Miss Angola Universe 2014

Zuleica Wilson (21) from Cabinda, was crowned Miss Angola Universe 2014 during the annual event held at the Belas Conference Centre on December 14th. She will now represent the African nation at the 2014 Miss Universe pageant to be held in September.  Photos courtesy Pedro Parente/Portal Angop


15 thoughts on “Miss Angola Universe 2014

  1. nope

    Here’s how they prove me right when I say they lucked into Leila in 2011.

  2. Que horror.

  3. Sorry but this looks like the star of ‘A Madea Christmas’!

  4. Politics wins pageants and she’ll make the cut because she speaks Portuguese and the Brazilian audience will love that which will influence the judges. Pretty girl though and wish her the best in her reign.

  5. I have to agree that the 1st runner up will be a great candidate for Miss Universe 2014.

  6. the runners up are more beautiful but lets wait for her transformation, GB last week miss ecowas took place and a beautiful miss cabo verde won

  7. OMG!!!

  8. I think the winner is beautiful! You’re all nuts. And mean.

    • I think the winner is very beautiful and looks glamorous. I’m not sure what people are missing. Love her forehead.

  9. i prefer the 1st runner up

  10. Bye Angola!
    I never understand why some countries always sending a clapper material to Miss Universe year after year! Come on Angola you won the title back in 2011 but you must raise the standard!

  11. Just a thought, the first runner-up is more fierce than the eventual winner… She could be a great contender to Miss Universe 2014…

  12. What a Nightmare!!! what happened to gals like Leila Lopes and Michaela Reis????? Now Even Brazil cant save Angola

    • I can only assume now they have won Miss Universe, they are getting a bit lax and have less pressure to do well.

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