Miss China (World) 2013

Wei Wei Yu was crowned Miss China 2013 at Galaxy Soho in Beijing. She received the sash and crown from the hands of Wenxia Yu, China’s own current Miss World. This was Wei Wei Yu’s third time competing for the title, having places 2nd runner up in 2011 and 2009.


The first runner up was Hui Ning Chen, while Yuan Yuan Jiand was the 2nd runner up.

Courtesy of missworld.com

23 thoughts on “Miss China (World) 2013

  1. Wei Wei is beautiful. She was prettier than the winner who was sent before her, now her runner up is a real looker. Wei Wei is holding her ground though

  2. They look like dolls!!! Good luck…

  3. Bad hair day ar. the winner has a big head, too bad many pretty girls didn’t get pick

  4. The winner is a stunner. Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful winner and Miss World is also stunning as well.

  6. Gorgeous. Joins Miss India as an Asian front runner…

  7. Wow~~very beautiful!!!~~~I just hope they elect Miss China Universe as serious as Miss China World cus Chiniese beauties are amazing.

  8. She reminds me of the actress Gong Li !

  9. Beautiful. Seems she also won TM & BWP. Should be a strong contender !

    • She can absolutely do well in BWP because her project is unique and exceptional. I won’t be surprised if she wins BWP in MW final.

  10. I think she’s prettier than last year’s Miss China/World.

  11. Finally, she won the crown (after being 3rd for twice).
    I won’t be surprised if she gets good results in Beach Fashion (being the swimsuit winner during her previous attempts) and Beauty with a Purpose (she has her OWN project).
    Good luck Wei Wei!

    BTW, the dresses are ugly, I mean REALLY UGLY

  12. Wei Wei is stunning. How often its written here that the runner up is more attractive than the winners.

  13. She looks sleepy.

  14. she looks beautiful but i wait anothers pictures

  15. Australia•Brazil•China•CzechRepubic•England•India•Indonesia•Italy•Peru•

    • Why no Philppines ?

    • and miss france world!she’s gorgeous!

    • How can you have Australia on your list. Miss World Australia has not been chosen yet!

  16. good~!so nice

  17. Absolutely stunning all three of them!

  18. ummmm, no se muy étnica, por lo pronto no

    • Elbi Chomio says:

      Muy étnica? LOL Con mucho respeto una mujer que representa su país, que se supone que sea, genérica?

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