Miss Grand Slam 2012 – the TOP 5!

Five stunning Grand Slam beauties have survived to this very last round of competition. Beased on overall performances, GB has chosen the following delegates as finalists (in random order):

walesSophie Elizabeth Moulds

philippinesJanine Tugonon

chinaWenxia Yu

South Sudan
southsudanAtong Ajak Demach

South Africa
southafricaMelinda Bam

The complete Rank (Top 10):

6- Venezuela / UNIVERSE – Irene Esser

7- Brazil / WORLD – Mariana Notarângelo

8- Ecuador / SUPRANATIONAL – Zuly Castillo

9- Belarus / SUPRANATIONAL – Katya Buraya

10- Australia / UNIVERSE – Renae Ayris

Take note:

* For the first time in a while, the American Continent and the Caribbean islands, two strong regions in pageants, do not have a single Top 5 finalist.

* Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser, is Miss Grand Slam Americas, while Sophie Elizabeth Moulds, Miss Wales World, is Miss Grand Slam Europe. Congratulations to both!

* Asia and Africa have two finalists each; Europe has one.

* Miss World counts with 3 beauties in the final round of competition, against two from Miss Universe. Miss Supranational’s best ranked beauty was Ecuador’s Zuly Castillo.

Who is your favorite among our top 5 finishers??

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218 thoughts on “Miss Grand Slam 2012 – the TOP 5!

  1. Any of the Miss World girls will do. What is Philippines doing here with her jagged teeth, replace her with Supra Ecuador, please.

    • I agree

      • pik pak boom says:

        Lol. U have no choice because ur not a judge.

    • milky provider says:

      Oh please. can you first check your crooked teeth first before commenting other’s teeth.

    • My goodness, Philippines is not beautiful at all as compare to the other four finalists. China, Wales and South Africa got the most beautiful and gorgeous face.

      • Janine for Ms Grand Slam 2012

      • Totoro, we all created beautiful by God, so who created you??!!!

    • Every decade, the Philippines has wins. We have places from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and even 2010’s in those 3 prestigious beauty pageants!!! Thank you so much Lord….

    • Perth, teeth has nothing to do with the overall performance, my dear, please shut up! Totoro, Janine’s beauty stands out among them. If she’s that ugly as you said, Venezuela should not have been eliminated.

    • I think the title would go to either China or South Africa. They were GB choices. However, South Africa failed to get in the top 5. China, on the other hand, has been proving herself and confirming her win. Forget about where she is from, this girl is stunning and has been working hard for her cause. So, China has my vote and I hope she gets it.

      Filipino fans: just be supportive of whoever wins. Janine has already made you proud. Regardless of the outcome, be supportive and no more negative comments

      Other fans: stop making nasty comments about Janine. Yes, her final closeups when standing next to Olivia was not appealing (meaning her teeth), but she did everything right that night and good for her to get 1st RU. Yes, she shouldn’t have smiled but there is no need to make negative comments.

      • maybe just you but i dont see China. The only reason why China would win in Grandslam is GB voted her no.1 in Miss World & she actually won it. But I hope Sudan would win instead of Wenxia.

        • China was not my choice either but now she is, in that top 5. To me, China or South Africa will win. I would not be surprised if South Africa wins as well, simply because it seems obvious that the GB judges love this girl. She didn’t place in the top 10 at MU but still she is in this Grand Slam top 5 (Just like in 2009, where Chloe Mortaud of France was GB pick for MU 2009, yet she didn’t advance in the top 5 at MU – meanwhile, she was best of Europe, I believe – deservingly so).

          Well we each have our opinion. I think China is proving that she is a great beauty queen and confirms her win.

          • lamarquise says:

            I meant, South Africa didn’t place in the top 5. Sorry for the mistake.

      • i have been following this post since the beginning. Its funny to see that the back and forth bs with the filipino fans and the “other fans” (who like to agitate the filipino fans). I have noticed that some people just like to stir the pot by saying negative comments to any philippine representative and in this case, its Janine. I didnt really see any filipinos saying anything bad to other beauties in the beginning and most are being supportive not just to janine but to other beauties as well until someone says bad about janine and thats when the filipino fans feel the need to defend her. So please just stop with the negative comments and just support who you like. This is more about the beauties and not the fans. Some posts on here are just to take stabs on filipino fans to get them going, just sayin…

        • You’re great Marko!!

