Miss Universe Hrvatske (Croatia) 2013


18-year old Melita Fabečić, from Zagreb, was crowned Miss Universe Hrvatske 2013 among 20 contestants during the annual beauty competition which took place on May 10th.

Standing 1.78 m all, Melita will now represent Croatia at the Miss Universe 2013 pageant to be held in December.

2nd and 3rd places went to Antea Valenta and Mia Milinovic. Photos courtesy Story.hr


28 thoughts on “Miss Universe Hrvatske (Croatia) 2013

  1. Gorgeous girl!!! She is one of the front runners so far along with Bolivia, Colombia, France, Poland, South Africa and Pto Rico.

  2. dilipindian says:

    Adriana lima

    • “dilip” I’ve read the name Adriana Lima. Please remind me of who she is. Thank you

      • You know, you could actually look it up yourself. That’s what google search and wikipedia are for. She’s a very popular figure so you won’t have any difficulty finding any articles and/or news about her to satisfy your curiosity. Short answer, she’s a Brazilian supermodel famous for her work as Victoria’s Secret angel and spokesmodel for Maybelline.

        Speaking of which, yeah I do see a slight resemblance with Adriana Lima although I still think that Lima is prettier.

        • Bayou, sometimes the obvious just goes right over “your” head. I should have checked Google. Next time. If Adriana is prettier, she won’t be in the competition.

  3. She’s easily the most beautiful contestant chosen so far for Miss Universe! Stunning!

    • Augusto, I’ve got to say I agree with you.

  4. Very beautiful face, but too ordinary body. Sorry…

  5. very beautiful… a would-be miss universe winner…watch out…

  6. Her face has character, like the first runner up from Ecuardor. Its not an ordinarily beautiful face.

  7. Pete of PDB says:

    Another strong girl from CROATIA! Top 5 material.

  8. With the right assessment this girl could go far, gorgeous bone structure added to height a ‘plus’. Girl on the left has potential too!

  9. Wow, amazing winner, along with France and Venezuela! A WOW TOP 3!

  10. Miss Bolivia is still tops for Miss Universe. Croatia only top 16.

  11. She looks like lara dutta mixed with oxana fedorova

  12. very beautiful miss croatia!in my top 15 !

  13. Good choice!

  14. ooooh ooooh aqui tenemos la nueva cara q encabezara los rankings uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf

  15. Girl on the left looks much better.

  16. Wow. She has the presence and IT factor

  17. LEBANESE PRIDE says:


  18. Xavier Xsely says:

    ohoohh no que error tan grande, indiscutiblemente debió ser Antea Valenta, todavía están a tiempo, además por su edad es una inexperta de marca…………que error tan grande upsssssssssssssss

  19. melinda forbes says:

    stunning, the best so far along with France and Venezuela

  20. We got a winner here.

  21. Another contender from Croatia!

  22. Not as strong as last year.

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