did an overall great job on the 4 pageants: all top 5 finalists from Supranational, Universe and World are in the Top 20. Miss International’s only entry in the Top 20, Miss Sri Lanka, was also a finalist in Miss Int’l (3rd place). All winners, except Miss International, who placed 72nd on the complete list and didn’t advance to the Top 50, are still contenders.

The American continent and Asia have 6 quarter-finalists in the Top 20 each. They are followed by Europe, with 4. Africa and Oceania have 2 each. The Caribbean has none, which means that Deanna Robins, Miss Jamaica World and 32nd place, is Miss Grand Slam Caribbean 2012.

Miss World has 8 beauties still competing, Miss Universe has 6, Miss Supranational comes next with 5, and Miss International has one hopeful still running.

Who will make the next cut?? We will announce it soon.

The Top 20

Australia / Universe – Renae Ayris
Australia / World –  Jessica Michelle Kahawaty
Belarus / Supra – Katsiaryna Buraya
Brazil / Universe – Gabriela Markus
Brazil / World – Mariana Notarangelo de Fonseca
China / World – Wenxia Yu
Czech Republic / Supra – Michaela Viktorie Dihlova
Ecuador / Supra –  Zulay Alexandra Castillo Velasco
England / World – Charlotte Louise Holmes
Mexico / World – Mariana Berumen Reynoso
Nepal / World – Shristi Shrestha
Philippines / Supra – Elaine Kay Tancio Moll
Philippines / Universe –  Janine Marie Raymundo Tugonon
South Africa / Universe – Melinda Bam
South Sudan / World – Atong Ajak Demach
Sri Lanka / Int’l – Madusha Rushani Mayadunne
Thailand / Supra –  Nanthawan Wannachutha
USA / Universe –  Olivia Frances Culpo
Venezuela / Universe –  Irena Sofia Esser Quintero
Wales / World – Sophie Elizabeth Moulds

The Top 50 complete ranking:

21- United Kingdom / Int’l – Alize Lily Mounter
22- Mexico / Universe – Laura Karina González Muñoz
23- Philippines / World – Queenierich “Queenie” Ajero Rehman
24- India / Int’l – Rochelle Maria Rao
25- Spain / World – Aránzazu Estévez Godoy
26- Netherlands / World – Nathalie Marina Hendrika den Dekker
27 – Brazil / Int’l – Rafaela Gomes Butareli
28- Colombia / World –  Bárbara Cristina Turbay Ridao
29- Croatia / Universe – Elizabeta Burg
30- Iceland / Supra –  Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir
31- Colombia / Int’l – Melissa Carolina Varón Ballesteros
32- Jamaica / World – Deanna Robins
33- Venezuela / Int’l- Blanca Cristina Aljibes Gallard
34- Panama / Supra – Elissa Estrada Cortez
35- Kosovo / Universe – Diana Avdiu
36- India / World – Vanya Mishra
37- Paraguay / Int’l – Nicole Elizabeth Huber Vera
38- Suriname / Supra –  Periskia Laing
39- France / Universe – Marie Payet
40- Peru / Universe – Nicole Faverón Vasquez
41- Canada / Supra – Katie Starke
42- Denmark / Supra – Julia Prokopenko
43- Hungary / Universe – Agnes Konkoly
44- Puerto Rico / Supra – Gabriela Berríos Pagán
45- Dominican Rep. / Int’l – Melodia Mir Jímenez
46- Philippines / Int’l – Nicole Cassandra Maturan Schmitz
47- Finland / Int’l – Viivi Suominen
48- Haiti / Int’l – Anedie Lucrece Azael
49- Portugal / World – Melanie Vicente
50- Dominican Rep. / Supra – Chantel Martínez de la Cruz

66 thoughts on “Miss Grand Slam 2012 – Meet the Top 20

  1. CHINA World
    PHILIPPINES Universe
    NEPAL World
    THAILAND Supranational

  2. China World seems to be the most accomplished beauty queen winner of 2012. She deserves this win.

    USA Universe’s only downfall is her dress, but maybe the judges will forgive her or maybe they like that dress. Other than the dress, I think Olivia would be a great choice for Grand Slam 2012.

    South Africa Universe: I think she will place very high, if not winning the Grand Slam title. The GB judges seem to love this girl.

    Philippines Universe will be in the top 10 OR else her fans will cry so loud that YouTube site will explode.

    Surprisingly, France Universe got eliminated early. I expected her in the top 20.

    My vote: China World!

  3. Miss Wenxia Yu for the win

    • I’m happy to see people are finally seeing how beautiful Miss World Wenxia Yu is and how deserving she is to have won Miss World. She’s regal and always is classy and elegant in her photos and appearances. The Miss World Organization selected the right girl and she is doing a lot of good charitable work.

  4. Top 10 in no particular order:

    Then, i would probably rank them as:
    1. RSA
    2. PHI
    3. AUS
    4. CHN
    5. USA
    6. BLR
    7. ECU
    8. NEP
    9. MEX
    10. CZE

  5. Miss Czech Republic Universe 2012

  6. The Kingdom of Beauties says:

    Europe only Wales World
    America only Venezuela Universe
    Africa between South Africa and South Sudan
    Oceania both Australia Universe and World
    Asian among China World, Nepal World, Philippines Universe and Thailand Supranational
    There are fitted Top 10

    • England World is also in the top 20.

