Miss Russia 2013


Miss World 2012 Yu Wenxia crowns Miss Russia 2013

18-year old Elmira Abdrazakova, from Mezhdurechensk, was crowned “Miss Russia 2013” during the annual event held on March 2nd.  Elmira, who was crowned by reigning Miss World Yu Wenxia, stands 1.63 m tall and will represent Russia in both the Miss World and Miss Universe competitions in 2013.  She is a student of economics and as her prize, she gets 100,000 USD.

The 1st runner-up was Anastasia Yazykova, and the 2nd runner-up was Irina Tumanova.

Reigning Miss World Wenxia Yu and reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo attended the event as special guests and also helped with the coronation.

The new Miss Russia and her runner-ups

The new Miss Russia and her runner-ups

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, Miss Russia 2012, Miss Russia 2013 and Miss World Wenxia Yu

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, Miss Russia 2012, Miss Russia 2013 and Miss World Wenxia Yu


62 thoughts on “Miss Russia 2013

  1. I have a serious question.
    Why is Miss Russia allowed to compite at both Pageants, that is Miss Universe and Miss World ?
    It was my understanding that countries like Venezuela or Mexico had been “forced” to choose different delegates and even to produce separate Pageants.
    Anyone ? Please help.

    • Rene, that is because in Russia’s case, the winner goes to both pageants. In Mexico, for example, they crown different girls. If its the same one there is no problem but in the case of two there’s the suggestion of separating the events.

    • Sushmita Sentimo says:

      It is all about financing and the franchise as a whole. Miss Russia is the biggest pageant franchise that owns both of the Big 2 pageant licenses. It can either choose 1 winner to represent 2 pageants or 2 winners to represent each. This year one winner wins USD 100,000 cash prize to represent both pageants. This is also the same as the Miss South Africa franchise. Melinda Bam is supposed to represent both but the schedules had changed when Miss Universe was held in December and the franchise decided to send her to Miss U instead.

  2. Miss Russia is really ugly this year. Shame on jury !

    • you`re uglier.

  3. The same thing has been repeated over and over and I must agree. But maybe by the pageant, she may blossom with some training. She seems homely and not elegant and that is what has all the pageant followers disappointed. Give her a chance and then comment after you see her agin.

    Russia always sends someone who makes the top 15 because the organizers lobby intensely. Her looks are not going to keep her from advancing if it advances the pageant.

  4. Yu Wenxia looks pretty there. I love that girl. :)

  5. Worst Miss Russia ever. Anastasia — the blonde, 1st runner up — looks pissed in the top photo. I can’t blame her!

  6. I m really sorry to say that Elmira is the worst Miss Russia that I see. The crown looks like a plastic toy on her head. What happened? Even the runners up are horrible. Please send last years runners up to MU and MW instead.

  7. The 2nd runner-up got the People’s Choice Award (Internet voting)

    • I can see why, she’s the prettiest of the top three.

      • Here’s hoping there will be a report that the scores were accidentally reversed and Irina was the real winner.

  8. worst show. Ugliest Miss Russia ever. Runnerups are hot. The 1st runnerup is a hot blonde bombshell. She can surely win MU if russia decides to give her a chance of participating at the grand event. The 2nd runnerup is an angelic beauty of russia, i thought she was going to win Miss Russia 2013 but bad luck she lost to an ugly winner. I hope something happens and russia dethrones the ugly winner and instead send the hot runnerups for the grand pageants bcoz both those girls have high hopes & chances of winning. MU 2012 is ugly compared to beautiful MW from China.

  9. pik pak boom says:

    Small height

  10. What is happening with Miss Russia, they are going worse every year. This lady is average at best, the blonde runner up was way better.

    • Well probably because the majority of Russian people don’t give a damn about pageants? I do think that Russia has tons of beautiful women and they have been sending great delegates over the years, but most of the time they go wasted and overlooked in international pageants in favor of the weaker and much plainer delegates, so perhaps most of Russians finally lose interest in pageants. Russia still has lots of beautiful women there but if you notice, the most striking Russian women are more eager to become models than beauty queens, the same as Brazil. I guess for them, becoming a highly succesful model is much more prestigious than a beauty queen.

  11. There are SO MANY gorgeous women in Russia and they crowned those three???

    • The candidates’ level was average in general, that’s why they crowned those three. (Gorgeous women did not compete this year.)

