Miss World Sweden 2013

The final of Miss World Sweden 2013 took place on the Cruise Symphony, from Stockholm, on the 9th of June. The winner is Agneta Myhrman, 18 years old, a student from Stockholm.

The first runner up is Linnea Gransröm,and the second runner up is Sally Lindgren.

Courtesy of Peter Hadward


7 thoughts on “Miss World Sweden 2013

  1. Sweden’s strongest delegate in pageantry last decade is Hanni Beronius, I don’t understand why she flopped at MU…oh or well, I do. Politics…

  2. they all look elderly to me..like 35 and above.

  3. Are they just back from SHOPPING?

  4. She needs a lot of training. Osmel Souza will transform and make her a queen!

    • Is he a producer or a magician?

  5. I am Swedish and i dont think Agneta will do good at MW..she is not strong

  6. As we see, Sweden was a strong contender in big beauty pageants.

    Was…long time ago…

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