The first ever Miss Uzbekistan (World) has been crowned

A land of mystery, legends and poetry, of history and architecture, part of the great Silk Road linking Rome to China; Uzbekistan,” the land beyond the river”, as it is known, will finally debut in Miss World. Model Rakhima Ganiyeva will have the honor to be the first woman from Uzbekistan to compete in one of the two greatest pageants on the globe, as she emerged as the winner of an event held in Tashkent.

Welcome to Miss World, Uzbekistan!

6 thoughts on “The first ever Miss Uzbekistan (World) has been crowned

  1. fake entrant
    uzbek does not enter that contest or participate

    • plus i think that pic isn;t even her

  2. Sorry but she is not a filipina. She is a full blooded Uzbek woman.

  3. Another Filipina beauty representing another country. Wow

  4. Stunning

  5. She’s lovely and welcome to the pageant Uzbekistan.

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