Miss Universe Korea 2014

Miss Korea now receives the title “Miss Universe Korea”


21-year old Yoo Ye-bin, a college student from Seoul, was crowned “Miss Universe Korea 2014″ during the Miss Korea 2013 competition held June 3rd.  With 1.73 m in height, she will represent her country during the 2014 Miss Universe pageant.

Kim Yu-Mi, the 2012 winner, will compete in the Miss Universe 2013 contest scheduled for December 11th.



31 thoughts on “Miss Universe Korea 2014

  1. Nevermore a Honey Lee to Korea…

    • No offense to Honey Lee, but you are being offensive to the contestant before you when Honey keeps being brought up. Its over. Honey did not win, she will not ever win even though she is a winner in your view.

  2. I think 1st runner up in pink dress is much better for MU 2014… and too bad she can’t represent her country at the Miss World… because 2years ago Korea have a different pageant for Miss World… it’s called “World Miss Korea Pageant” Anyway Kim Yumi Miss Korea 2012 will represent Korea in MU 2013… she’s tall and very beautiful and easy to make in top10 at the MU this year!!!

  3. I think she is beautiful. Congrats.

  4. She is not from Seoul, She is from Daegu.
    And do not confuse with Miss Universe Korea 2013.
    She is Miss Universe Korea 2014.

  5. Miss korea brazil should have won the crown but once again over conservative Korean judges have crowned a stereotypical looking Korean beauty queen who on top of that is fat. Gauranteed clapper for 2014, great job korea you did it AGAIN.

  6. I think shes gonna be better than Miss Malaysia

  7. From my point of view, the Korean beauty queens have different faces
    with differenct bone structure and different smile line.
    I can see the difference. Usually, people from America and European countries
    could not distinguish the difference in faces of Far East-Asians;
    for example, Americans or Europeans cannot distinguish Japanese or Chinese
    from South Koreans Normally.
    However, Japanese and South Koreans usually can look at the difference
    between them each other.

    • Instead of always picking some Latina for whatever reason, how about picking a true beauty that deserves the spot. You wanna talk about looking the same, lets talk chiquita, after chiquita after chiquita. After awhile you can’t tell one banana from the other. You wanna make nasty sterotypical racist remarks, well this is how it reads.If you wanna say a contestant is not pretty, that ok. But to say an ethnicity all looks alike, thats just real uncalled for.

  8. Everyone, relax. She’s going to be at Miss Universe next year, not this year. Please read the article more carefully before comparing her to this year’s representatives… with that being said, I think she looks very pretty, and that the year of preparation would probably do good for her upcoming competition.

  9. marie Jones says:

    I think they came from the same gene pool.

  10. marie Jones says:

    She cute but only good for Prom Queen contest not appealing for international pageant.

  11. All of these women are beautiful. Im not just writing this. They are all beautiful. I will be looking for Korea in both Miss Universe and Miss World.

  12. not in my top 15!

  13. dilipindian says:

    We miss honey lee

    • honey lee did not win. she was a woulda, coulda that its time to get over. Looks at the beauties that are in front of you.

  14. People are so mean here, hidden behind your screens. Let’s see a photo of yourselves. Please be respectful. She’s a beautiful girl.

  15. she stays in the back.even during miss u rehearsals…

  16. the same faces…….korean beauty queens have same same faces……

    • what part of racist are you from? Upper racist? Lower Racist? Stinking Racist?

  17. Just averagely pretty.

  18. beautiful korea, but indonesia will have so many time to find someone better than her.

  19. Congratulation to all robots

  20. Sorry, but I can’t take her as a winner of the MU 2013 contest…

  21. Oh not even in my top 50

  22. miss korea is remain silence after miss universe 2007 i hope this time will be in even in semi finals including miss philippines.

  23. Clapper

    • ..together with ms phl and ms canada…next!

      • pls include malaysia too. haha.

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