    • bryan Peter says:

      jealous of Miss Philippines hahaha. Move on bitches. She is in the top 5 and not you LOL

    • Too bad nobody would replace Janine because she is prettier than your mommy

  2. Objection!! says:

    Seems like China and South Africa will win the title, I favor Melinda more (even though I’m Chinese) but wouldn’t be surprised if GB picks China > South Africa. The other 3 finalists are great too but wouldn’t win.

  3. Objection!! says:

    The hyping for Miss Supranational doesn’t work for me… I saw their photos and except for the winner (who I would actually paid attention to), the others look plain jane..

    No idea how stunning Olivia placed so low in the ranking and Supranational takes 2 spots in the top 10. Venezuela Universe out of top 5 is just INSANE!

  4. Don’t get the hype around China, she looks like an Alien -.-

    • China is the best choice. Howcome if China cameout with a good candidate everybody would criticize where if Philippines has a candidate everybody would be in rejoice. Every country has the right to win. Why not think Philippines always landed in top 5 for 3 consecutive years in MU and give other countries a chance?

    • Hahhaa omg! I hope she wont win

  5. Really an obvious choice – Miss China and Miss World 2012 has every quality you could ever seek in a pageant contestant….beauty, elegance, poise, grace and immaculate presence. The rest are worthy top 5 finishers, but Yu Wen Xia is a clear cut above the rest on every criterion.

  6. Miss Universe take Top 2
    3rd China
    4th Wales
    5th S.Sudan

  7. I hope South Sudan wins coz her performance was the best in 2012

    Best in Interview
    Top Model
    Top 20 at Beach Beauty
    Best Final Answer…
    Plus i bet she worked much harder than the other 4 girls in the list… im sure all the other 4 received intense training fron experts but Atong worked on her own n i think dat counts more than anything… she is definitely better than dat over-rated Melinda Bam!!!!

    • Ditto to that!

      The others are much over-rated, affordably too.
      There are already too much panderers to these organizations’ choices.

    • except that she is not beautiful…this IS a beauty contest

      • Actually Clit this is a website not a contest and beauty comes in all colors shapes and sizes…basically you should get a life and I don’t see your picture in the Top 5 so does that make you non photogenic.. The nerve of some!!!!!

  8. Whataaat?! No Irene Esser? Unbelievable! No way!

  9. Wales or South Africa!!

  10. Well done GB! Not just because of your choices, but on how you present such article…

    Keep this kind of excitement burning. One of the many reasons why I keep visiting your site.

    My favorites to win are:

    The Philippines – from underdog to success, by being resilient and her hardwork. Brain, presence, and most of all, over-all impact.

    South Africa: She has class and beauty.

    Wales: What can I say, just look at her eyes…

    South Sudan: She has “it”… un-explainable charisma.

  11. 1. China
    2. Wales
    3. South Sudan
    4. South Africa
    5. Phillippines

  12. China. again?

  13. A great top five – but for me the top one is Wales.

  14. phillipines or wales, meybe south africa

  15. China is the full package, beautiful and elegant. Good list and I would pick China, South Africa and Philippines. I wish Australia would’ve made the list too but at least this list doesn’t include Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and she’s over-rated and such an average girl and I don’t see why people hype her up to be more gorgeous than she really is.

    • china? no way……

  16. Wow no venezuela
    I knew this.was fixed for SA or wales to win

  17. The most undeserving one in the top five is… (drum rolls)… PHILIPPINES!

    • this post is clearly to agitate filipino fans.. smh.. U deserve to have an opinion of course but really? drum rolls? why not just say who u like more. Philippines had a great showing in the MU2012. i dont think she deserve your drum roll… that should go up your @ss

      • I don’t give a rat’s a$$… (drum rolls)… about your opinion.

        • We don’t give a rat’s a$$ about your opinion, either. So the feeling is mutual…

    • Are you crazy? She has the best interview and over all performance. Miss Grandslam is about Over all performance. If this is all JUST about beauty then I would question China’s inclusion coz she doesnt deserve it.