  12. Canada Glamour says:

    Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo sure has a stunning face! I love how she looks both fresh and striking.

  13. Weakest Miss Russia I have ever seen. The land of the pretty women has gone weak.

  14. the new miss russia is pretty but i prefer the runners up!!
    good luck for the new miss russia!

  15. Height – Irina Toumanova (2 vice Miss) 177cm, and at Elmira Abdrazakov online Miss Russia says that the growth of 175. But when they stand next to the difference in height of 15-20 centimeters. Although all have the same shoes, and therefore the same height heels! My opinion is that the victory of Elmira was bought for money! Since by the growth it should not proiti general to participate in the competition!

    • I have the same comment. Miss Russia does not have over 1.7m height

  16. LEBANESE PRIDE says:


    • Nobody can deny that Olivia is a beautiful looking girl.

  17. I’d say exhaust her at Miss World, then have her let one of the runner-ups go to Miss Universe instead.

  18. O pessoal aqui inventa as alturas das meninas. Tipo Olivia, disseram que é 1,66 e o MUO divulgou 5’7”. A própria Olivia disse no Facebook dela que é 5’7” logo depois do MISS USA.

    • Mais quando vc ve a Olivia em pessoa, da conta q ela nao chega a 5’7″.

  19. any pic of Olivia and Wenxa chatting or kiss cheek to cheek?

  20. If shes short and wearing Miss USA that would be fine i believe.

  21. 1.63??? Is false, please. She is 1.75 website Miss RUSSIA.

    • Wow, did you even look at the photo? That girl (who is visibly and obviously short) is 175 only on paper

  22. Congratulations to the new Miss Russia. The judges obviously saw something special in her to crown her the winner. Did last year’s Miss Russia compete at both Miss World and Universe as well? I loved Miss Russia at Miss Universe in December, what a stunning beautiful face!


    • Miss Universe

    • ms universe

    • Miss Universe is very popular among the 3rd World countries in Asia & South America

      • i believe “the 3rd world country” only refers to filipin. other asian countries do not give a s..t about pageants.

        • if I am not mistaken, I think other Asian Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are also into beauty pageants…

          • Bayou says:

            Erg….not really. Where did you hear that???? The majority Indonesian people could care less about pageants. If anything, pageants (that oblige its delegates to parade around in swimsuits) are really frowned upon here, being one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. And of course those who despise it are usually the most extreme cases and they don’t necessarily represent the whole Indonesian people. But still based on my observation, most Indonesians don’t give a damn about pageants, locally or internationally. I should know about this since I live here…

    • MISS WORLD!!!!

    • Miss Universe!

    • Miss World. Miss Universe is popular only in Latin America and Philippines.

    • I find Ms World a bit boring compared to Ms Universe…

  24. She is pretty enough but too short. And her face is a bit childish.
    Her 1st RU is absolutely plane and average…
    I prefer her 2nd RU, Irina from Kalmykia (buddhist region in Southern Russia) – Really beautiful! Exotic! Elegant and sexy at the same time! Hope she will participate internationally.

  25. Just waste of time…weakest russian delegste in years…

  26. 1st and 2nd runner up are gorgeous and beautiful, and they will be both great candidates at both Miss World and Miss Universe:)

  27. nefertari vivi says:

    elizaveta golovanova should have styled like this in MU EG competition

  28. She’s way too short and toothy even with an interesting face! The 2nd runer up in blue is the best for Miss Universe! Hopefully Russia will send any of the runner-up to MU and the winner to MW!


  30. There’s no way that Elmira stands 1.60 tall, the height limit for Miss Russia is 1.75 and Elmira is 1.76, please correct it, thanks.

    • She cannot be 1.76, is she was that height then Golovanova and Wenxia would be 1.95. Lots of girls lie about pageant height. Just look at it with your own eyes. Even Olivia Culpo who is 165 at most, is taller than her.

      • Well hun I can tell you that the others winners are using very differents heels from Elmira, I got some insides during the pageant

        • Well if you believe she is really 176 then I have a plot of land in the moon I can sell you ;)

        • She is shorter than Olivia. ‘Nuff said. That said, it should not matter.

      • Her and Olivia may be the same height. She looks like 5ft6 or close. Remember that the Russian contestants were wearing regular high heels while Wenxia and Olivia seem to be in platform pumps.

      • come on, dont tell me Olivia’s (165cm)wearing 10inch heels…duh.. she is short no matter where ‘inside’ u in..

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