Miss Switzerland 2013

24-year old Dominique Rinderknecht, from Zürich, was crowned Miss Switzerland 2013 during the pageant held on June 8th. Standing 1.75 m tall, Dominique is a student of advertising and communications. She will compete in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant to be held in December.

The 1st and 2nd runner-ups were Sara Wicki and Janine Baumann.

The Miss Switzerland pageant lost its deal with television in 2011. There was no pageant in 2012, however the 2013 edition returned in full force and with a tv broadcast through SAT.1.


26 thoughts on “Miss Switzerland 2013

  1. Terry Rothacher/ Potts says:

    My daughter is Swiss Festival queen for Sugarcreek Ohio which is known as the Little Switzerland of Ohio. We have the worlds largest cuckoo clock
    in our square all store fronts are done in Swiss chalet style. We would like to invite Miss Switzerland to attend our festival it is held the 4th weekend past labor day. Sugarcreek Ohio has the flag of the Canton Berne.

  2. She’s so adorable..I hope she has a gr8 chance of placing in the top 10 @ MU. Switzerland has never won the title ever, i hope she will be the 1st woman from Switzerland to win in history. Goodluck Dominique.

  3. She will compete in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant “to be held in December”.

    How dou you know it?

    • We have our sources. Miss Universe will happen in December.

      • The same sources of last year Dominican Republic as MU host you claimed here as true?

        • Yes, because even back then, those same sources didn’t know they would end up in Vegas. We are talking date here, no venue. All directors know about it.

        • Yes my dear, and it was. Just read the news and you will see that the DR backed up later on.

          • AlexRio says:

            It doesnt change the fact you assumed here in a big post that “Miss Universe wil be held in Dominican Republic.” And have to live with it.

            If the sourcesdidn’t know they would end up in Vegas, it was a bas bad source

            Prudence with information is essential in this business, my friends.

            Pageontopolis is more concerned about that. They are saying about the date:

            “Miss Universe (reported, but not confirmed)”

            Smart guys. :-)

            PS You need an onbudsman, you dont recognize your jornalistic fail. :-)

          • Ed says:

            Oh believe me we dont care about that. Miss Universe was going to be in the DR… it was even confirmed by the local authorities. Then they backed out. It was the same case as Panama who accepted to host the 2013 competition and then backed out due to the abysmal cost. It is not bad journalism, it is you not understanding proper Spanish.

  4. I don’t like her mouth though… but, she’s cute.

  5. An instant favourite…hope 2 see her shine in MU2013 :D

    • An instant favourite……to clap?

      Frankly …

  6. At least they don’t choose what is expected of their country. No chiquita, no wasp, no asian, no what is expected. The black countries have sent no-white delegates on many occassions

    • Excuse me but the term “Black Countries” is wrong, it sounds better to say the “African Countries” cause lets face it, there are no Black countries, and if your expecting to see an African country send what you call an “White” (correct word is European) delegate to a pageant expect to see this from South Africa and Namibia. Those two countries have a high european citizen rate. Most African countries do not have high rates of European Citizen as it is the continet of Africa. I myself am still waiting to see a major So. American or Central American country send a delegate of afro-latino/afro descent. I.E. Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia. To date Colombia and Venezuela have both sent a woman that would be considerd “Black” because of skin color and hair texture. It is also a common myth that there are no people of African descent in El Salvador, Mexico, etc. but the truth is that all the America’s: Central, North and South have people who left Africa before the slave trade and went to other countries. I.E. The people of Panama that consider themselves to be west indian. :)

  7. I like that she has short hair.

  8. pretty miss switzerland!

  9. I think they choose a smart girl over glamour


    • Agree. She seems smart. This should be interesting.

  10. Beautiful face…. With proper styling she could be a contender.

  11. A pretty girl, but I don’t rate her MU chances to highly.

  12. Beautiful and charming

  13. She’s cute. I don’t know about her chances though, but based on the above pic, I already like her. :)

  14. Switzerland has a chance in MU……2045.

    • What?! Let’s not forget Switzerland was one of the favourites back in 2006. And she was again in the top 10 in 2009. They may not be as frequent finalists as some other countries, but when they get in, they definitely shine. So don’t judge too soon.

  15. I watched the pageant last night. Great and deserved winner. No surprise here. She has become the major favorite to win in the last couple of weeks.

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