  18. Irene and Zuly should be in TOP5
    So disoppointed to see philipines.

    • I think you’re from Indonesia or Malaysia who are always been envying to the Philippines because in east asian countries, Philippines is the only country always been called ever since in those prestigious international beauty contest. Possessing 2 Miss Universe crown and 4 Miss International crown, and let’s add the runners up from Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, I think there’s a reason for you guys to get envy, jealous and insecured.

      • Before making such a statement you must consider than unlike the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are Muslim countries therefore they have a different culture that does not revolve about beauty competitions. The sun does not revolve around this so to point out envy is not coherent.

        • Thank you very much Ed! I find it extremely hilarious that the Filipinos always think so high of themselves. They probably believe that the whole world revolves around them and bow down to them LOL.

          • ace says:

            We’re not looking high on ourselves, YOU people are looking down on us because you think Filipinas are just house help of the world, but CINDERELLA!!!

          • Bayou says:

            @Ace : oh really, and you Pinoys NEVER look down on other nation/delegates??? The fact that you accuse Indonesia and Malaysia to envy of the Philippines’s “success” in pageants CLEARLY indicates a sense of ARROGANCE and CHAUVINISM because whether you deny it or not, you DO think high of yourself and look down on us.

            And pray tell me, do you know every single Indonesian or Malaysian in this forum to say that they to envy you? Do you have proof? Do you know the statistics? *sounds of cricket* Yeah I thought so too. Because your so-called accusations are nothing more but your degrading assessment towards other Asian’s countries’ “success” in pageantry world compared to the high and mighty Philippines. You think that the Philippines is such a super country that you have to mention/state that to us, Indonesians/Malaysians/any other nations for that matter.

      • No one jealous about ur success in beauty pageants, why won’t we jealous about Venezuela? Coz they r both crazy pageant countries but obviously Venezuela is much more successful than Philippines. Btw, stop claiming urselves as East Asians, the world treats u as Pacific Islanders. At least racially Filipinos r not East Asians.

        • AMEN! Thank you filicates. No matter how many psychotic Filipino posters plague this site and keep annoying us with their endless ranting about Miss Philippines this and Miss Philippines that, it will never change the fact that VENEZUELA is much more successful in pageants than the Philippines. If anything, it would’ve made more sense if we are jealous of Venezuela instead of the Philippines.

          And apparently, like Ace here shows, not all Filipinos here have BRAINS as the Philippines as well as Indonesia and Malaysia are NOT located in East Asia, but in SOUTHEAST ASIA. So thank you again for pointing that out, filicates.

          • ace says:

            I know that, that Venezuela is more successfull but instead of hating us and saying not good to us, why don’t you just congratulate us that we made it to the top 5 in grand slam. And please,we’re just in the top 5 not yet the grand slam winner so stop hating us.

          • Bayou says:

            @Ace : no one is hating on Janine or any Misses Philippines or the Philippines as a country. I personally DON’T hate the Philippines. And I would like to ask you back, have you ever personally seen ME saying anything bad about Janine or any Miss Philippines??? How do you KNOW that I say anything bad about the Philippines?

            If anything, me and most other people in this forum are irritated by the annoying fans who are constantly up in our faces all the time and keep pushing their delegates down our throat. And I admit, I sometimes say bad things about the Filipino ANNOYING fans, but not on their beauty queens/nation. I’m sure this doesn’t just apply to the Philippines alone. But apparently, the Philippines fans are the most abundant and most active/loud in this forum, thus why many people tend to single out the Philippines alone. The psycho Filipino fans make us so hard to support any Misses Philippines because they tend to annoy the hell out of us to the point that most of us become allergic to Miss Philippines.

            As for me personally, do I like Janine? Short answer: NO. I don’t hate her as a person, she’s just not my fave. And is it so wrong??? Do all of us HAVE to like Janine? And if I reverse the question, would ALL Filipinos like & support MY delegate the same way you support your delegate, would you do that too? Why do you guys always have to shove any of your delegates down our throat? Some people like Janine, others don’t. Some people think that she’s a sight to behold, others see her nothing more but a crooked teeth. And if that’s the case, SO BE IT.

