Miss World Japan 2013

After a long time, Japan now has an exclusive event for Miss World. Up to last year, Miss World Japan was the 1st runner-up to Miss International Japan. The new pageant took place on June 29, and the winner was Michiko Tanaka, 23, 1.71m-tall.


She will represent Japan in Miss World 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28

19 thoughts on “Miss World Japan 2013

  1. the best ever Miss Japan. but she dsnt look like Japan. smell fishhhhh…..anyway all the best to her.

  2. the winner is extremely gorgeous :D

  3. Beautiful… the more you look at her the prettier she gets.

  4. I’m just checking out the dresses. Is there something Japanese and Western combined about them? Because I’m not seeing it. I’d like to know who the designers of these are. The winner does not look Japanese. What is her heritage?

  5. All the girls are stunning and must’ve been hard to choose. I wish the new winner the best of luck at Miss World and in her reign.

  6. The most beautiful one of Miss JPN i ever seee, looks like Miss World 2007

  7. Watch out for Megan Young, the No. 1 frontrunner for Miss World 2013

  8. The best Top 6 girls in many years. They can all compete in international pageants and do very well.

  9. She looks like someone famous. But who?

  10. The one in purple is definitely the best. They made the right choice.

  11. Best batch of girls from Japan in years!!!

  12. pretty miss japan world!

  13. I prefer the 2nd girl from the left.

  14. joeyballaguer says:

    great choice!

  15. South-East Asian look. FAB! BONGGA! Fit to title of Miss World. :-)



  17. One of the best Miss Japan ever~~

  18. She is gorgeous! And it is actually not that long since Japan has had an exclusive vent…for a short span, Ines Ligron had the franchise for MW in Japan and ran a separate event, although it was a disaster, and MWO rightly took the rights away. TIs is a good start, and I hope that we will see this pageant grow in strength in the years to come.

  19. So suddenly to have the choice! Go luck to Miss Japan!

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