Miss Brazil World 2013


21-year old Sancler Frantz, Miss Ilha dos Lobos, was crowned Miss Brazil World 2013 during the 8th anniversary of the event held at the Portobello Resort & Safari in Mangaratiba (Rio de Janeiro) on April 6th.

Sanclez, a student of journalism and model, comes from Arroio do Tigre (Rio Grande do Sul), stands 175 cm in height and will represent Brazil in the 63th Miss World competition to take place in Indonesia next September.

The 1st runner-up was Raquel Benetti (Espirito Santo) and the 2nd runner-up was Thainara Latenik (Santa Catarina). The beauties from Alagoas, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul completed the Top 6.

The 8th anniversary of Miss Brazil World was honoured with the presence of reigning Miss World Wenxia Yu, Miss World President Julia Morley, Mister World Francisco Escobar, and Miss World director Steve Douglas.

26 thoughts on “Miss Brazil World 2013

  1. Brazil is beautiful…sure she will top this year…but hoping another Asian to win the crown..

  2. I thought Miss World 2012 was deported in Brazil but what is this? I think some crappy lurker is spreading that rumor.

  3. I had watched (live on UOL) both Miss & Mister Brazil pageants, and I liked the Miss Brazil World much more.
    I loved Sancler so much, she was my top favorite from the beginning, I am glad she won, she is very pretty and breathtaking, probably the best Miss Brazil World ever. I believe she has what it takes to win the Miss World crown or to place in the top 3 at least. I will be excited to see her competing in Miss World 2013. :) Her runner-ups are also good and can do very well in Miss Supranational and Miss Tourism Queen International. I also loved the beauty of Miss Ilha Grande, she is very beautiful, but she only ranked 8th! :(
    As for the Mr Brazil winner, he is okayish, relatively attractive, but very common-looking though, with small eyes! He was far from being the most handsome, but he may place in Mister World and even win, who knows? (since Mr World is no longer a beauty pageant since 2010 :lol: ) The 1st runner-up from Santa Catarina was definitely the most handsome contestant and could have been a perfect choice for the Mr Brazil title, but oh well! :-|
    Gustavo Gianetti and Lucas Gil are still the best Mr Brazil winners so far.

  4. im now still hoping that miss world philippines will give a good fight again this year coz last year a little bit disappointed during the result i find it so hard to give justice who among the deserving countries than the winner. I wish i could see a very good result this year something that people satisfied the result specially the people choice.

  5. Just loving them both... says:

    She is absolutely lovely and luminous, probably the best and the most luminously beautiful Miss Brazil World since God only knows when. Perhaps even more so than Tamara Almeida was. However, to me, the real queen to take all my attention away here is the reigning Miss World. I for one wasn’t too thrilled when she won, and I admit that was partly because she won on her homesoil, but what a shining beauty she has become!! She is seriously shining like a jewel here!! The most exquisite Oriental jewel! And what a lovely gown she has! Now this is how Miss World is supposed to look like!!

  6. Same old same old!! It looks like a Miss Germany line up. Miss World is stunning!!

  7. possible ms world 2013 winner

  8. Dim …Nevus? Bruise?

    Because Preliminary Sports!!!

  9. Alok.P.Naik says:

    Beautiful Discovery from Brasil.
    WOW!!! This year the The Pageant would be really heart thumping, as every Country has such wonderful girls, It is truly going to be a Harem of Angels.
    Hope the best girl wins, but I would support Miss India – World, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, she is simply superb.

  10. i loved new miss Brazil world congratulations , I WILL EXPECT TO SEE IN THE TOP COMPETITION MISS WORLD COMPETITION

  11. Duration Indie says:

    Wow, I’m not always the biggest fan of every Brazilian representative, especially at Miss Universe where they can sometimes look harsh, but this new Miss Brazil World is absolutely BREATHTAKING. She looks so feminine and soft and like a Victoria’s Secret blonde bombshell. I see Brazil easily making Top 3 and possibly winning Miss World. What a total stunner!

  12. Adele Santos says:

    Great choice!Earlier this year, Sancler participated in a Reality show to choose a top model and she only came in third place which I thought was unfair. I was delighted to hear she was competing in Miss World Brazil and (I watched it online) when she won, I knew it was the best result. Looking at the photo where she stands with both Miss World and last year’s Miss Brazil World, you can see that her beauty is oustanding and not only that – she has great catwalk and is very articulate. I believe Brazil has a real chance of bringing the Miss World crown home this year. Congratuatalions, Sancler! Go for it girl! :)

  13. beautiful miss!

  14. Gorgeous.best Miss Brazil since Tamara Almeida.
    Wen Xia is also stunning, as always.

  15. Pretty girl and I love Miss World but I hate the gowns especially Miss World’s Sorry but I do.

  16. Gr8 choice. She is so hot and sure to win this year’s miss world crown. it’s been long since Brazil won MW..so goodluck to Brazil in winning MW 2013.

  17. Wow love the evening gown miss world from china wore! She’s stunning

  18. What is on the winner’s right arm? Nevus? Bruise??

  19. I think Miss Espirito Santo is more beautiful

  20. linda…parabéns……….

  21. Where is Miss Global Teen Weronika Szmajdzinska? I read that she is in Brazil as a special guest…

  22. She can win the whole thing. Love her!

  23. Wow, she’s gorgeous! The runner-ups are pretty as well. Won’t be surprised to see Brazil land on the top-5 again this year. Congratz to Miss Brazil World for their new winner.

  24. Very beautiful winner. She has potential to nail a spot in Miss World 2013.

    • The runner-ups are no slouches either. Wonder if they will get to represent Brazil internationally.

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