            You don’t see me constantly advertise my delegate 24/7 here because I don’t need to. I also see many comments here criticizing Miss Venezuela’s final answer/brains, or questioning China’s victory, or mentioning South Africa’s huge nose, or how South Sudan is not that beautiful. But I figure they’re all different opinion from different people, different strokes for different people. They’re entitled to their opinion, the same way you’re entitled to yours as well regarding your Miss Philippines.

            So you want a congratulatory remark because your Janine enters the top-5? Okay fine, if that’s so important to you, then congratz, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!! *throwing confetti on your head* But one thing for sure, you can NOT and will never force us to like Janine. If you want to support her then go ahead, support her. But don’t try to blast other people with different opinion than yours. Whether we like her or not, that’s our business and you just have to deal with that.

          • JayPee says:

            Nicely said, Bayou…

        • If you’re not jealous to Philippines then why do you hate Miss Philippines entering the top 5 grand slam? why are you saying something not good to our beauty queen? remember you’re the first ones thrown bad words to out beauty queen and I’m only defending!!

          • Marko says:

            thats the thing.. ive seen more hate on the philippine representative from other fans which will be defended by the filipino fans obviously. Filipino fans will always defend their own if attacked. Im tired of seeing negative comments from most people against janine which only purpose is to take a rise on filipino fans at the same time Im tired of seeing stupid filipinos thinking highly of themselves.

            Philippines has been doing great in pageants and its something to be proud of but theres no need on pushing it on to everybody… im filipino and i cringe everytime i see a post saying something like “we are great, we are always on top… blah blah blah.. shut the fuck up!

      • ace.. ace… ace.. smh.. your posts are ridiculous. why boast? i dont think people here are jealous of the philippines.. i dont think that ANY of them at all are jealous. I dont even think they care about the how many wins philippines has. They just dont like people like you posting pathetic shit. I know you are being proud of being a filipino but its coming off as being psychotic pageant fanatic.. please shut up. Im filipino and i am proud of our accomplishments in beauty pageants..but I am embarassed for you. peace

        • Ok Marko I’m SORRY for that, but do you think those people who are attacking us who started all of this, could say SORRY to the foul words they have said like Filipinos are psychotic, ugly, arrogant etc? I have posted comments here but never said foul words, who do you think is the most embarrassing?

          • Marko says:

            Water Off the Duck’s Back. Whatever nasty things they say about Janine or any Philippine representative,, just let it roll. People will have different opinion about the beauties they prefer and I think some not favoring Janine is just their preference as you do have. The nastier comments are just to agitate filipino fans which you retaliating is feeding into it. Its nice that filipinos are ready to defend our representative.. Our patriotism is something to be admired about.

            You know our accomplishments as you pushed on it to someone and accused them of being envious where all they said was they were disappointed to see the philippines in the top 5. Maybe.. just maybe they favored Australia, Brazil or Venezuela who got eliminated over the Philippines. You accused that person of being envious, jealous and insecure because he/she didnt favor Philippines. Its nice that you feel strong about defending the Philippines but honestly, do you really think you need to defend her all the time? she did excellent did she not? shes still doing amazing right? she’s still in this top 5? I think everybody knows that.

            All Im saying.. be the bigger person and let it go. let it roll.. know your battles.. be proud of your country but dont shove all our accomplishments in their faces… its never a good look.

        • You can’t compare man with the duck Marko, and obviously, Man’s back is so different to that of the duck’s! You’re just one of those who are agitating Filipinos, and please, stop pretending you’re a Filipino, you’re a liar! go to hell!!!

          • Marko says:

            its not a comparison. It is a saying.. i was giving you an advice.. “water off the duck’s back” only means dont let words affect you or bother you. but oh well im done with you. You are hopeless at pilipino ako puro. lumaki man ako dito sa states proud pa rin akong maging pilipino.. hindi ako sinungaling.. im just calling you out on your stupidity! peace

          • Marko says:

            one last thing.. u need to be high fived on the face with a chair.. now im done

          • Bayou says:

            Relax Marko, don’t stress yourself too much. I knew right away that you meant nothing but good intentions with your comments and even I get the “water off the duck’s back” part. But as I have mentioned above, not all people here have brains unfortunately as clearly demonstrated by Ace. But relax, the rest of us with intelligence and good common sense, we know and we can differentiate between the good people and the “trolls”. You’re one of the good people here Marko so don’t let those trolls mess up with your temper. Just ignore them and go support whomever you want to support. Peace out.

