Colombia wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2013

Traje de gala _30_Miss Colombia, Maria Alejandra Lopez, was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana (Hispano-American Queen) 2013 during the annual event held at the Ventura Mall in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, on December 13th.

The 2nd place (“Virreina”) went to Miss Dominican Republic, Yaritza Reyes; while Venezuela (Gabriela Graff) and Chile (Maria Jose Barrena) finished in 3rd and 4th places respectively.

Mexico, Puerto Rico, Paraguay and Bolivia completed the Top 8 finalists.  23 contestants competed in the pageant organized by Promociones Gloria.

Traje de gala _27_

8 thoughts on “Colombia wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2013

  1. I share your sentiments Jay. it a low self esteem issue. people who know their worth does not flaunt it and shove it in everyone’s faces. to be great is when others recognise you as great not you honking your own horn.. imagine ALL countries star say this girl is actually from this country cause her parents or grand parents were from here…there should be a competition with No name’s , no country Sash etc just girls competing as “nobodys”and i am SURE the results will be shocking..

  2. But the question will always be is Philippines really winning this crowns because they deserve it or out consolation prize to boots the nations moral

  3. venezuela should have won

  4. If Philippines was allowed to compete in this pageant, I am sure Philippines will rule this pageant continuously

    • Does EVERYTHING have to be about Philippines? You people who cannot appreciate beauty outside your damn island is making us all hate Philippines.

    • Elbi Chomio says:

      Philippines has been successful in the last few year, before that they were quite inexistent or inconsistent in major pageants for many years, don’t press your luck.

  5. once again. show more diversity. not all Hispanics have long hair and fair skin.

    • this is Miss Hispanic.. what do u expect?

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