  7. it is so between irene and melinda

  8. Still rooting for Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam.

  9. Miss Grand Slam 2012- USA/Universe, Olivia Culpo
    1st Runner up- Australia/Universe
    2nd Runner up- South Africa/Universe
    3rd Runner up- South Sudan/World
    4th Runner up- Philippines/Universe

  10. - Miss Grand Slam 2012: Venezuela Universe, Irene Esser
    – 1st Runner-up: South Sudan World, Atong de Mach
    – 2nd Runner-up: Australia World, Jessica Kahawaty
    – 3rd Runner-up: Brazil World, Mariana Notarangelo
    – 4th Runner-up: Wales World, Sophie Moulds

    Top 10

    – Mexico World, Mariana Berúmen
    – Belarus Supranational, Katsiaryna Buraya
    – Australia Universe, Renae Ayris
    – China World, Yu Wenxia
    – South Africa Universe, Melinda Bam


  11. Winner should be either:

    China – World
    Ecuador – Supranational
    Nepal – World
    South Africa – Universe
    USA – Universe

  12. USA Universe is the best choice for Miss Grand Slam 2012

  13. nefertari vivi says:

    my ultimate fave here is Mariana Notarangelo….

    goodluck to the remaining Filipinas…..
    (sad for Queenierich Rehman not making the toop 20)

  14. mi top 10 ( sin orden ):
    australia universo
    belarus supranational
    brasil universo
    ecuador supranational
    nepal world
    filipinas supranational
    sudafrica universo
    sri lanka internacional
    tailandia supranational
    venezuela universo


  16. my top 10 after the choice by the jury

    10th england world
    9th thailand supranational
    8th china world
    7th nepal world
    6th australia universe
    5th australia world
    4th wales world
    3th venezuela universe
    2th philippines universe
    1st and miss grand slam 2012: miss USA!

  17. i was surprised to see miss france in the 39 place!very surprising!

    • agree.

  18. Australia Universe, Australia World, Philippines Universe, South Africa Universe, Brasil Universe, China World, Belarus Supranational, Wales World, South Sudan World & England World r the top 10 beautiful women. Usa Universe is the worst of all instead of her making it in top 20 India World should have come.

  19. Pedro Chadid says:

    I Miss SO BAD Miss Colombia World… She deserved to be top 5!!!! Because she is STUNNING! she is now in NUESTRA BELLEZA LATINA; a real show in UNIVISION in the Osmel Sousa’s Team…

  20. Miss Brasil Universo:Gabriela Markus Miss Brasil World:Mariana Notarangelo

  21. My top 5:

    • Yes, Venezuela is gorgeous

  22. I’m sorry, were some of the judges drunk? Brazil Universe? Philippines Supranational? England World? over girls like India World, Hungary Universe, UK International?

    • I, too, was surprised that RP Supranational ranked higher than RP International.

    • MOJO of the Philippines says:

      Actually, MISS PHILIPPINES Supranational 2012 was the loveliest when I watched the local pageant last May. Tall and truly was beauty! It was in the Q&A that brought her away from the Top 3 crowns.

    • England World is beautiful and has worked just as hard as any of the contestants, but I agree that I would have preferred UK International, she should have been there in the top 20.

  23. Melissa C Varón Colombia Miss International 2011 <3

  24. Hoàng Trọng Trần says:

    Top 5:
    + Miss Grand Slam 2012: Brazil World
    + 1st Runner Up: Mexico World
    + 2nd Runner Up: USA Universe
    + 3rd Runner Up: Australia World
    + 4rd Runner Up: Czech Republic Supranational

    Top 10:
    6. Venezuela Universe
    7. Wales World
    8. South Africa Universe
    9. Nepal World
    10. England World

  25. Manuel Culpo says:

    happy to see 2 of my favorite girls in the top 20: south sudan & philippines-universe but was also dismay for france & mexico-universe who didn’t advance to the next level. oh, well!

    • Mexico-universe for me was expected. I am surprised, though, that Miss France – Universe did not make it.

  26. Either China/World, Venezuela/Universe, South Africa/Universe or Wales/World. All of these mentioned women are goddesses!

    • I agree that these ladies, China/World, Venezuela/Universe, South Africa/Universe or Wales/World are indeed goddess for 2012. My hope is China would able to grab the grand slam. She is definitely beautiful and gorgeous.

  27. I love Venezuela, and Australia..

  28. MELINDA BAM is the GODDESS of 2012!

  29. My heart says South Sudan but my head and logic say Philippines and USA Universe, who I both like very much. I also like England world and Miss World herself, but I don’t know why Wales and Australia World have done or did do so well. They just are not my cup of tea.

    • Suzannah we all have different tastes, but Wales World is absolutely stunning and fully deserving of her place, hope she does well.

      • Jimmy McLean says:

        I agree Bonnieb, Wales was outstanding this year.

        • I totally agree

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