      • Jealousy? Lmao. Im chinese and to tell the truth, I dont think Philippines has the right look for the east asia tho she gave a trained answer at the final of MU.

    • hahahaha! zuly and irene are both fake girls, underwent surgery to enhance their looks. miss philippines is damn hot, smart and beautifullll!!!

  19. wale or SA..

  20. Based on the photo above plus the over all performances of the top 5 finalists during the miss world and miss universe finals, a brilliant judge would have this ranking:
    1. Philippines
    2. South Africa
    3. Wales
    4. South Sudan
    5. China

  21. one vote for Sophie Moulds
    and one vote for Melinda Bam
    either of them win will be OK :)

  22. 1. Philippines – Overall, the best performance in a pageant I have seen in years. Such a shame she didn’t win MU.
    2. South Africa – she wasn’t given a chance to shine brighter at MU, but she could have. Thanks, Olivia.
    3. Wales
    4. South Sudan
    5. China – this is a disappointment. Venezuela should’ve been in her place.

    • China is well-deserved. She’s gorgeous, classy and elegant, something that can’t be said about Venezuela.

      • I agree. Venezuela photographs beautifully, but has very little else to redeem her. China’s beauty is flawless and she has a grace and carriage that the Venezuelan girl just can not even fathom.

      • I agree China is the most gorgeous, classy and elegant of all. What’s wrong in case China wins the grand slam? China doesn’t have the right to win? Why not question about Philippines who doesn’t beautiful at all.

        • if she isn’t beautiful she would have not landed as first runner-up. see her in person and you can tell that she is stunning..
          she did a wonderful performance in swimsuit gown and she gave the best answer..
          are you questioning the integrity of mu judges???
          how about china?? wales should have been the miss world, she is much beautiful compared to china.. its just the pageant was held in her hometown and majority of the judges were chinese.. you know politics…
          miss philippines reached the top 5 with all her merits, her performance was undeniably the best…

          • Ed says:

            China also won on her won merit. If you people say China won rigged, then Philippines’ 2nd place in London 2011 would be rigged as well. You people need to be consistent.

    • Why China is a disappointment just because she won the title in her country but to correct everybody, Miss World is not an organization from China but from UK. Miss Philippines should be a disappointment who is not beautiful at all when it comes to beauty. She was only noticed by her so called catwalk and doesn’t have that face. Everybody dislike China because it is fast rising country in terms of economy and a superpower someday exceeding the US. Comeon, Every country has a right to win.

      • Winning in your own country twice dont validate your winning. Just wierd that theyve never won outside their own country. I just find it too desperate.

      • my dear, based on the caption above:

        ” BASED ON OVERALL PERFORMANCES, GB has choosen the following delegates as finalists (in random order) ”

        it simply means that these ladies were judged accoridng to their individual performances & not on their physical aspects… read first before commenting!

  23. This award will go to China or South Africa…

  24. 3 of 5. Not bad but not very good as well.
    For me, Republic of South Africa followed by Republic of the Philippine Islands, In third would be another Asian, Miss China. 4th would be Wales and rounding out the top five from this list would be South Sudan.

    What? Australia in 10th? Really? Brazil beating out Australia? Oh well.

  25. It’s time for the Philippines to win Miss Grand Slam. – Pinoy from Guam

    (My second choise: South Africa)

  26. CHINA!!!!!!!!! If not… SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!!!

    So sad to see Venezuela out of the competition. She’s my sentimental fave for 2012, mainly because of her guts and personality.

    • Also love Wales. From the first moment I laid my eyes those piercing blue eyes, I knew that this girl should not be underestimated, and I proved right. :) Glad that she’s still in the game. If she takes the (final) cake, I won’t be complaining for sure…

  27. go miss Philippines Universe will be a sure winner

  28. Philippines for the win!!!!

  29. wow.good luck miss philippines

  30. nefertari vivi says:

    i really love Janine Tugonon,,,she rocked the 2012 pageantry in my opinion

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