Miss Tunisie 2013

Talmoudi (R) with her runner-ups

Talmoudi (R) with her runner-ups

22-year old Heba Talmoudi, from Gabes, was crowned Miss Tunisie 2013 during a ceremony held at the Golden Tulip Carthage Hotel in Gammarth, April 6th.  Standing 178 cm tall, Heba will now travel to Indonesia to take part in the 63rd Miss World competition in September.  The runner-ups were Sana Salah (1st) and Ines Chatter (2nd).

The newly crowned Miss Tunisia 2013 competes in Miss World.

The newly crowned Miss Tunisia 2013 competes in Miss World.

Talmoudi’s participation marks the return of Tunisia to Miss World after 35 years. Their last participation was in 1978.

Welcome back, Tunisia!

5 thoughts on “Miss Tunisie 2013

  1. Wow she’s tall!!!! O_o Could she be standing on a podium or a small stage by any chance? The height difference between the winner and the runner-ups is just ridiculous.

    But anyway, congratz to the winner. Hope she will have the time of her life when she represents her country at the next Miss World in Indonesia. Good luck! :)

    @Koko Jumbo : Oh don’t say that. I actually think that the runner-ups are quite lovely. Probably it’s the vast height difference which makes them seem “tiny” compared to the actual winner.

  2. A very lovely young lady, I hope she does well and welcome back Tunisia to the Miss World competition.

  3. The runners-up are beautiful but they looked like married women with their body shape and height. Congratulations to the winner and may you have a proper training and personality development as you compete to the Miss World in Indonesia.

  4. Welcome back Tunisia. Where you been, and why did you leave? Good to have you again. Talmoudi does not appear to have the pageant savvy look as Brazil, Colombia or, lets say “I should win every year” Venezulea or “is it soup yet” Phillipines. My hope is that Ms. Tunisia wins the crown.

  5. The runner-up have nothing on her.

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