Miss Nicaragua 2013


Nastassja Bolivar (24) was crowned Miss Nicaragua 2013 at the conclusion of the 13th edition of the event held at the Ruben Dario theater in Managua on March 2nd.

Born in Miami to a Colombian father and Nicaraguan mother, Nastassja is best known for winning the 2011 edition of the reality show “Nuestra Belleza Latina”, a competition for United States residents of Latino descent. It is broadcasted nationally through Univision network.

The 177 cm stunning beauty will now represent Nicaragua in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant later in the year.

The 1st runner-up was Lubiana Torres, who is expected to compete in the Miss International 2013 event in October. The 2nd runner-up was Cristina Soto; while the 3rd runner-up was Daysi Largaespada, and the 4th runner-up was Celeste Castillo.

Nastassja Bolivar won Univision's reality 'Nuestra Belleza Latina' in 2011

Nastassja Bolivar won Univision’s reality ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ in 2011

29 thoughts on “Miss Nicaragua 2013

  1. Nastassja Bolivar is beautiful! Such a great personality!!! She is definitely going to win the crown.

  2. she is great…! no comments….she will be the best …she have something really natural ,other women need to learn about her personality, is not only beauty cause make up nice face.. and things like that … she is pretty cause she have her self…. unique.. are not other like nicaraguan girl… fresh and natural…love it..

  3. what’s her profession?

  4. pretty

  5. Very masculine average face. Typical generic latina look that is completely outdated in pageantry today.

    • Not an average masculine face. A very different but beautiful feminine face. You wish the latina look was outdated. Latinas come in a great variety of looks and they better than any other group have the “international” look that is considered beautiful and relatable to others throughout the world.


  7. She is beautiful. Picture don’t say it all. You should look at her video from Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 and her current video when winning Miss Nicaragua. She has the complete package. I’m not even from Nicaragua and yet see a big BIG potential on her making top 5 Miss Universe and up to winning the crown. She works really hard and makes it an owner of the stage. GO NASTASSJA BOLINAR***MISS NICARAGUA*** MAKE CENTROAMERICA PROUD, MAKE NICARAGUA PROUD. MAKE THE UNIVERSE PROUD.

    • Thank you Samuel, for such encouraging words for the Newly Crowned Miss Nicaragua, she is a Top 5 potential, and her catwalk, one of the best that I have seen in years, secure, natural, free and glam!!- Go Nicaragua!! Top 5 Miss Universe, and your answer will get you the Crown!!

  8. She looks great in the bottom picture but like a man inter top picture.

  9. Sorry but I donĀ“t like her…

  10. Miss Bolivia is still my favorite for Miss Universe 2013.

  11. She looked much better when she competed in Nuestra Belleza. However, there were several comments that she was not a great queen during her reign.

  12. BEAUTIFUUL. Hope she’ll gets far!

  13. She is like last year’s Miss Jamaica, Chantal Zaky but seem to have more stage presence and flare.

    • Sushmita Sentimo says:

      No. She has a striking resemblance to former Miss USA, Rima Fakih.

  14. Nicaragua has selected a hot winner & someone who is definitely going to make it by all chance to the top 5 @ MU 2013 who knows might even win. Congrats Natassja.

  15. Do not underestimate her, if she won Nuestra Belleza Latina… she must have something, do not forget that show is “judged” by Osmel Souza and Lupita Jones… i’m sure this girl picked up some tips from those two experts…

  16. She is a Beautiful and complete Latina, i think she will be in the top 16 in Miss Universe!! go Nicaragua!!

  17. She’s nice, but she doesn’t have the enough to win Miss Universe

  18. Do not go by the pic. I watched the pageant and she was the most complete candidate. Her face is ok but her catwalk, body, presence and personality took it all. Her experience as a Nuestra Belleza winner sure helped her. Overall a strong candidate.

    • I agree, facially she is not perfect but she commands the stage like nobody else and you just have to look at her. She will do will in MU.

  19. Pageant Fan says:

    Not pretty at all. Just a lot of her friends and countrymen hyping her it seems.

  20. euh she is nor very natural!i wait for another pictures

  21. No surprise here. She was the big big fav to win.

  22. beautiful

  23. Beautiful Nastassja Bolivar Miss Nicaragua 2013, good choice from Nicaragua!!!Congratulations!!!

  24. The most complete of all the candidates. She will certainly be a strong candidate at the Miss Universe Pageant.

  25. I’m surprised by this.. I didn’t think she had a chance

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