Miss Venezuela 2014

venAnd Venezuela has its representative for Miss Universe 2014: she is Migbelis Castellanos, 18, Miss Costa Oriental. She’s 1.75 m-tall and edged out other 27 finalists.

Michelli Bertolini, 18, Miss Guarico, placed 2nd and was named Miss Venezuela International 2014. Stephanie de Zorzi, 20, Miss Aragua, placed 3rd and will represent Venezuela in a pageant in Asia next year.

The candidates were selected after months confined in a house participating in a television reality show.

Congratulations to the two Grand Slam winners of Miss Venezuela 2014!!

35 thoughts on “Miss Venezuela 2014

  1. The woman is pretty but why is it that she looks very Caucasian ? Most Latinos I know don’t look like this !!

  2. the winner is beautiful, but I am obsessed with Miss Aragua Stephanie De Zorzi OMG I cant stop looking at her……..go Venezuela !!!

  3. I don’t know…she seem to lack that certain something.

    • What do you mean, Kay El? She is stunning- you need to get your eyes checked! I’m not usually a fan of Miss Venezuela but this one has to be the most beautiful I have ever seen!

  4. does anyone know if any International pageants were held in Venezuela…………

  5. Trani!!!
    Watch out for the next Miss Universe Philippines 2014 !!!!

  6. wow……stephanie looks great!!!!…..i Think She’ll do Well Next Year!!!!!

  7. Sushmita Sentimo says:

    Very Sweet girl. Her angles reminds me of Miss USA 1989 and former Miss Texas USA, Gretchen Polhemus.

  8. Sorry but very average.

  9. she is so beautiful..she will compete in MU 2014 & mark my words she is already a crowd fav & has 100% chance of winning. She is more beautiful than this year’s Venezuela @ MU who has more manly looks & less feminine. This year Venezuela shouldnt win & place among top 16. But next year Venezuela must surely win. This year Philippines, Kosovo, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, Korea, Sweden, Germany, Bahamas, Israel, China, Australia, India, Belgium, South Africa and Bolivia are the hottest at present and one of them deserves to win the title.

  10. She is pretty and has similarities with Dayana Mendoza. But Miss Aragua has more appeal for me. ☺

  11. Very nice, much better than the 2013 winner. I don’t think she looks anything like Dayana Mendoza though.

  12. Coincido que con 18 años parece d 28…minimo…es bella pero les gusta elegir candidatas q aparenten mas…prefiero chicas como kosovo q con 18 aparenta esa edad.

  13. It is true, she looks like Dayana Mendoza, she is so pretty. Congrats Venezuela.

  14. Bonga ka Dai says:

    Muy Bonita and dead ringer of Alicia Machado. Sure winner again from Venezuela. The current Universe Miss Venezuela looks outdated and matronically enhanced. This girl rocks!

  15. She is a beautiful miss, deserves win. I like 2nd run up too.

  16. She’s gorgeous.

  17. 18 years old??? Sorry, she looks min 25…

  18. Not that impressed, last years pageant had so many beautiful delegates. A little dissapointed. But the show must go on…

  19. Wow! She’s beautiful.

  20. Beautiful, fierce and smart queen! Congratulations Veneauela!

  21. You right, she looks to Dayana Mendoza , she is so pretty!!!

  22. she so beautiful! – Miss Venezuela Universe 2013 – she is a great candidate to miss Universe 2014!

  23. OMG! Ly is the new Miss Venezuela! One of the most beautiful Miss Venezuela ever! A 7th crown in MU is HIGHLY POSSIBLE! =) PWi!

  24. Gorgeous!!!.

  25. There were 26 contestants and not 27 as reported above please correct the statement

  26. La mejor elección. Aragua era también muy hermosa. El parecido con Dayana Mendoza es asombroso. Tiene esa chispa que encanta en el Miss Universe. Ojalá y que no toquen su nariz para algún tipo de arreglo porque perdería gran parte de su encanto.

  27. sorry guys but she is not beautiful where the beauty of miss venzuela ? miss aragua more beautiful and bright more than this girl

  28. She’s very beautiful and looks like Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza. Congratulations to Venezuela. I wanna see the crown 7th …

    • Dayana’s not that beautiful and I like this girl more.

  29. felicitations, je la trouve tres belle, inteligente et je crois quelle serait miss universe 2014!

    • Pour dire ca tu dois d’abord voir d’autres candidates qui ne sont meme pas encore elue. Autrement, c’est sans sens ce que tu dis.

  30. The second runner up was Nueva Esparta. Aragua was crowned and going to other pageant. First runner up was Cojedes.

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