Miss World Ethiopia 2013

Miss World Ethiopia 2013 isĀ Genet Tsegay, a 22 year-old model who’s advocating for street children in Ethiopia and promoting education of girl children.


She will compete in Miss World 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28.

36 thoughts on “Miss World Ethiopia 2013

  1. Graydon Rodricks says:

    You are very beautiful and have a radiating smile. I liked your Miss World Video very much and hoping that you win the Miss World 2013 title. Go Ethiopia! You deserve the title.

  2. Ethiopian Beautiful representative geni Good luck.

  3. gene you are so beautiful,you are so smart , I blive you are miss world ethiopia on Indonesia competition god help you .

  4. She is wonderfull!

  5. She is so beautiful.

    • She is such beautiful.

  6. Wow Geni. U are very smart internally more than u have physically. U have are Very beautiful, smart thinking , idea, knowledge and so on. Go on. God Helps u.And I pray to my God u will the owner of the world 2013 Crown.

  7. abiyot tesfay says:

    wow Geni, Would i say sorry late to know you. For the full of the heart speaks the mouth. i devoted to ur way of presentation.

  8. Gebrehiwot. Aweke says:

    You are so beautiful. We proud on you. I hope you will win and will be miss world.

  9. abiyot tesfay says:

    she very beatifuly and industries with big idea. go head.

  10. and here we go…..every beauty contest winner in Ethiopia has to “care”for the street children

  11. Abrha G.slassie says:

    Geni, I work in a place where more people can ‘like’ you which is essential for your vote. so, could you tell me how they can do it?

    see you in your post

  12. Abrha G.slassie says:

    Wow Geni; I heard your voice and you are smart enough, so you deserve winning. After all God will help you

  13. What a beautiful girl! You deserve to win!!! Goodluck!

  14. It is adorable, magnificent and proud to all families and the nation as a whole. It is not only a matter of physical beauty but a lump sum of diligence effort, consistency and maturity. Keep up your effort Geni and I am confident you will make it too in the next upper contest. It is yours .

    Getahun Teka

  15. She is the most beautiful girl I will take time to see in Africa

  16. The best representative of beauty contest I ever seen. Simply, Gorgeous!!!
    I agree, she will be the first Ethiopian women to win miss world.

  17. she’s beautiful and I think she can be the first Ethiopian women to win miss world. just lets vote for her on the official website of miss world http://www.missworld.com

  18. Technically, she is the reigning Miss Ethiopia (crowned in 2012), and she will compete in MW this year. So while she is the designated Ethiopian representative to MW 2013, Miss Word Ethiopia is NOT her title.

  19. Nice smile, but the styling is awful.

  20. completely agree…she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. dilipindian says:

    Dayana mendoza is that you?

  22. She looks GREAT and she has done active social work.
    I think she will be a strong contender this year.
    Miss World Africa? maybe just simply MIS WORLD ???

    • i agree

  23. She is another lovely, classy candidate headed to Miss World.

  24. She’s very fresh faced and beautiful.

  25. beautiful miss ethiopia world!

  26. She is beautiful, a serious contender.

  27. She’s pretty

  28. Kenrick Francis says:

    Deserving of the crown.

  29. Beautiful representative…very happy to see many gorgeous girls in Miss World this year…

  30. She’s beautiful!

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