Dominican National Queen of Beauty 2013

The Dominican National Queen of Beauty 2013 contest took placed in Santo Domingo, when the Dominican Republic’s representatives for Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss International were crowned.


Joely Bernat, 24, 1.82 m-tall, is Miss World Dominican Republic 2013. She will compete in Miss World 2013, on September 28, in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Marcela Enriquez, 21, 1.79 m-tall, is Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2014. She will compete in the 2014 Miss Supranational contest.


Carmen Munoz, 21, 1.81 m-tall, is the new Miss International Dominican Republic. Miss International has not announced its host country and dates for the 2013 edition yet.

Best of luck to all!

8 thoughts on “Dominican National Queen of Beauty 2013

  1. i observed most dominican queens are strong personality i saw the face not so sweet if we see other queens but i like the height always stunning so tall.

  2. Supranational looks good. The other two won’t have a chance. However, the pictures could be deceiving. Miss DR Universe 2013 is stunning.

  3. Miss Supranational DR is so beautiful. Congratulations to all the winners though and like how the sashes are made to be similar to the international sashes.

  4. Miss World DR is terrible, the others are not much better.

  5. Pedro Chadid says:

    I love Miss Rep. Dominicana para Miss Supranational!

  6. I think Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2014 is absolutely beautiful. Can’t say the same about the other two winners….sorry! Miss World DR looks a bit messy.

    • I agree with you, she also looks old.

    • i thinks so, too. agree with you. babe!!!

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