Miss World Philippines 2013

Megan Young, 23, 1.70 m-tall, from Ologapo, confirmed her favoritism and was crowned Miss World Philippines 2013 in Paranaque on August 18. Janicel Lubina placed 2nd and Zahra Saldua was 3rd.


Megan will compete in Miss World 2013, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 28.

118 thoughts on “Miss World Philippines 2013

  1. Megan is unstoppable at Miss World 2013. She is the most beautiful Miss World of all time, surpassing even Aishwarya Rai

    • I’m from Panama. I live beauty contests. I agree with all: Miss Philippines is going to be this year Miss World. Just wait and see. Perfect for this constest. Congratulations to all “filipinos”.

      • ichiro daisuke says:

        Thanks Eric! i hope she will.

      • Anne O Dwyer says:

        I fully agree Miss Philippines will win, she certainly should…

    • pinoy na mulat ang mata atdiwa says:

      more beautiful aishwarya rai and surpassing?……you dont know what you are talking about….your dreaming…..she hasnt won yet ms world 2013…..so dont say that…..meagan could be a strong contender this year but not surpassing aishwarya…..aishwarya is still the most beautiful ms world….dont foul yourself

    • r u kidding surpassing AISHWARYA RAI…actually its not your fault may be your country doesnt prodeuces beautiful faces in international competiton and when u got new candidate which oops hals american and half philipina..which is not a true philipina beauty …makes a statement of surpassing beauty goddess of all time aishwarya rai….hahahaha

      • mysterific747 says:

        di ko maintindihan kung bakit kailangan mong ipahiya ang sarili mong kababayan sa ibang nationalities na bumabasa ng mga comments na ito. bakit di mo na lang suportahan ang kababayan mo at maging masaya para sa kanya. hindi ba dapat “blood is thicker than water”? pageant lang ito, hindi kailangan magpahiyaan Filipino kapwa Filipino. We need to support each other and mahalin ang sariling atin.

    • still behind miss india. navneet dhillon she is stunning and pure indian beauty..

  2. Congratulations to a deserving winner! What a diverse group of ladies.

  3. Philippines will win this year the most coveted Miss World crown
    Mabuhay! 2013!

  4. go! go! go! girl for the 1st Miss World
    i hope to all Filipina candidates in international pageant to win!
    filipina beauty is exceptional…

  5. Another strong contender from the Philippines!!!!

  6. congrats megan

  7. I’m so happy with Megan’s victory.
    Her styling last night was very Miss World-ish..the gown perfectly suits the blue crown!

    Felicidades Filipinas!
    Megan es mi favorito para la corona en este momento.

  8. Wow!!! Best of the best from the Philippines… Mabuhay!!! :)

  9. Congrats Ms. Young! We knew it! Good luck on your journey to the elusive Ms World crown for our country.

  10. She was rejected to be an official candidate in Bb Pilipinas 2013 due to a sexy photo spread. Not to be deterred, Megan tried out months later for Miss World Philippines and was welcomed with open arms. Congrats, Megan!!

    • di po siya nagsubmit ng application sa Bb. pilipinas according to megan young

  11. Congratulations!
    Wish her luck for Miss World 2013

    • Not true according to her. See her rappler guesting. :-)

  12. Well, wow! This would set the crazy Philippines fans raving – justifiably so. She and the first runner-up are beauties! A great batch of women. The second runner up must be really intelligent to have placed amongst this group.

  13. Megan Young has been a favorite, and the public wins! I wanna see Janicel and Bianca Paz in BB Pilipinas next year.

    And of course! Brace yourselves FILIPINOS. We shall read ill comments, discriminatory remarks and bashing towards Megan.. Hehehe

  14. Wow! She is really beautiful and gorgeous!

  15. Ramon Dela Rosa says:

    Simply stunning beauty and brain.

  16. Front runners – she’s so beautiful – good job MWPhils.

  17. She looks fabolous, one of the TOP 5 for sure. But I hate the trophy, looks like a d-i-c-k? :P

  18. absolutely STUN-NING. if it were based on beauty alone like in the old days, philippines would finally have their first miss world this year. she was born in virginia, and is reportedly a successful actress in the philippines. DEFinitely her singing talent is NOT her forte; it’s really hard to sit thru. i trust they’ll pick another song for her for worlds.

    have enjoyed her post-pageant interviews so far. good talker. of course the T is going to be that she’s a bit short, but that seems to be in vogue these days. along with a few caribbean queens, i have high hopes for this girl at worlds.

  19. well she will be the first filipina to win miss world!

  20. Pageant Junkie says:

    Philippines made the right choice this year. Stunning girl, Megan Young.

    I think she actually has a shot at the blue crown.

  21. anita martini says:

    Wow! She’s super pretty. She’s a lot better looking than their Miss Universe candidate!

  22. She’s_beautiful.__but_I_dont_like_the_crown._the_stones_are_too_big_thus_it_looks_fake.__hymnn….will_she_be_the_first_Filipina_Miss_World?????

  23. Finally the Philippines chose a well deserved delegates chosen as Ms. World Philippines. I think GB will include her as “One to Beat” since this is indeed their expertise, knowing them as Beauty Experts Analyst…

  24. The Gorgeous Megan Young!!! Well done Phillipines, I think they have a great shot at the Miss World crown this year!

  25. What the strange accessory in her left hand??? Sorry, but it looks like a phallus :)

    • What is wrong with you, and your dirty mind!! That is a trophy in the shape of a Beauty queen.!! Tsk…tsk… Tsk!!!!!

  26. Gorgeous! even the 1st runner up too

  27. There’s no favoritism in MWP. She just got WOW THE CROWD!

  28. Beautiful! The best Philippine candidate in my eyes to an international beauty pageant this year.

  29. She is beautiful!!!!!!!!, but is she Filipino?

    • Yes Sir, born to a Filipina mother and American father. She’s an actress, host, and VJ in the Philippines.

  30. nice winner.

    • yes shes half breed.lol and accdng to MWphils her pssport and birth certificate says shes filipino… heheheh

      • Give me hope yohanna! says:

        So if you’re half-breed, you cant own a passport and a birth certificate stating citizenship? Duhhhhh…..

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