Netherlands’ Nathalie Den Dekker crowned Miss CHI 2013

Farouk Shami (owner of Farouk Systems), Nathalie Den Dekker (Miss Chi 2013) and Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012) at the America's Beauty Show in Chicago

Farouk Shami (owner of Farouk Systems), Nathalie Den Dekker (Miss Chi 2013) and Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012) at the America’s Beauty Show in Chicago

The results are finally in: The new Miss CHI for 2013 is Nathalie Den Dekker, Miss Netherlands 2012 who represented the country at the 2012 Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas last December.

The official crowning took place March 10th at the Farouk Systems’ stand at the annual America’s Beauty Show taking place at the McCormick place in downtown Chicago.  Present at the event was reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

The competition for Miss CHI took place at Farouk System’s official website and it started last December, where an online voting took place.  Farouk Systems, makers of CHI and Biosilk, are official sponsors of the Miss Universe pageant.

Den Dekker will spend a whole year as spokesmodel for the popular hair care brand.

30 thoughts on “Netherlands’ Nathalie Den Dekker crowned Miss CHI 2013

  1. Deserving winner!

  2. congratulations to Miss Netherlands for winning the most voted.

  3. Olivia looks like a late 60’s doll! Woohoo, where’s Austin Powers?!! :P

  4. Congratulations :)

  5. Miss CHI(Bai)? hehehe

  6. Pageant Party says:

    I think Olivia’s face is like a classic movie star. So striking and sultry and beautiful. I’ve been following her reign and she’s consistently looking gorgeous.

  7. I was hoping Miss Guyana was going to win this award. Oh well…cest la vie.

  8. I see that Red is the colour for CHI, but that CHI sash is real ugly, compared to Miss Universe’s.

  9. Congratulations to Nathalie! Olivia…….¡BELLA!

  10. i hear than irene esser was the winner but for her work in miami she couldnt go to the coronation and natalie den dekker took the title as second place in the vote

    • It is a rumor, Netherlands won the prize

  11. nefertari vivi says:


  12. Jordan- South Africa says:

    Olivia is absolutely STUNNING! What a face! I truly believe she’s one of the most beautiful winners we’ve ever crowned.

  13. Miss Uranus says:

    Both look stunning. Natalie is a natural beauty and it was sad not to see her included in the Top 16.

    A bit off topic but why for the past few years all of the delegates have the same hairstyle during the Pageant. The pageant curls look is not for everybody. So many contestants are made to look old and cookie-cutter during MU.

    Natalie was a great example of this at MU12. Her hair during the pageant was RIDICULOUS, helmet like. MEXICO also suffered from terrible poofed up hair on finals night.

    Is this something the MUO directs CHI to do? Do the contestants/directors request ‘pageant patty’ hair?

    • I agree with your observation on hair. Miss Mexico’s hairstyle on pageant night i believe help do her in, aside from that dress.

  14. Congratulations! Worthy winner!

  15. Tropicalboyc says:


  16. wow! Olivia look much taller in this pic!
    Obviously she outshined the winner & Mr Farouk!
    What a Goddess!

    • I disagree and think Miss Netherlands/new Miss Chi outshines Olivia hands-down and think Olivia was picked to win. But I do agree with you that Olivia looks way taller here. I think the new Miss Chi will have way more opportunities than any of the MUO titleholders will have, which is sad because Trump has so many connections yet most of the MUO titleholders get very little from their year in ways of prizes and connections.

      • Oh please, have you seen how successful Ximena Navarrete has become in a span of 3 years? Shes all over Mexico as a tv host, face of L’Oreal, and she’s now going to stare in a prime time tenevola. This is just one example. Olivia has also had a great reign so far, she was even invited to the Oscars. So the MUO has its connections. It all depends on the girl if she takes them.

        • Brandon, G is not fond of Olivia from day one and anyone/anything would look better than Olivia. He/She will find whatever reason to criticize. G, Olivia is MU 2012 and just accept it. Either you celebrate her win or else leave her alone. Peace!

          • XYZ says:

            G seems like a real blast at parties. Just lights up the room, I’m sure.

            Both Nathalie and Olivia look fantastic. That’s one snappy outfit Olivia has on.

        • No need to be rude. Yeah, Ximena has become really successful, like anyone knows about her. Her contracts aren’t international and I have a Mexican friend say they’re all minor local contracts, so please don’t pump her up. You obviously haven’t followed past winners and most, if not all, have not been successful in the limelight after their reigns. You showing Ximena’s dismal track record only proves my point, the connections are not there and the MUO gives no or very little connections to the girls and that’s just exploitation.

          • G says:

            PS- my comments were directed at Brandon.

      • one that has no opportunities are the Miss World winners of the recent decade!

        haven’t heard on most of them…

        • Like we’ve heard of any success stories from Miss Universe winners. And please don’t mention Ximena because her success is pumped up way more than it is. Furthermore, nobody has heard of her success, so she’s not got it made.

          • Jay says:

            I still doubt anyone holding the Miss CHI title will have more success than a Miss Universe winner. I didn’t even know Miss CHI existed until I read this article.

          • Brandon says:

            you keep talking as if you knew enough information to back up what you’re saying. None of them have achieved worldwide success but at least they have achieved international success or even continental. Your source is your little friend?? Lmao. Lara Dutta is a successful bollywood actress, Oxana has had her multiple shows as is now a singer in Russia, Jennifer Hawkins is one of the best payed models in Australia and is now the host of Australia’s Next Top Model, Zuleyka Rivera is currently doing well as an actress. You’re clearly just assuming over what your little friends but I actually have proof and have seen how these women increasingly succeed. Unliek you, I know dam well how girls like Ximena are being exposed in the latin market.

    • I actually like Nathalie a lot better than Olivia.

    • Have you seen the full length photo ? Olivia is wearing super super high heels and Nathalie is in the first place not too tall but still taller than the Culpo girl.

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