Miss Gabon 2014

As a new twist, two joint winners were crowned in the finals of Miss Gabon 2014 held in Libreville on November 30th:  21-year old Maggaly Nguema, from Libreville, was crowned Miss Gabon Universe 2014; the 1.73 m beauty will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2014 finals in Fortaleza (Brazil) next September; and 24-year old Pulcherie Nze Nzoughe was crowned Miss World Gabon 2014; Pulcherie is 1.70 m tall and will compete in the 2014 Miss World Finals next November in London, England.

The remaining finalists were Marilyne Nfono, Lisa Malamba and Helda Mathas; they will represent Gabon in several international pageants like Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International.

More information and photos to be published shortly!


Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Datul of the Philippines with the winners of Miss Gabon 2014

Royalty from Africa and other parts of the world attended the event as special guests, including reigning Miss Supranational Mutya Datul, Miss Universe Ethiopia 2013 Mhadere Tigabe and Miss Universe Ghana 2011 Erica Nego.

18 contestants competed in the 3rd edition of the Miss Gabon Beauty pageant, organized by Madame Malika Bongo.

10 thoughts on “Miss Gabon 2014

  1. stunning enough to be finalist at any of the major pageants.

  2. The girls are beautiful esp the one going to MW. Hope they get the proper training and wardrobe to make them place in both pageants. Keep it up African girls; after Agbani Darego, Leila Lopes, and Caranzar Shooter (MW 2nd RU 2103), others will follow too and do well for Africa.

  3. the girls can be beautiful and as a matter of fact these girls really are, but the sash factor now it is very important in the pageant world the only countries whit chances even when their girls arent the prettiest of becomming miss universe are the same venezuela philippines and usa, i hate to hear the same countries always in the semis i would like that ,donald trump could sell the franchise to people that understand the beauty pageant world and i would like they could back to the glamour of the past, those were real pageants

  4. There stunning, many congrats!

    • I agree!!!!!!!, these girls are pretty, Miss Gabon Universe is really pretty and with a beautiful smile!!!!, but today beauty pageants are about LOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!, so dont think they will have any chance!!!! UNFORTUNATLY!!!

  5. There is no new twist. The same thing happened last year.. they crowned two winners :)

  6. grand international? where did you get that info?

  7. beautiful misses!

  8. Beautiful girls!

  9. Rafa Duarte says:

    is it 100% sure that miss universe 2014 will be in Brazil GB!!?? hope SO
    and do u know if nations such as KOSOVO, ALBANIA, GEORGIA, URUGUAY AND IRELAND will send contestants this year

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