Miss Continente Americano becomes “Miss United Continent”

The very first Miss United Continent will take place in Guayaquil this September.

The very first Miss United Continent will take place in Guayaquil this September.

GUAYAQUIL, April 30 — MISS UNITED CONTINENT will be held on September 14th, 2013 in Guayaquil, Ecuador (South America). This event will have the participation of the representatives of different countries from all over the world.

Since 2006, Ecuador has been hosting the beauty pageant Miss Continente Americano (American Continent) continuously in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This event has counted with the participation of 21 official beauty queens from the American continent. They have all been previous contestants, finalists or winners of Miss Universe, Miss World, and other major pageants from their respective nations.

The director and owner of this franchise, Maria del Carmen de Aguayo, has taken into consideration the strong international recognition of the pageant in conjunction with its extraordinary success and decided to expand it worldwide. As a result of doing this, the name has been changed from Miss American Continent to Miss United Continent.

Maria del Carmen de Aguayo is also the current director of Miss Ecuador. The organization that chooses the representatives for Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss World Tourism, and until 2012 it had the duty to choose the representative to Miss World.

The Miss American Continent pageant has counted with the support of the Municipality of Guayaquil and the contest has always been televised via satellite worldwide in open signal without charge. Consequently, Miss United Continent will have the same support.

Winners of the competition:

2006 – Mia Taveras (Dominican Republic)
2007 – Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic)
2008 – Lupita Gonzalez (Mexico)
2009 – Colombia (Lina Mosquera)
2010 – Peru (Giuliana Zevallos)
2011 – Ecuador (Claudia Schiess)
2012 – Brazil (Camila Serakides)
2013 – Miss United Continent – ?

Brazil's Camila Serakides is the current (and last) Miss Continente Americano. She will crown the very first Miss United Continent.

Brazil’s Camila Serakides is the current (and last) Miss Continente Americano. She will crown the very first Miss United Continent.

21 thoughts on “Miss Continente Americano becomes “Miss United Continent”

  1. While it’s great that they feel strong enough to expand the pageant, I lament the loss of yeat another good regional pageant. We have several large world-wide pageants now & I wish we could maintain some pageants that focus on a particular region..Miss Europe, Miss Asia Pacific, Miss South Pacific, Miss American Continent, Miss Caribbean, etc.

  2. How about Miss United Continents since we are talking of the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia or australasia or Oceania if you wish, and the Americas namely North, Central, and South America. You can even include Antarctica if you wish.

  3. Kind of reminds of me the Miss Asia Pacific Pageant that changed its format to become a worldwide pageant. THAT didn’t go too well, I think.

  4. Misses Philippines will dominate this pageant in the coming years.

    • don’t forget to feed the ppl of your kind first. that should be at the top of your country’s priorities

  5. Great news. We will have another global contest to look forward to…

  6. it’s no longer Miss American Continent..it’s Miss United continent and gr8 chance for european, asian and african women to win. american latinas enough we have seen..it’s time to give other women from around the world a chance of winning.

    • Agreed. It’s always the same over-processed look which gets boring.

  7. Yes I agree, GREAT NEWS!!!! This will make it an international pageant and therefore the name should be a name that represents international beauties. I think Miss United Continent is perfect all women from across the the universe can compete.

  8. EmilyWilson says:

    I congratulate, it seems excellent idea to me is

  9. That’s great news but we really didn’t need another international pageant. I liked the way it just focused on the American Continent. As far as the name…it should just be called Miss Continents. Plural to represent all the continents. United continent just means one area being United.

    • There are 2 pageants: Miss 7 Continents and Miss Continental. So it’s confused if this pageant is called Miss Continents.

      • Actually never heard about the other 2.

      • Miss Continental is a drag pageant based in Chicago and I never heard of Miss 7 Continents. But I see what you mean. They should just add the “S” to Continent since there are more than one.

      • maybe you mean Miss Intercontinental perhaps?

  10. Great news!

    Contestants from American continent will actually compete the international pageant.

  11. i do not understand this pageant why do they the name change? i prefer the old name

    • Because it’s weird if a contestant from Europe or Asia win the title “Miss American Continent”.

      • You’re right, well then I agree with Aja, it should be Miss United Continents though or Miss United Nations sounds better.

        • There is a past pageant called Miss United Nation

          • Phoenix777 says:

            That sounds better, if they aim to gather the beauties of the world well then the title is grammatically incorrect.

            Hello GB for sure you have a communication with the Miss United Continent Organizers can you do something to reach them and assists them or inform them about this matter? Thanks, God bless and more power.

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