Miss Supranational attends the ITB in Berlin


Reigning Miss Supranational, Katya Buraya from Belarus, traveled recently to Berlin (Germany) to participate in the ITB (the world’s leading travel show) as a special guest.  The Miss Supranational competition had a special stand at the fair, and Miss Buraya shared moments with beauty queens from other countries.

4 thoughts on “Miss Supranational attends the ITB in Berlin

  1. transgender???? for my eyes only….shes not beautiful at all..look at face..grrr..but i dont know the heart….

  2. She is so beautiful !!!

  3. Miss Supranational is beautiful from far away but closer up, she doesn’t look like she would make it very far at Miss World or Miss Universe.

  4. OMG the crown of Miss British Virgin Islands is a mess!
    btw, Miss Tourism Indonesia looks prettier than those misses

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