Miss Universe Japan 2013


Yukimi Matsuo (25) from Mie prefecture was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2013 at the Kokusai forum in Tokyo on March 4th.  Yukimi, who stands 173 cm in height, will represent Japan at the Miss Universe pageant to be held later in the year.

She is also a passionate mangaka (cartoonist) and hopes to spread Japan’s love of manga to the world.

56 thoughts on “Miss Universe Japan 2013

  1. We cannot judge a candidate based on a photo. Miss Universe doesn’t work that way. But, if i’d judge her based on this single photo, here’s my verdict- CHEESY, MISS INTERNATIONAL POTENTIAL (not miss universe).

  2. Clapper alert based on this photo. Absolutely hideous !

  3. I think she’s kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-buriko!lol

  4. Every year I get a feeling about 2 or 3 girls from the ouset and they always make Top 15/16. I have that feeling this year about Japan.

  5. i love manga and anime too LOVE JAPAN

  6. Congratulations to the winner. She is beautiful and could be a possible surprise winner in Miss Universe 2013. What happened to Miss Universe Japan organization? No budget for a better sash and crown?

  7. miss philippines 2013 says:

    you want it.. you got it!!!… JAPAN!!!!

  8. David, your such a downer….. :-(

    This girl is a beautiful girl, and won the right to represent her country at Miss Universe; could U have done a better job? Seems like to be that your the one that’s clapping every year for the girls that are in Miss Universe every year, wishing you were in their place. A harsh REALITY; queens, I tell ya..!

  9. Lovely, Cute and Sexy !!! Perfect !!!!

  10. beautiful miss japan!in my top 15 with miss france

    • Miss France is my pick for MU 2013. Marine is absolutely stunning.

  11. Lovely winner I must say. She along with the winner of Putri Indonesia seem to have a lot of potential from Asia.

  12. I like her…better than Philippines , I hope to see her as Miss Universe 2013

    • how can you like her more than miss philippines? they haven’t even selected a winner yet for miss universe :P LOL

      • LOLZ, the 50th edition of Binibining Pilipinas(Miss Philippines) is scheduled on april 14, 2013. needless to say, we haven’t selected our delegate yet. anyway, miss japan is indeed beautiful and charming. haven’t seen miss indonesia universe yet so i cannot give my comment.

      • I just realised that there are so many haters like Marco and other Latinas. Get a life!

        • I am not sure if Marco was serious, Richard. I thought it was funny, well a Filipino fan would not find it funny though. However, I would not classify him as a hater (maybe to rev Filipino fans up). By the way, just because he is called “Marco” doesn’t mean he is latino. I don’t think Latinas are haters, by the way. So far, the 2 standout countries that express themselves loud and clear in supporting their delegates are:

          #1 Philippines
          #2 Mexico

          Yes, I could find them annoying, rude, mean, bitter…but I do admire their unity in supporting their delegates. If only all of them do it in a classy way and not at the expense of other delegates.

          • Bayou says:

            LOL I guess Marco is only annoying to those crazy Filipino fanatics. But for the rest of us with common sense and good sportsmanship, Pinoys or non-Pinoys, we can see that NOTHING is insulting/derogatory about Marco’s comment. Whether the new Miss Philippines has already been chosen or not, nothing from Marco’s comment that indicates any kinds of insult/bashing towards Miss Philippines or the Filipino nation. He’s just simply stating his preference towards a girl over another, the same way some of us prefer a certain girl over another, the same way the Filipinos prefer their Misses Philippines over other candidates, so I don’t get why anybody would get so perked up by Marco’s comment.

    • Manuel Culpo says:

      Marco, you make me laugh… you just made my day! LMAO

    • that’s really really really funny! get a life Marco! you’re such a hater! we pity you… lol

  13. I think she’s pretty cute- much better than the recent past Miss Japan-Universes. I also think she looks pretteier than the current Miss world.

  14. Kurara vibes in her…

  15. She’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t need a ton of make-up to look gorgeous. I can only imagine she can be a total knock-out with more make-up and glammed up. She’s my favorite so far for the crown!

  16. I have seen better pics of her, I hope she can turn Japan’s drought around

  17. miss philippines 2013 says:

    My Miss Universe 2013… bubbly, free spirited, witty personality all combined in one!!!!

    • I agree. Bubbly and fresh. Loved her.

  18. Not from this photo…

  19. Another clapper or a surprise Trump Card.

    • Just from one photo, we don’t know how they are on stage or their interview skills. I’d like to see more respect given and the word clapper is way over-used. It’s a honor to make it to the Miss Universe stage and I’d be happy to be a clapper!

  20. Looks and Dress OK, BUT the Crown and Sash look CHEAP!!!

  21. universefan says:

    She looks like Miss Philippines Universe 2009 Bianca Manalo!

  22. Honey Lee 2.0!!! wow!

    • Honey Lee looked better.

    • Are you kidding ??? Honey was a goddess. This one is ..well em…..far far from it.

      • Haha, Honey Lee had plastics surgery. Goddess. lol. God of plastic surgery… I think so

  23. Miss Universe to be held this year but no one knows when hehehe its a big surprise lol and where? Somewhere over the rainbow as long as its free. Yes it was offered Last year for Free but no one was interested lol

    • Is this an example of your sense of humor?

      • Its no a Joke its true you will know when & where days before the finals lol

  24. Whoa! Her smile looks cartoonish. Hmmm. Her sneering smile reminds me of Ms Lopez of GLEE.

  25. Another clapper… Japan’s never making it in Miss Universe again, unfortunately.

  26. she’s beautiful and witty. hope to see here in the top 16 and follow the footsteps of akiko kojima and riyo mori…

  27. wow… nice for japan…

  28. She’s funny. Hope She will win the Miss Congeniality 2013 :-)

    • How do you know that she’s funny? Did you actually see the live telecast and witness her interview or is it only based on this photo alone?

  29. she can win miss universe

    • I totally agree. This is just a candid shot and she’s gorgeous already. And naturally beautiful at that. My fave right now and wishing her all the best!

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