Miss Supranational makes appearance on Belgian TV

belDuring a recent visit to Belgium, Katsiaryna Buraya, Miss Supranational 2012, was the starting guest of Paul de Leeuw in his late-night show “Manneke Paul”

18 thoughts on “Miss Supranational makes appearance on Belgian TV

  1. it’s not belgian tv fyi it´s Dutch

    • It is Belgian and they are speaking flemish.

  2. the man was disguisting and confusing, she is very patient lady, if i be her i will slap the man with baseball stick

  3. Seriously, what does “Supra” really mean??? anyone?

    • She said it on the video. All nations.

  4. Ppl just judge ppls on their looks. It s not fair.
    When miss India, Turkey and Peru made a cut for top 16 there were and maybe still are disapointed ppl. But we are just behind the screen so we don t see their personalities. The judges pick out 16 girls and they know them during 2 weeks how they are.

    Now I understand why she won miss Supranational 2012. She got personality and got a sense of humor. Not all misses could handle it with this bad joker as she did.

    • Agree. Even when the host clearly ridicules her, she still takes it with a great sense of humor and sportsmanship. She somewhat reminds me of Irene Esser. Not much of a speaker but lots of personality. I guess a lot of people (including me) find it easier to relate to those kinds of beauty queens as opposed to those who talk flawlessly but dead on the delivery (a.k.a very boring personality).

  5. ahahaha…the host mentioned miss universe, miss earth and miss world and asking what supra means because they dont know her! funny

    • and Miss Supranational does not look good. Does she truly deserve to be there?

  6. This guy is so noisy and impolite

  7. What the narrow minded needs to understand is beauty comes in all types and from all different places. Miss Venezulea did not qualify for the top 5 in MU nor did she qualify to make the top 5 in the Grand Slam. Katya is a true representation of Eastern European beauty.

  8. She is amazing. What a lovely and intelligent and poised girl. When I hear people go on and on about the completely average Miss Venezuela universe not making the top 5 of Miss Grand Slam, they should watch this girl to see who really deserved a spot.

    • Miss Venezuela did not deserve a spot. I wouldn’t say she’s average but she’s not spectacularly beautiful either. Her over-the-top behaviour on stage was a big turn-off for many people and acted like a complete bimbo.

  9. It was alot of fun,Katya was great lady and very polite,this man was very unpolite who was with her on the stage.

  10. I didn’t understand most of what he said, but he was clearly putting her down, and she took it like a good sport. She’s GORGEOUS, charming, and imho, far more lovely than the current MW and MU! After seeing this clip, I wish she were in the top 5 of Miss Grand Slam!

    • She wouldn’t make it very far at Miss World or Universe. I think Miss World is more beautiful and elegant than this girl. But she’s prettier than Olivia for sure.

      • I’m sorry but I think I need to say this to you. I also like Miss China (MW 2012) but you shouldn’t put down other delegates to elevate your own candidate. I notice that ALL of your posts here consist of nothing but PRAISES towards Miss China and BASHING towards other delegates. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your favorite delegate, but like I said, just because you favor a certain delegate doesn’t give you the right to put down others that you don’t like. Like example, you said that Miss Venezuela’s attitude on-stage is a turn-off. Well okay good for you, but I say that YOUR attitude here is also a MAJOR turn-off, no matter how you and I share the same positive opinion regarding Miss China.

        And on a departing note, there will ALWAYS be people who agree and disagree with us. You can’t expect people to always have the same opinion as ours. Some people here like you and me like Miss China, others don’t. If that’s the case, then so be it. No need to get so agitated and reply to EVERY SINGLE individual who posts comments regarding Miss China, whatever the comments may be. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re not helping your fave Miss China at all and yet it just makes people become irritated even more and they would like Miss China even less, so just stop acting like an immature child and accept all kinds of comments with grace.

        Peace out.

  11. It’s a good thing most of you can’t understand what he says…

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